Author's POV

Children are tucked tightly in bed. Lights are flicked off and doors are gently closed.

Faces are washed and teeth are brushed.

Two friends, lovers, partners, wives and soul mates climb into bed after a long day, maintaining careers, tending to household duties, and caring for small children.

Blankets are straightened and pillows are fluffed. Arms are stretched and bodies are melded together.

Soft words are spoken, light touches are exchanged, stories are told, laughs are shared, kisses are stolen, and promises are made and kept.

Bodies settle, heartbeats steady, sighs fill the air, and love fills every inch of a quiet room.

Familiarity and comfort and contentment settle over the silent home.

Soft finger tips find soft skin, hair stands up and goose bumps rise.

I'm so lucky to have you.

Blue eyes close and a body stills.

I couldn't love you more.

Brown eyes smile and lids grow heavy.

Calmness and peace sets in and sleep takes over for another night.

Tomorrow is a new day.