The Shower Fixation.

Sheldon Cooper undressed quietly. He had already laid out his clothes for the day, and they were sitting neatly on the side of the sink, His flash shirt resting nicely on top. He folded his Sunday pajamas neatly beside them, and then hung up the matching robe on the door. He passed the mirror quickly. Sheldon was never the type to watch himself in the mirror, and he never understood why a man would. Appearances shouldn't mean much to a man, when other things need to be done. But, then again, he wasn't planning on going to a club anytime in his near future, like the rest of his friends. He didn't have to do much in the shower, and no sooner had he started, he was finished. He didn't linger long, slipping a brown, long sleeve sweater over his somewhat damp torso. He stopped suddenly, and listened near the door. Even with his so called "Vulcan hearing", he could hear nothing coming from his living room. He had excused himself from the living room not ten minutes ago when Penny and Leonard had begun fighting again. It had become a regular thing now, and Sheldon was running out of excuses to leave the room they were in. Leonard had forbidden him to touching any of the blenders to drown them out. He listened again.


Coming to the conclusion they had solved their issue, he opened the bathroom door, pajamas under the crook of his arm. He was about to grab his robe, when he looked to his couch. His spot.


She was sitting there; her back plastered against the pillow he kept there, her knees to her chest. She was crying, softly. Sheldon looked down quickly, panicking. Once again, he wasn't sure what to do in this social situation. He opened his mouth to say something, but quickly closed it again. He left his robe on the door, moving slowly towards his bedroom. Maybe she wouldn't hear him.

"Sheldon?" A small voice squeaked. He knew that voice. It only came around when she was really, really upset. Sheldon sighed and moved towards the living room.

"Yes, Penny?" He stood at the door frame again, looking at her puffy, red eyes. She sniffed.

"Come sit next to me." She whispered, moving her head slightly. He paused, but nodded. He almost stopped when he realized she was in his spot, but before he even reached the couch, she was moving.

"My god, those chocolates are working" he thought to himself, but he didn't pick up the wooden box. As soon as he sat down, her head rested on his shoulder. He tensed. "Penny," he frowned, quickly looking around the apartment, "where's Leonard?"

She sniffed again. "He left, to Raj's, I think." She had started crying again, and Sheldon was once again left confused. "He just blew up at me, saying I don't really care about him." She sobbed, but managed to look up into Sheldon's eyes. They stopped her, for just a moment, but she continued. "I do care about him, Sheldon, I really do. I don't understand. I don't think I did anything to hurt him. Why doesn't he understand that I care."?

"Because he's starting to take you for granted." His eyebrows shot up. "Where did that come from?" He wondered, but he kept going. "He doesn't realize that he has very beautiful, very smart, and very gifted women in his life. Leonard always needs someone to chase after, and now that it is no longer you, He doesn't understand what to do. You are no longer putting yourself so far out there to obtain him, therefore, he thinks you no longer care." They were different ideas, all pouring out of his mouth. He forced it closed, not daring to say another word.

Penny lifted her head again, a confused look on her face. "Sheldon that was probably the nicest thing you've ever said to me." He nodded.

"Probably. But that isn't what we're talking about, Penny. I would really hardly worry about Leonard. This time tomorrow, he'll be at your apartment door, begging for mercy, like he always does. But Penny, you should know, you deserve much better then what Leonard gives you." He lifted his right hand and patted Penny's knee. Surprising both of them, he left it there. Also, he had opened his mouth again. Damn it.

Penny paused, staring further into his eyes. Sheldon stared back, his eyes still twitching at the closeness of her. "Thank you." she whispered quietly, not daring to move her eyes. He just nodded again. He opened his mouth to say something, but penny had moved her hands to neck, she was using her index finger to stroke lightly. The words vanished from his mouth, but he didn't move. Penny took this to her advantage, and quickly pressed her mouth against his. Shocked, his eyes widened, but he found himself soon resisting keeping them open. He didn't resist long. His mouth opened slightly, and Penny was slightly surprised.

I'm kissing Sheldon cooper. She thought, and Sheldon cooper is kissing me back.

It took her exactly four seconds to realize what that meant. She pulled away quickly, and stared at him. Both were wide eyed.
"I'm sorry," she said quickly, she was already moving towards the door. "I always wanted to know what that felt like. I'm sorry." She remembered just a month and a half ago, when Beverly came to stay. He had been different for a week, after that drunken kiss, and she hadn't liked it at all. How would this affect him? "I'm sorry, I should be going, I'm sorry. Thanks for sitting with me. If Leonard comes..." she paused, "tell him I went out. Bye."

And then the door shut behind her.

Sheldon didn't move, staring at the closed door. It took him exactly ten seconds after the door shut before he quickly jumped up, walking quickly to the bathroom to take another shower.

This time, a cold one.