Layla's Point of View

I moved to sit up, now realizing how odd it felt with so much clothing on. It was rather nice though since I wasn't freezing to death anymore. I tried to recall what happened. Camille handed me a bottle of wine, told me to chug it and then there was a small bit of pain in my ear. I reached up to touch my ear, only to find that it had been pierced. I sighed. Well, at least she made it less painful.

I remained lying down but I moved so most of my upper body was leaning against the pillow that I propped up. I looked over to see Clopin running his eyes over me. He seemed to be inspecting my new wardrobe with a small smile playing on his face, obviously enjoying the looks of me in Parisian clothes.

I squirmed slightly at him staring at my clothes and backed up to the wall more so. He noticed and moved his eyes to me. "I like your new wardrobe… A little too," he paused, searching for the right word, "erm, Camille-ish but still very flattering." He smiled widely and Camille stuck her tongue out at him.

I leaned back more comfortably after a little while and let my thoughts wander to the past.

My First Boyfriend

Juan was his name. He was a very quiet man but always a gentleman. That was what probably made me fall for him. He was my first kiss and my first boyfriend but never a lover. He seemed almost too shy for my taste after awhile and I felt I could never get him out of his shell. I eventually dumped him gently and he didn't take it too roughly. He was in a bit of a shock for a couple minutes but he was fine afterwards.

My First Heartbreak

I had never felt so belittled before. I thought myself weak at the time but I found that I was proud of my behavior later in life. My fourth boyfriend had dumped me. I was severely in love with him and wanted to marry him but he dumped me because I wouldn't have sex with him. I now wonder how different my life would be if I had married that piece of scum…

I decided to switch thoughts quickly, thinking of Clopin a little bit. I wasn't quite sure how I thought of him anymore. I tried thinking back of the moments he spent with me while he was in the Den of Thieves…

When We Fought

I remember calling him a monster, claiming him at fault for forcing me to leave my family and friends. He tried to reason with me and I ran back to my tent where he later tried to comfort me and I shrank back in fear from him. Why was I so afraid of him? We later bonded though so everything was fine most of that day.

When We Kissed…

"Before you go, I was wondering if maybe you-" he sighed, his mouth only an inch or so away from mine. He bit his lip absentmindedly, looking a little nervous and looked to be debating whether he should do something.

I was about to ask what he was thinking about when he wrapped an arm around my waist and put his other hand on the back of my head, giving me a kiss. It was sweet and gentle, his mouth warm against mine. Although he held me to his lips, I knew if I moved back, he would let go of me.

I kept my eyes opened slightly, trying to figure out how to respond. I hadn't kissed many men before and Clopin left me in a bit of a daze. I reached my hand up hesitantly and ran it through his hair, pulling him toward me more. I felt a smile come over his lips as I closed my eyes, breathing a little through my nose and opening my mouth a little on accident. He lashed his tongue into my mouth and, after getting over the shock, melted into his arms at the sensation. I rested my hand on his shoulder before we started a minor tongue war. After a few more minutes, he backed off, letting me breathe.

He gave me light kisses on my face, him still breathing rather well while I was breathing rather harshly. He slowed his kisses down when I settled my breathing. I looked up to see many of my people staring at us and I looked down, feeling ashamed.

I resisted the urge to just laugh at my own embarrassment only a few weeks ago. I thought also of what happened only yesterday when I saw Clopin bathing. I still blushed a little at the memory. His beautiful tan skin shining a little in the sunlight due to the water made me feel uncomfortable but also a different feeling I couldn't describe. "Lay?" I looked over to see Clopin staring at me from the floor. "Why are you staring at me like that?" he asked quietly, not drawing much attention from anyone.

I gulped. "N-no reason… I was just thinking," I mumbled. He smiled at me and gave a small nod. I now wondered how I was looking at him but quickly thought nothing of it as my eyes drifted down awkwardly.

-Time Skips. Can't live with 'em. Can't live without 'em.-

I raised my head from another night full of dreams about my home as the caravan jerked to a stop. I yawned and looked over at Clopin who opened a trunk he was sleeping in that once had our food supply which was now gone. We were close to Paris so we didn't bother to restock.

"Where are we?" I asked him, rubbing my eyes. He moved a finger to his lips and motioned me over. I quickly and quietly made my way over to him. I just noticed that everyone was hiding besides his father who was guiding the horses. Clopin pulled me inside quickly and shut the case with just the smallest click. He held me close to him, his other hand on his dagger.

I watched him in the pale lighting through the cracks in the wood of the trunk as his black eyes watching the top of the trunk with great intensity. I felt us being moved a little and Acelin yell at someone saying: "Don't touch my valuable merchandise! I earn my money and have bought those goods fairly." I heard footsteps fade away and after what seemed like hours but was probably only a few minutes, we were moving again.

I looked up at Clopin, our legs tangled together and my body resting on his, my chin now on his chest. "Clopin, can we move now?" I asked in a very quiet whisper that I wondered if he could even hear.

After a few minutes where I wondered if I should repeat, he finally looked down at me. "Stay here. Someone will get us when we are in the Court. My father is saying he is a merchant so that we can get into town safely. We will have to stay in this trunk until we get into the Court or in good enough cover."

I sighed impatiently and he chuckled quietly, moving my hair with his breath. He shifted us, moving our legs so that we were lying on top of each other, lined up like boards. Any way he moved, we would still me in an awkward in the trunk. "Where are the others?" I whispered to him.

He looked down at me again, not bothering to lift his head. "Cam is in a barrel, Porfirio is walking up front acting like a caretaker for the horses and Mihai is hiding beneath the cot, wrapped in blankets and behind several crates. We thought of keeping you in the cot since you weren't really moving but when you woke up I had to act quickly. We can talk in here but we can't be moving around or else the guards might catch on that my father is lying and they'll definitely arrest us all."

I lied on his chest for while longer, growing a little bored and beginning to play with my earring. Clopin had apparently grown bored since he had begun to stroke my hair. I let go of my earring and felt the texture of the trunk's floor with my hand, waiting for us to be released from this trunk. We hit a high bump and before I knew it, our trunk was tipped sideways.

I gasped, clinging to Clopin as we both rammed into the side of the trunk with grunts. I peeked through one of the slivers in the wood to see Cam's barrel had tipped over as well. She was probably flipping out since the barrel was now rolling around the ground. I laid my cheek on the wood of the trunk, releasing Clopin from my embrace as we both tried to remain calm.

We were soon not on the ground anymore and we flipped once more but we both had stuck out our hands and feet and slowly lowered ourselves to the floor of the trunk. "Man, I didn't know you packed this much supplies, King Acelin!" I heard a man near our trunk say, most likely one of the carriers.

I heard the man on the other side of the trunk continue. "Agreed! Wait, did Clopin make it?" Acelin must've nodded since the next thing he said was, "Then where is he?" There was a pause and we were set down.

I heard footsteps approach the trunk and knock on the top of it. "Anyone home?" Camille asked, sounding genuinely curious. Clopin took his dagger and hit the two latches with it before pushing the top up.

I carefully got up first and stepped out and looked around at the place that was much more colorful than my home was. Clopin wrapped his arms around my waist from behind me. "Welcome to the Court of Miracles, Layla," he whispered to me, a smile evident in his voice.

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