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Knights of the NCIS table.

"Uncle Tim! Uncle Tim! Tell me a story! Please, please Uncle Tim!" Tim McGee chuckles softly to himself as he peers down at the tow-headed imp that's clutching at his leg. He's babysitting for his sister, Sarah, while she and her husband look for new housing.

"What kind of story should I tell you?" He picks up the blonde bundle of joy and carries him into the front room. As he looks around at the painted walls, he makes a mental note to ask Sarah about her rental agreement. From the looks of it, this house could be just the thing he's been looking for. He sits down in the closest easy chair and places the child in the crook of his arm.

The blue eyed, blond haired boy thinks for about thirty seconds before replying, "I want a scary story; with dragons and wizards and no girls."

"Not even one that's cool like Aunt Abby or a martial artist like Aunt Ziva?" The dark haired ladies in question absolutely dote on the child in Tim's arms. The little boy shakes his head no.

"No girls at all. Just dragons, wizards and maybe a knight like my Daddy."

"Hmm…okay well, once upon a time, a long, long, long time ago, there lived a gigantic blue dragon."

"I like blue."

"Good, so the dragon lived in a remote cave."

"I have a remote at home."

"I know you do. Well, this dragon lived far away from most humans because his kind were usually hunted for their dragon scales. Dragon scales made for terrific armor, it was almost impossible to get wounded when you had dragon scale armor on." He looks down at the child in his arms who's breathing quietly and listening intently.

"In the closest village, lived a knight named Anton. Anton was a tall fellow, and one of the king's fiercest fighters." The child in his arms nods in agreement. So far, the knight in question sounds just like his Daddy.

"Anton had green eyes, dark brown hair and a suit of armor that needed repair badly. He'd been in so many battles that his armor had rusted through. So, Anton went to the castle to talk to his liege lord."

"What's a leech lord?" Tim smiles faintly, remembering Sarah asking the same question when she'd been this little one's age.

"A liege lord is like a king. He was Anton's boss and Anton needed his permission to get new armor. King Jed listened to Anton's plea for new armor and started shaking his head in denial. Before he could say anything, King Jed's top wizard came running into the room. The wizard's name was Jamie and he never ran."

"He was this time though." The small voice was getting sleepy and Tim smiled as he continued.

"Yes, Jamie wasn't a runner, but he was running that day. They'd seen the dragon and he was breathing white ice into the valley, making the spring day into winter."

Unknown to the storyteller, he had more than one person for his audience. Sarah and her husband Tony, Tim's partner at NCIS had arrived five minutes earlier and heard Tim telling Donald all about the characters for this story. When Dr. Mallard had died the same year that they'd gotten married, Sarah and Tony had both agreed that their first born son would be named after the beloved ME. Sarah leans into her husband of four years and whispers, "You think this could be another best seller?"


Tim's cast of characters

King Jed – Gibbs

Knight Anton – Tony

Wizard Jamie – Jimmy