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This was a bad idea. No, scratch that, this was the worst idea…ever. At this point, though, I didn't care. It was Friday, the last day of school. And while everyone else said goodbye for the summer, I was giving my boyfriend, Mitch, the biggest send-off of all. My first mistake in a long line of mistakes that made this day the worst of my life since my parents died, was ditching said last day. Who knew they actually took roll on the last day of school? Mistake number two was deciding to give said send-off in my sister's bedroom.

"You look really sexy in your school uniform," Mitch breathed into my ear as I slid my skirt off from underneath him.

"Catholic school uniform seems to do it for you?" I asked, immediately plunging my hand down his navy blue slacks. This wasn't my first time. I'd lost my virginity to Mitch about six months ago during Thanksgiving Break when I honestly felt I had little to be thankful for. And Mitch was, well, quite the catch. I was a sophomore, he was a senior. Add to that his all-American boy charming good looks, his athletic scholarship to Boston College, where he would play quarterback on the football team, and I would've donated a kidney to the boy if he needed one. I was more than smitten. But when the New Year rolled around and my older sister, Abby, made it clear that she didn't like Mitch, I started my rebellious stage.

First, I joined the school newspaper, and I was actually pretty good at it, if I do say so myself. Crabby Abby, as I called her, didn't mind that. What she didn't know, though, was that the sole purpose of me joining the paper, was so I could do the sports page, giving me an excuse to stay after school and watch all the football practices. It wasn't a requirement, but I wanted to be thorough. Not to mention the quickies under the bleachers after practices.

Second, I started sneaking out or rather lying to Abby. I would tell her I was going to the mall with my friend at the time, Teresa, and then I would go over to Mitch's and do God-knows what. This was all well and good and I had been able to hide it all from my prying, authoritative sister.

The third thing, the earliest thing to happen before the incident I'm in the process of describing, was a pregnancy scare over Easter. Mitch and I hadn't been the safest couple when it came to sex. This was something I could've handled. I mean, one visit to the Oklahoma County Health Department and I would've been free and clear. I just didn't do it, and then after months of doing it, I was approached with the possibility of being a teenage mom. That crisis was averted, however, when I managed to somehow get my period a week late.

Which leads me back to my sister's bed. Abby's bed was bigger and had more leverage, meaning it actually had things to grab onto. That was something too, knowing Abby was a virgin, that was almost like rubbing it in her face, you know? It sounds horrible to say, especially since I've grown to think of Abby as my best friend, but I was bitter and angry and I just needed a release. I found that release in Mitch and sex.

While Mitch was quite a looker, he was kinda vanilla in bedroom. Not that I knew any different, I just knew comparing notes with my girlfriends it was probably supposed to last longer than two minutes and he probably wasn't supposed to cry afterwards. He wasn't the smartest cookie, either, so when I would yell or moan "harder!" he was so concentrated on making sure he was doing everything right, that it hardly was worth much. But, in all honesty, more than anything, I did it for the connection, the need to be close to someone else.

"Pull my knees up," I groaned as Mitch slid into me. He was hesitant at first, I'm sure thinking about what he was doing but then he ran his hand down my thigh, pulling it up to meet his chest. He was grunting already and I was just barely feeling anything.

"You're so fucking sexy, Ava, baby," he groaned and I felt my hand travel down my abdomen in between us. If he was gonna get his, I was gonna get mine. I touched myself as he kept thrusting and grunting.

"Oooohhhh," I moaned, drawing it out as I arched my back off the bed.

"Already?" Mitch asked, like he was one to talk.

"Just finish," I groaned feeling my body start to shudder like it did right before I released.

This is the part where the big error occurs. For my whole life, I always knew when Abby was around. I don't know how or why, I just did. I could feel her presence. This day, however, my Abby-dar was off and as I felt myself get closer to my orgasm, Abby's bedroom door opened. I caught her eyes immediately. "Fuck!" I screamed.

"Did you just come?" Mitch asked while he kept thrusting.

I could see Abby fuming, steam was practically blowing out of her ears, and, though she'd never been a violent person before, she was pissed. I watched her pick up Mitch's shoe from the doorway and chunk it, hard, at the back of Mitch's head.

"What the—" Mitch didn't get to finish the sentence. He pulled out of me and turned to meet Abby's tirade.

"OUT OF MY HOUSE!" Abby screamed, throwing random things at the naked teenage boy. "NOW!"

I was frozen, couldn't move, and I noticed Abby's seething causing tears to accumulate in her eyes.

"Abigail!" Mitch pulled on his boxers.

"NO! YOU DON'T TALK!" Abby yelled. This wasn't supposed to be funny, I mean, Mitch was my boyfriend and I was supposed to have some compassion for the situation he was in. Sure, I knew I was probably going to be grounded till kingdom come, but it was actually amusing watching Abby pick up every article of clothing she'd thrown that belonged to Mitch, opening up her second story bedroom window, and throwing all of it into Sadie's poop pile.

"I'm really sorry, I—" Mitch started again, but Officer Abby was having none of that.

"I said, you don't talk! I'll let you explain all of this to your parents!" she kept yelling as I pulled the sheets up to cover myself. I thought maybe I was just gonna slip under the covers and she'd forget about me. No such luck. "Ava Caroline, you put your damn clothes on, strip this bed, and put the sheets in the washer. Then you meet me in the dining room." Her voice was colder than I'd ever heard Abby's voice get. She'd always been solid, comforting, compassionate. I'd been taking advantage of that and now it was going to bite me in the ass.

"I'll call you," Mitch leaned in to kiss my cheek.

"No you won't. Ava no longer has any form of communication with the outside world, unless you know of a good carrier pigeon service," Abby grabbed Mitch's ear like I'd seen a few of the nuns at Mercy High do on more than one occasion.

"Ow! Ow! Ow!" he yelped. "You're gonna hurt me and I won't be able to play football!"

"You're lucky I'm letting you keep any of your body parts, you filthy cretin!" Abby's voice got louder with almost ever syllable and I knew I should probably be praying that my sister didn't skin me alive. I figured I wouldn't give her anything else to add to my list of sins and I did as she said, stripping the bed. I wrapped myself with a blanket and tiptoed down the hall to my bedroom where I threw on some sort of clothing. I could hear Abby yelling now, but no one was answering so I assumed she must have been talking to Mitch's parents on the phone.

I tried to teeter ever so slightly down the stairs but Abby saw me and she jabbed her finger at the dining room table as she dialed another number. I held the sheets up to show her I was still doing my chore and she rolled her eyes, pacing. "Aunt Tess?" she said. "Our conversation earlier," she paused. "End of the month…I'll explain to you later, when the culprit's not in the room."

I put the sheets in the washer and headed back to the Abby Inquisition. She was off the phone now, sitting and looking down at the table. "What did Aunt Tess have to say?" I asked, sliding into a seat on the other end of the table.

Abby's eyes didn't look up as she tapped the phone on the table. "Do you remember when Mom and Dad died? Do you remember what the Aunts wanted to do? With you and Ashley?"

My hope was this was a rhetorical question and I didn't have to say anything. Of course I remembered the death of our parents. That's not exactly something you forget. And I remembered everything that happened after, especially my Uncle Rob holding back Aunt Tess to keep her from punching Aunt Lydia. "They wanted to split us up. I was supposed to go with Aunt Lydia and Ashley with Aunt Tess."

"And what did I say, Ava?"

"You said there was no way and hell that was ever going to happen," I stuttered now for some reason as I heard Abby composing herself.

"Because you two were all I had left. And I was determined to keep my only family together, and in my crazy mind, Ava, I thought that you and Ash would realize this wasn't going to be easy but that we'd have to work together to make it," she still wouldn't look at me and I could hear tears in her voice. "You were the only pieces of Mom and Dad that I had that meant anything," she whispered before taking a deep breath.

"Wait," I stopped her. I finally stopped for a minute and panicked at what she might be saying. "Do they want to separate us again?"

She didn't answer me. "I got a call last week from Sister Thaddeus, and apparently Aunt Tess did too. Our family had so much faith in me they decided to have a backup in case I failed. And do you know what Sister Thaddeus said?" I shook my head. "She said that the teachers were a little concerned because they had noticed a change in your grades and that you'd been missing school," Abby chose that time to look up at me. "And I thought, you know, part of this is probably normal. A little bit of rebellion nothing we can't handle." She put her head in her hands. "Aunt Tess said, 'you should come here where I can help you.' And I said thanks but no thanks. Now, Ava, I look like a fool."

"No, I—"

"Yes I do. I stood up for you, I believed that you would make the right decisions, eventually. I knew you were lying to me, I knew you were sneaking out and part of me knew that you were probably having sex. But what happened today, never in a million years would I have thought you'd resorted to skipping school to come back home and have sex in my bedroom. I'd even lay off the ranting about Mitch because I thought maybe that would deter your relationship. A lot of good that did," she scoffed.

"Abby, I didn't mean—"

"You didn't mean for me to catch you, I get that," she shook her head again.

"No, I didn't mean—"

"We have two choices now, Ava. One, you go to Florida with the Aunt Lydia, Ashley goes to Washington, and I stay here. Or, we all go to Washington. That's it, there no other option," Abby was crying now and I couldn't look her in the eye. "I-I-I c-can't d-do it anymore. I d-don't know w-what else I c-can do. And I just wish, I wish Mom and Dad were here."

I moved closer to her end of the table. "You're doing the best you can," I tried to sound comforting.

"But it's not good enough," she shook her head. "So tell me what you want. Do you want to be separated?"

I grabbed her hand. "No, Abby! I don't, I don't want us to be without each other."

"Then tell me," she was waiting for me to give her a definite answer, she wanted me to make this decision. She knew I hated Forks, I loathed the town where our Aunt Tess and Uncle Rob lived and all I wanted wasto stay here. I would be leaving my friends, Mitch, everything. But I would do it if I got to keep my family.

"We can go," I whispered.

"You realize that we'll have to leave by the end of the month, that it's not temporary. We go, it's for good," Abby's voice was steady and I knew she meant business.

I took a deep breath. This was going to suck. But could I really be too pissed, I mean, it was my fault after all. "It's fine. We'll deal. I'll deal with that God-forsaken town." I thought I felt myself growl.

"Good, I'll call Tess," Abby picked the phone back up, I didn't want to hear anything she was saying because this was totally going to ruin my life. I stayed in my room for most of the next few weeks, listening as everyone packed up. Aunt Shannon was sad to see us go but she also knew why we were leaving. Ashley, being Ashley, was excited to go. It didn't take much to please her though. Just throw a tutu on a dog and you've made Ashley's day. She didn't get the absolute horror of Forks, Washington, where everyone would know us and our story and we'd become those sad little orphans everyone felt sorry for. This was going to suck ass.

The moving truck wasn't even a minute late. We were keeping the house in Oklahoma and only taking clothes and a few other things that had been passed down for generations like really important furniture or jewelry. Abby had made us a promise when we move from our first house that anytime we moved we would be able to completely redo our bedrooms. So our beds stayed in Oklahoma with the understanding that when we had a house in Forks, we'd get to redesign our rooms however we wanted. Of course that didn't make up for the fact that we were being ripped from the only home we knew.

"So, I guess you're leaving?" Mitch was leaning against the U-Haul van. This seems like a great time to point out the fact that Mitch was not the smartest apple in the bunch. He was leaning against a U-Haul van and he had to ask if we were moving?

"Yeah," I said.

"So, um, I guess we're breaking up then," he said, more like a statement than a question.

I was a little confused. "We don't have to. I mean, we can try the long distance thing. If you want," I was really hoping he would.

Mitch leaned forward. "Look, Ava. You're a nice girl and all but I think we've run our course. I'm gonna be going to college, you're gonna be in Oregon—"

"Washington," I corrected him, trying to control my temper.

"Right, and I just think, you know, we'd be better off, both of us, if we just called it quits while we're ahead," he put his hand on my shoulder. "It's just better this way."

My blood was starting to boil. Seriously? Did he not know that I could do soooo much better than him? I was not the type of girl to take that laying down, so to speak and as he turned to walk away, I let loose. "Better for you!"

He turned back to me. "Don't make a scene, Ava. 'Sides, I think your sister's ready to go," Mitch smirked. "I'll always remember you."

"Bullshit!" I yelled, taking my hand and slapping it across his cheek. "You're an asshole! You know that! And I hope you go to Boston and fall on your ass during the first big snowstorm! And…And I hope you get herpes!" I spun on my heels, Abby watching me intently, hiding a grin and a nodding. I stomped my feet to my car, climbing in the front seat and honking the horn three times. "Let's get the hell out of here!"

Abby said a final goodbye, while Uncle Joe checked the hitch on the trailer that carried Abby's Subaru behind the U-Haul. She was still talking but Mitch just marred my endearment for our old house and hometown so I pulled out of the driveway with another honk. I could see the tears in Abby's eyes as she hugged Chloe tight, both sobbing. They were really close and I have to admit, the fact that Chloe was the only one that really got Abby made me insanely jealous. She was a better sister to my sister than I was.

"G-O! It's going to take forever!" I screamed out the window. Abby let go of Chloe and jumped into the U-Haul, beginning the O'Brien sisters exodus of Oklahoma. I made the drive hopped up on Dr. Pepper and Funyuns, thankful to be by myself in the car, listening to my new iPod Playlists that I had entitled "Kiss My Ass, Mitch Magee." It was a compilation of songs about female empowerment and the demise of men everywhere. It kept me awake and made the drive less loathsome.

It took two days to drive from our former residence in Oklahoma City to the metropolis that is Forks, Washington. Abby was tired, exhausted and I could see a part of her was more broken than it ever had been. And while I despised the fact I was stuck in the Godforsaken place, I hoped that maybe there would be something special here for her.

We stayed at Aunt Tess's house for the month of June while Abby searched out a house for us and then worked on finalizing contracts and such. She found somewhere to start her vet clinic and enrolled us in school. The house actually wasn't half bad and it was a lot more modern than our house in Oklahoma ever thought about being. I had a large room, decorated to my taste as Abby promised, and before long we were settling in, though I refused to believe that Forks was home. The upside to this catastrophic move was that I would get to work for Aunt Tess at her bakery. I learned a lot from her and it was like my Mom's spirit was with me even more around her sister.

It was at said bakery that I met one of my two best friends, Claire Munholland. She was ordering a cake for her sister's birthday and I was looking for anyone normal in this town. We were instantly friends. I spent almost everyday of the rest of the summer with Claire and her lug of a crush, Quil, who, I have to admit was sex-on-a-stick. I owe a lot to Claire. She kept me sane. And she introduced me to the person that would change my life forever.

A few notes…Mercy High in Oklahoma City doesn't exist but it is loosely based on a school in OKC. I hope you guys keep reading this as well as Abby's story, Love You For Always and Ninadoll's How Wonderful Life Is, Now You're in the World.