Fingertip Love Notes

Chapter One: Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone

Ashley's POV

I feel warm breath on my neck as the sun starts to peek through the blinds. The sound of our alarm clock causes me to moan in protest.


I moan louder, trying to make my protests really heard.

Apparently she was not listening the first time.

Soft fingertips find their way to my abdomen. Time to wake up… she slowly traces the letters across my stomach, causing the hairs on my arms to stand up and goose bumps to form all over my torso…and everywhere else for that matter.

I grab her arm and turned it over, tracing Just a little longer on the inside of her forearm. I feel her face bury deeper into my neck as she kisses me softly.

"Baby…" I can feel her smile against my skin as she kisses my neck again. She smoothes her hand across my stomach like she is wiping the slate clean.

I have to go to work she writes, ever so slowly. Again, hair stands up and goose bumps become more profound.

I smooth my hand slowly across her arm, clearing my slate and trace a new message slowly, starting from her wrist and ending just under her armpit. Call in sick and let me work you…

She rolls over until she is on top of me, both knees on either side of my hips, one of her arms supporting her as she again softly smoothes her hand across my stomach, erasing her last message and preparing to reply to mine. She looks deep into my eyes, her beautiful blue eyes sparkling, though they look tired and a little puffy.

Spencer is so adorable in the morning.

She runs her hands through her long, blonde hair, brushing the slightly messy locks from her face. Smiling, she again begins tracing letters across my stomach, which at this point is quivering slightly beneath her touch.

Tempting baby…

As she gets to the y her hand is dangerously close to grazing the waistband of my boy shorts. She smiles at me, almost devilishly, and drags the end of the y down lower and lower until her finger is into my bottoms and lingers just above the place that is aching by this point.

I grab the same arm and pull it back up, turn it over, and trace NOT FAIR.

"Ash…" she giggles and leans down, pressing her barely clothed body against mine, tracing her tongue softly across my bottom lip. I wrap my arms around her, pulling her impossibly close and running my fingers along her back. She continues licking my lips and her hips begin to move into mine. About to explode, I smash my lips against hers, forcefully but not violently. She pushes her tongue into my mouth and I moan, this time not in protest.


Had fifteen minutes already gone by since Spencer hit snooze? Because it feels like this little game of 'finger-tip love note foreplay' has been going on for hours. Or at least that's how I feel, lying beneath her writhing body, our tongues and hands and hearts wrapped up in one another.

"Shit!" She rolls off of me and hits the alarm clock, silencing the invasive beeping. Flipping back around, she props herself onto on arm and slowly strokes the side of my face, smiling so perfectly down at me, and chuckling a little at my obvious frustration.

"Ash, we need to get up. I'm sorry baby. We will continue where we left off just as soon as I get home tonight, I promise.' She smiles again and leans down, placing a long, sweet kiss on my swollen lips. "I love you."

I grab her wrist, turn it over and write her one last love note before she bounds off to take a shower.

I love you too.

I am in the kitchen pouring Spencer and myself a cup of coffee in our respective to-go mugs when she reappears, showered and ready for the day. She takes her coffee mug from me, and smiles a thank you.

"What do you have planned for today?" She asks after taking a small sip, careful to test the temperature.

Such a tender tongue.

"Well, I am meeting Ethan at the studio for a few hours to finish the track we are working on, and then I was going to grab some things from the store for our big weekend." I wink at her and grin from ear to ear.

Spencer and I are spending the weekend at a beach house in Malibu. We had rented the property a few times before, and have made the effort to take weekend get-aways here and there when we are feeling the pressures of work and life in general impact our "quality time" together.

"Really…like what kinds of things?" she inquires, raising one eyebrow seductively.

"Well…I was mainly talking about food, drinks and sunscreen, but you got something better in mind Carlin?" With that I was in front of her, squeezing myself in between her legs and lifting her onto the kitchen bar. She sets her coffee mug down, wraps her arms around my neck and stares into my eyes, apparently thinking very, very hard.

While she goes about making a mental "grocery list" I begin nibbling on her neck and scratching my nails up and down her back under her tight fitting blue Rolling Stones T-Shirt. Torn between allowing her to process whatever dirty ideas she has for my errand-running and getting at least to second base with her in the middle of our kitchen, I bring my face directly in contact with hers and place a loving kiss on her lips.

"You think of anything else you need? Cause I have all afternoon and a platinum credit card burning a hole in my pocket. You just name it." I look at her as seriously as I can before she bursts into laughter, joined a second later by myself.

"Well…" she places a longer, more passionate kiss on my lips, and then continues. "Pick up some batteries for the…" long pause and seductive grin "cd player. I hate laying out without music."

With that, she slides off the counter, landing perfectly in my arms. She gives me a sweet hug and another kiss. "I am so ready for this week to be over and to be on the way to Malibu with you, baby," she tells me more seriously, squeezing tighter, and I return her embrace.

"I know. It's going to be perfect. The news is calling for no rain and sunshine all weekend." I lean my head into her neck and sing softly in her ear. "But there ain't no sunshine when she's gone…" She giggles and squeezes me one more time.

"Alright, I 'm going now cause if you keep singing to me, not only am I skipping work today, but I am skipping the rest of the week and we're leaving for the beach this very second."

She LOVES it when I sing to her, and this is one thing I am very aware of. Hell, I use it to my advantage every chance I get.

"Hmmmff.." I protest as she grabs her keys and sunglasses.

"Go make beautiful music baby, and when I get home, I'll let you make more with me."

With that, she's out the door. I smile after her, and pick up my own coffee mug. This is going to be a long two days.

Especially since Spencer Carlin has no idea what I have in store for us this weekend.