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Another club, another night; I watched as the room filled with people. Cattle. I corrected myself mentally. It was always the same thing; drugs or sex was the goal. My reason for being there wasn't much different. I stood in the corner, taking in their emotions and waiting for my prey to walk through the door. I wasn't picky, but that night I was craving something sweet. Pushing off of the wall, I made my way to the bar. I ordered a double whiskey on the rocks and sipped as I waited. I would never be able to get drunk, but the more I fit in, the more relaxed I was.

The bartender, a woman in her mid-thirties, had buckets of lust rolling off of her. My cock strained against my jeans, against my will, only infuriating me further. The antidote would walk through the door at any minute, I kept reminding myself. I turned my body to face the dance floor. Watching the couples grinding and gyrating did nothing to help my situation, but it was better than fantasizing about the blonde bombshell behind the bar. Taking her the way I wanted would only cause a distraction. As my eyes scanned the crowd they landed on a slender figure. She was probably four-foot-nine and a one ten soaking wet. Her scent didn't speak to me, but her looks – so similar to Alice - did. I left the bar and walked, at a normal human pace, over to her general area. I wouldn't approach her yet, not until I knew who she was with. I watched as she danced and laughed with a group of girls; each one looked around nineteen. Excitement bounced in her eyes, only causing memories of happier times to run rampant through my mind. Then I remembered the day that all good things came to an end.

"You alright, bro?"Emmett asked, still pacing in front of me.

"Yup." I continued to stare out into the forest. He was disappointed, but also understanding.

"Can't let you go back in there." No shit, Sherlock.

"It's alright, Emmett. Please come get me once she's left." I said after taking a minute to remember that he wasn't the person I was upset with.

"He'll be fine, Emmett. You need to go; Rosalie's waiting." Alice said, walking up and putting her hand on Emmett's arm.

She took a seat next to me; her emotions a mix of anger and disappointment. I tried to shift closer to her, but she put her hand up to stop me. I needed her comfort. I was upset that I just tried to kill not only my wife's best friend, but my brother's girlfriend. The only girl he ever loved. I pulled my knees into my chest and rested my head on top of them. The silence was deafening, but feeling Alice's hatred was worse.

"You were supposed to bite her." Her voice was a whisper, so low that a human would have missed it. I picked my head up to look at her. What did she mean?

"I don't understand."

"The way I saw it, you bit her and she would become one of us."I was getting pissed. There's no way Alice had a vision like that. If I would have sunk my teeth into Bella's soft skin she would have been dead.

"I would have drained her."It was a fact and I stated it as one.

"No, we would have stopped you, but Rosalie and Emmett's decision to intervene wasn't part of that vision. Now, I don't see Bella at all."

"Alice, can you just get to the point," I said through gritted teeth.

"We're leaving, Jasper. Edward has already made up his mind." She looked at me, but there was no remorse in her eyes, only acceptance.

"I never meant-" She interrupted before I could finish.

"I'm not finished," she said, taking a heavy breath. "I don't see you in my future anymore either. Something… changed. It's time for us to go our separate ways."

"So what? You're leaving me? The family is leaving me?" I yelled.

"I'm sorry." I stood up and moved to the other end of the yard. My mind was full of questions that I couldn't get out.

"No, you're not. Empath, remember? Where the fuck am I supposed to go, Alice?"

"I don't know, but you should probably wait a few days before coming to get your stuff. I don't see a confrontation between you and Edward ending well." Her tone was so nonchalant I had to wonder if the whole thing was planned. How the fuck was she so calm?

"How can you do this to me? I need you." It was the truth. She was my strength; I depended on her for that.

"You'll be okay, Jasper. It will take some time, but you will be okay." Her words, which were meant to be reassuring, meant nothing.

"You've seen it? Why didn't you tell me about your vision? Did Edward know?" I asked. She only shrugged and stood up.

"I have to go. Everyone except for Edward is leaving in the morning."

Her mind was made up; there was no sense in pleading my case. She depended on her gift and no matter what I said, Alice and I were over. I vowed as I watched her walk back towards the house, back to her family, that I would get the answers to my questions one day.

The anger that built up inside of me as I thought about the way I was discarded by my ex-wife gave me the urgent need to get the girl out of the club and fast. I stalked towards her with my eyes trained on her back. Her hair was jet black and brushed the middle of her back with each sway of her hips. When I reached her, her friends all stopped and stared. I was used to the immediate attraction most women felt for me, so I remained focused and unfazed. My hand reached out and touched the small of her back. I got close to her ear and inhaled her scent. Delicious.

"Can I buy you a drink?" She shivered as my cool breath ghosted across her neck. She spun around to face me and immediately was aroused.

"Ye… yes… thank you." Her voice was small and cute, just like her. She took a few steps towards me and looked down shyly. I grabbed her elbow lightly and led her to the bar.

"What'll it be?" Blonde and Busty yelled over the music.

I looked over at my newest pet, waiting for her to answer. She giggled when she caught me watching her and diverted her eyes quickly. My eyes raked over her body as she leaned forward, examining the liquor bottle. The day seemed longer than most I had traveled and it was causing my patience to wear thin. All I wanted to do was buy the girl a drink, make her a little more comfortable, and then get her out of there as quickly as possible.

"Can I have an apple martini, please?" she asked, sounding unsure of herself. My guess was that she wasn't even old enough to drink. She had probably seen the drink ordered on television and thought it sounded good. The bartender looked at me with a smirk and wink.

"Sure thing, Honey" she said, moving down the bar.

"What's your name?" she asked, eyeing me curiously.

"Jasper." My response was short. She didn't need to know too much about me and I sure as fuck didn't care to know too much about her.

"I've never heard that before." Yeah, I know. It goes in and out of style, I thought, chuckling.

"Yeah, it's… uncommon. What's yours?" I only asked because that was what was expected of me.

"Caroline," she said in a soft voice.

"I like it," I said honestly. Her smile grew and her face turned a nice pink. My throat burned as I watched the blood rise to the surface. I reached out and rested my hand on the small of her back. I wanted to test her emotions because if she was frightened it may take a little work to get her to leave. She was more nervous than fearful.

The bartender came back with her drink, but didn't linger. We talked while she sipped her martini. I learned that Caroline worked at a local FedEx, lived alone and was dragged out by two of her co-workers. She pretended to be shy, but I could see in her eyes that she was anything but. My eyes started burning from the contacts and I knew it wouldn't be long before my venom dissolved them. I released a little more lust onto the beauty beside me and laid my hand on her arm.

"Caroline," I drawled. "How'd you like to get out of here?"

The scent of her arousal hit me as I watched her nod eagerly. She was nervous, but excited. I couldn't help the smirk that played on my lips as I pushed her glass back and threw a hundred dollar bill down on the bar for Blonde and Busty. Caroline definitely wasn't what I was looking for when I set out for the night, but would definitely do. She stood up, looking at me sheepishly. I put my hand on the small of her back and sent out a small dose of calm. I didn't want her to fear me yet.

"Where are we going?"

"I have a friend that has a cabin about ten miles from here. We're going to his place," I said, handing her a helmet.

"Why can't we go to your place?" I was getting annoyed with her questions. Couldn't she just go with it?

"Cause I don't live here. Get on." It was almost a growl. She liked it and obeyed. I made a mental note that she liked dominance.

Earlier that day I scouted the area and found an old cabin. It was pretty run down, but had a few pieces of furniture scattered throughout. I could tell no one had lived there in years by the smell. It was the perfect place for me to take her. I didn't get that lucky often. We rode down the highway, her thighs pressed tight against my hips and the heat from her core seeping into my back. Every now and then I'd take my hand off the clutch and run it up her thigh, causing her to giggle. Once we got into the woods I parked my bike right off the trail. The walk wasn't far, but I could feel her discomfort as we got further into the woods. I didn't try to calm her; she wouldn't have been able to run anyway.

"Right there," I said, pointing off to the right.

"You are staying here?" She was disgusted. I didn't have to be an empath to know that.

"No. I said my friend owns it." I didn't elaborate, nor did I care what she thought about the cabin. We wouldn't be there long.

She followed me up the stairs and into house. I picked up the candle that I sat by the door earlier that day and took out my matches. I inhaled deeply as she walked past me, taking in her sweet scent before lighting it and setting it back down. She went straight to the counter that divided the living room and kitchen and turned around to face me. I stalked towards her, slowly taking in her petite form because once I reached her things would start to move quickly. With each step I took I could feel her nerves take a leap. I tried not to look her in the eye as I could feel the venom pooling around the rim of my contacts, they would be dissolved within minutes.

Once I reached her, I wrapped my hands around her tiny waist and pulled her into me. I ducked my head into the crock of her neck and ran my nose lightly over her jugular vein. Her body shivered from the contact, making me let out a low chuckle. Her scent, blood and arousal caused me to have an immediate erection. I ground my cock into her belly just before attaching my lips to her neck. She moaned when I moved my hand down her thigh and back up the inside of her leg and under her flowing black dress. Her palm cupped my steadily growing erection.

"No panties?" I asked with a smirk.

She tucked her head into my chest and didn't answer me. I slipped two fingers into her wet entrance and pumped in and out of her quickly. Her hand moved to the back of my head and I felt her tug on my hair, trying to move my head away from her neck. I closed my eyes and moved my lips to hers. She explored my mouth, while I explored her pussy. It was a win, win situation.

"I need you," she whispered as she pulled away from my mouth. I moved my head to the side of hers, so she wouldn't see my eyes as I slid my fingers out of her. She was panting and all kinds of excited. I grabbed her by her shoulders and turned her around. My earlier assumption about her not being innocent was confirmed when she grabbed a hold of the bar and spread her legs.

"Lift up your dress," I demanded, sliding my pants and boxers down my legs. She slowly and seductively lifted the back of her skirt and rested it right over the swell of her ass. I ran my finger up and down her slit and lined my cock up with her entrance. Her emotions were making me high; she was so goddamn eager. I took my hand from her pussy and cupped her ass, spreading her open as I pushed into her.

"Oh my God," she gasped. I watched my cock slip in and out of her. She was tight, but nothing like the last girl. I could have cum just thinking about Erica.

"Mm, not God, Sugar, but close," I whispered in her ear. I wasn't God, not even close, but I could give eternity and I could take a life. I quickened my pace. She was vocal; that mixed with her emotions gave me the desire to make her cum. She clenched around me and screamed out in ecstasy as I continued to pound into her. She got what she wanted; it was a good way to go, in my opinion.

Once she reached her climax I was ready for my own and no longer had to be gentle with her. I needed her fear to fuel my release. I began to thrust into at vampire speed. Her tiny body began to vibrate beneath me. She was grunting and gripping the counter with force. "What the fuck?" I heard her say to herself. I couldn't contain the smile that spread across my face at her confusion.

"What the fuck?" she screamed, but this time the question was directed at me. I removed my hand from her hip and gripped her chin, pulling her face around so that she could look at me.

"What's the matter, Sugar?" My pace had increased. I knew my face and my eyes were nothing but a blur to her. She was unable to form a response. She was terrified, unaware of what I was and what was happening. I leaned forward and crashed my lips hard down on hers. She groaned against me and that's when she began to struggle; it was what I needed for my seed to spill forcefully into her.

Her body went limp, she was alive, but had given up. She wasn't as much fun as many of the women I had taken in previous years, but she met my needs for the night. I was getting bored, so I decided to end things quicker than I normally would. I pulled away from her face and halted all movement. She turned her head to look at me and as she took in my appearance a tear slipped down her check. Her body began to tremble and sink to the floor, but I caught her with one hand on each side of her face.

"Sorry, Sugar," was the last thing I said before snapping her neck. I let her body fall before I climbed over her and sunk my teeth into her neck.

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