Chapter 1: Sink or Swim

Kamikaze airplanes in the sky

Are we going down or will we fly?

This could be a shipwreck on the shore

Or we could sail away forevermore

This time it's sink or swim

Sink or Swim

It had been a month since Quinn and Matt had reconnected that night at the diner.

He had called her like he said he would after his plane landed and then again two days later to catch up. Their conversations had started off light with a touch of flirtation, but as the calls became more frequent and longer – transporting to Skype to save them both money - they had touched on pretty deep topics. Specifically, what they were titled as to each other.

The subject came up during one of their phone calls, which were turning into a nightly ritual, when Quinn was walking up the stairs to her door after a long night in the library getting some studying done. She had called Matt on her walk home so she wouldn't feel alone walking the sketchy streets. He was half asleep, but reluctantly stayed on the line with her.

As she made it to her floor and walked down the hallway, Ian had popped his head out of his place almost instantly. He was a twenty-two year old grad school student who had his sights set on Quinn ever since she moved in, and Quinn had tried to make it clear she wasn't interested. She had successfully made it past him, but that didn't stop Matt from the questions.

"No, no don't let me interrupt you two. Ian seems like a nice guy." He said, letting out a laugh. She could hear his sarcasm through the phone and the covered her eyes briefly and shook her head, although he couldn't see her.

"He is, but he's 22 and…" She trailed off. "…he's just not my type." She finally said. That was the best excuse she could come up with at the moment, but it sounded so cliché and vague. Ian was a nice guy, but his stamp collection and the fact that his mother still drove him to school even though he clearly moved out the house made Quinn distance herself from him.

"You don't have a type, do you?" He asked, sounding semi-confused. "Well I guess you do have a thing for football play-"

"Thank you so much Mrs. Lewis, have a good night." Quinn spoke over him, picking up a sleeping Maddie. She ignored Matt's laughing and made her way over and into her apartment. She locked the door and held the phone to her ear. "Hold on, putting Maddie to sleep." She whispered, before hanging up. She went into Maddie's room and laid her in her crib. She pulled off her shoes and clothes and slipped on her pajamas. All of this was done carefully and quietly, she turned on the baby monitor and placed Maddie's favorite stuffed teddy bear next to her. She turned the light off and closed the door behind her.

She took her laptop out of her messenger bag and set it on her coffee table. She sent Matt an invite and plopped on her couch. He answered on the second ring. "Hey Ms. Ian." He teased. She rolled her eyes, which contrasted with the huge grin on her face.

"I really don't like you." She said, trying not to laugh. He did though.

"Come on, you know I'm kidding. If you really wanted Ian, you would've had him by now. Instead, you're talking to me…" He said, trailing off.

She raised an eyebrow, still smiling. "So our Skype conversations prevent me from dating Ian?"

"No, our Skype conversations are proof that you're not dating Ian." He said matter of factly.

"What's so special about our Skype conversations Matt?" She asked softly.

"Well, let's just say if you were dating Ian, I've been wasting my time." He said simply. She looked down, blushing furiously. She tried to wipe the smile off her face but failed yet again.

"Matt…" She said quietly, trailing off.

He nodded. "I know, I know, but it's true. I like you." He said, smirking.

She blushed again. This wasn't the first time he had said it to her, but every time he did it still made her swoon. At first, she would cover it up with rolling her eyes and changing the subject but lately she had been returning it. It was true. "I like you too." She whispered.

"So come visit me." He whispered back. In the background, she saw Mike walking by while drying his hair with his towel. She could remember Mike's face when he saw Quinn during their first attempt at Skype. Teasing followed, but now it had just become a part of the daily ritual. "Brittany's coming next weekend and I'm not up for being a third wheel, especially with those two." A balled up sock flew from the right side of the screen onto the side of Matt's head. He laughed and threw it back. Quinn laughed as well.

"I don't have money for a plane ticket and besides, what about Maddie?" She said, hating that she was coming up with excuses. She had to realistic though.

Matt got quiet as he tried to think of a solution, but Mike came to the rescue, popping his head on the right side of the screen. "Brittany has an extra ticket. Her dad was coming out here for business, but it got rescheduled. She's still coming though. And bring Maddie! Aren't babies free?" He looked at Matt, before getting up and disappearing from the screen.

She sighed, thinking this was all too convenient. She couldn't remember the last time she had seen Brittany. Plus, what did this make her and Matt? Were they official if she went?

"Come on babe." He said, giving her puppy dog eyes. He used the word "babe" so casually, which made her a little nervous and happy at the same time.

"Okay, but only for a couple days." She finally said. He jumped up and she heard him and Mike getting excited. She had to smile at that. They were cute. "Good night!" She yelled out, making Matt turn to her.

He grinned, although she wasn't sure it was a grin since he was standing up and a great distance away. He pressed his hands to his lips and then towards her, gesturing a kiss. "Mwah!"
He said aloud. She smiled and logged out.

How was she going to get any sleep now?