Oh well. First my eye problems robbed me of any desire to write for almost three months – it's simply not fun to stare at the screen with burning eyes and in 250 percent normal size to try writing – then after finally getting glasses, I catch up with three months of Bleach – and see Episode 309, which contains a literally almost perfect copy of a visual idea I had for this fic.

Imagine my face turning white, freezing up and slowly shattering, shards crumbling down, leaving a blank space behind.

Almost no need to say it, but *that* shot my intent-to-continue-this in the kneecaps, kicked it in very sensitive places, taped its mouth shut, tied it up in chains, knocked it out and threw it down a canyon.

In other words, don't hold your breath for more chapters.

Still, for the few people who read this and maybe liked it, a scrap of the fourth chapter survives, and so I give you the – for now – final fragment of Bleech. Maybe it's still worth a smile, grin or giggle.

I don't know whether I simply replace this or set up a new fic should I ever continue, so here I go for the currently last time:

- 0 - (Start Intro)

It's weird.

I keep having these persistent dream-thoughts...

This still screams to be written down. I hope I can keep at it. I'll try at least.

What's the worst that can happen? Dissatisfied readers? Finger cramps? Mad assassins (grins)? Probably nothing I can't deal with or ignore.


Everyone reading this should know the concept of the self-insertion fanfic.
You take your favorite story, be it anime, manga, movie, series, book or other media.
You generally don't own the rights to that property, and neither do I, come to think of it.
You design a character more or less based on you, typically more less, less more (yes, that was supposed to be a pun or something), often some kind of gaming construct with mismatched, unbalanced powers.
You throw that persona in the mix, usually letting it overshadow the original characters with overwhelming skill, power, eloquence, smarts or just raw 'coolness'.

Well, that's not quite what happened to me in ...

- 0 -


- 0 -

{Bleach is the intellectual property of Tite Kubo and whoever else is involved in making and marketing the manga and anime series. I haven't made any money off this, nor do I intend to, and probably never would even if I wanted.}

- 0 -

- Distractions -

Part 1 – Incomprehensible Distractions

- 0 -

I expected everything to go dark. It did, but not quite the way I was anticipating.

I found myself hurtling through a tunnel, the walls incongruously visibly made of crude oil or something else black, viscous and in constant slow but liquid motion. Either I was getting the worst quality death vision – wasn't that supposed to be a tunnel of light? – or... could it be...?

Then the customary light at the end of the tunnel approached and distracted me from that line of thought and recalling the earlier.

"[Great. Isshin killed me. Why did he do that? Did he think me a danger or why? I would have never expected something like that from this guy... And now what? Soul Society? Limbo? Are there in Bleach other afterlives for foreigners at all? Can't see myself with traditional japanese clothing...]," I mentally rambled, expecting a variant of hard impact, but hoping more for any kind of soft landing.

Instead, I found myself whirling through the streets like a dry leaf in fall. The wind, it seemed, raising me high up, I noted distinctly modern silhouettes.

OK, that wasn't Seireitei, as far as I could tell. But the skyline was fuzzy, slightly transparent.

Not in control of my flight, I lost height and swooped along close to ground level. I noticed vaguely humanoid shadows and indistinct silhouettes.

- 0 -

Notice part2:

That's all, folks, sorry. None of the rest is/was in any form to be read coherently, but basically my insert-self gets a vision of the events in Karakura, where he sees shadows of Aizens and Gins fight, then sees Aizen being overshadowed and morphing into (in my original intent possessed or replaced) by a horror with multiple mouths... and at the time I hadn't seen episode 309 yet, nor read the manga to the equivalent point!

So effectively the original story caught up with my imagination and robbed me of my first high point, in a way.

Oh, and apparently Tite Kubo & co. are thinking in similar ways as I.

Ah, well, unless and until I get a new idea how to reset or continue this story, I have to label it as abandoned. Sorry again to everyone who read and enjoyed my try.

April 2011

- 0 -

To be rewritten... I hope...

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