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Ferb spun around and saw Phineas and Isabella standing next to each other. The girl looked ready to kill, but Phineas maintained a cool expression as he spoke. "So, what were we doing out here, again?"

"I believe we were trying to end world hunger," Isabella reminded him with a sneer.

"Funny," Phineas replied. "Because I think the world could use a lot MORE hunger." He smirked as the idea began to form. "Why should we help the rest of the world when we could take advantage of its weakness? With some simple modifications, the Nutrition-izer could become…" He paused and struck a dramatic pose. "…The MAL-Nutrition-izer! Mwahahaha!"

Isabella watched him with adoration. "I couldn't have said it better," she fawned. "But first, we have to take care of your silly stepbrother."

Ferb was dumbstruck by Phineas' sudden transformation, disturbed by Isabella's twisted affection, and horrified by the perverse plan that had been formulated so quickly. He prepared to defend himself, physically and mentally.

"Not yet, Isabella," Phineas cautioned. "His knowledge and skills could prove invaluable to us if we simply turned him to our side." Ferb kept up his guard, but waited for Isabella's response.

Isabella was taken aback, but did her best to recover. There was no room for Ferb in her vision of the future. "We… can't do that. The Turn-Everything-Evil-inator is out of power," she bluffed.

Phineas sighed and gave Ferb a remorseful look. "Ah, well. Best to get rid of him now, then… he'd only try and stop us otherwise."

Those were the words that Isabella had been waiting for. Without hesitation, she pulled out a portable Erase-inator and fired it at Ferb. The green-haired boy leapt out of the way, letting the beam hit and vaporize his toolbox. Phineas stepped in to block Ferb's escape. To the redhead's surprise, Ferb sprouted mechanical wings and took to the sky. Isabella shot off a few more blasts, but Ferb used his aerial agility to keep from being sent to another dimension.

"Darn," Isabella cursed. Then, "You guys have jetpacks?"

"I had no idea he went through with that project," Phineas admitted. "It was a bit unimaginative… but apparently, useful. Oh well." He smirked at Isabella, and she returned a flirtatious grin. "Let's get back to taking over the world."

Isabella's smile faded. "What about Ferb? We have to be sure he can't interfere."

Phineas smiled knowingly. "Don't worry about him, Isabella… I've got some surprises of my own."