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"Hi, I'm Ava, what can I do for you guys today?" I asked the glowing couple. They were slightly older than me with the man draping his arm across the petite girl's shoulder.

"Well, we're getting married in November…" the man said, not looking at me but keeping his eyes on the blushing girl next to him.

"And we heard that Sweets is the best caterer in this part of Forks," the girl said with a smile.

I was flattered for sure. In just eighteen months I'd gone from working for someone else and dealing with a dickhead co-pastry chef, to, with the help of Abby and Nessie, owning my own successful catering business in Forks. SweetsCateringandConfections was my baby and I had worked my ass off to make it what it was.

"Then you've come to the right place," I said. I flipped open to a new page in my binder and started taking notes as the girl rattled off details about the wedding-to-be. I couldn't help but think back on life for Scar and me these last two years.

After the wedding, Scar and I spent a week in the lovely, tropical Bahamas. We snorkeled, we ate, we swam, we slept, we didn't sleep…we didn't sleep A LOT! I'm not sure if it was the amount of not sleeping or something greater but when we got back to Forks, even with the happiness of marital bliss, I knew something was different with me, something wasn't "normal". Three weeks later, my suspicions were confirmed by Kim after both a blood and urine test. I was pregnant. I really shouldn't have been surprised, I mean, Scar and I had been not been using any sort of protection but it was still a little unexpected.

Abby's pregnancies had both been a little trying on her but it was completely the opposite for me. I felt good most of the time, I wasn't low on energy and there was very little morning sickness. Scar was the ideal husband, going out of his way to feed my strange cravings like Tabasco-flavored popcorn or Ketchup covered bananas. So it wasn't really my pregnancy that brought about a change in my career. No, that was all Luis.

Luis Cabaza de San Juan was my co-pastry chef. We hadn't really ever gotten along but it seemed like, as time went by, he began to get really aggressive about how much he didn't like me. Any wedding or event that I was scheduled to head up, he would try to encroach. He would offer advice, followed by an explanation about how he would've done it better. When I told everyone I was pregnant, Luis assumed that I would stop working and take my "rightful" place at home as a wife and mother. Add on to that, anytime I had finished a cake, he would critique it and then, without saying a word, rip it to shreds. For the most part, I was generally a pretty confident person, not like self-absorbed, and I gained experience and learned. That wasn't the case here. Luis made me absolutely miserable. I tried not to let him, I talked to Scar about it a lot and he and I would come up with strategies to deal with him. We came with everything from ignoring him to trying to stay out of the bakery when he was there. Scar even wanted to come have a word with him, but I wouldn't let him.

Before I dealt with Luis, I loved my job. I loved baking and I loved getting to be a part of people's special occasions. But Luis changed that. I dreaded getting out of bed and had to give myself pep talks in the mornings. I would rub the little bump in my belly and feel like the little one inside me was willing me to do something. I had to change this situation.

But before it got better, it got worse. The proverbial straw that broke the camel's back came when I was working on the biggest project I'd been trusted. The Governor of the state of Washington's daughter was getting married. Not only had she chosen a resort here in Forks as her location, but she'd picked our company to do all the catering. I was in charge of the cake, something Luis didn't appreciate. He made his opinion known that as the senior baker he should've been in charge of that project. But the truth was, the client had seen both of our portfolios and she chose me. I worked closely with her to make sure the cake was exactly what she wanted and would make her day that much more special. On the day of the wedding, I put the final touches on the cake and then helped load it into the van. The plan was for the van to go ahead to the venue and then I would load my car and meet them there. I didn't know that it was Luis that had given them directions or that the road he told them to take was riddled with large potholes and broken branches. I showed up at the venue a good 20 minutes before the van, and when the van finally showed up, the cake was a disaster. The top layer had hit the roof of the van and smashed in one side, while the rest of the cake looked a little too much like the Leaning Tower of Pisa. I managed to salvage it but it wasn't the masterpiece it should've been. I went home that night knowing I had to change something. I couldn't do it anymore.

The moment I was finished at the wedding reception and I was safe in my car, I called Abby. I let it all out, I cried and slammed my fist against the wheel and vented out all of my frustration. Fortunately for me, Abby was with some of the other wolf wives and I joined them all as they tried to help me figure out what to do next.

"This was a disaster but who knows what he'll do next time," I cried, blaming my fluctuating hormones for the tears.

"Have you thought about telling your boss?" Abby asked, taking a sip from her lemonade. Apparently, the warmer summer temperatures had all the wives and children hanging out for the day. The kids were down at the beach while their dads looked after them and gave the women a chance to have girl-time.

I actually had talked to my boss. More than once even. But he always told me just to ignore him, that I was doing a good job. His stunt today though could've ruined by career.

"Have you thought about going out on your own and starting your own company?" Nessie asked. I had thought about it before I figured out how much it would cost just to start my own catering business, in addition to having to compete against the company that I got my start at. So I told them all my qualms about it. "What if you had some help with the finances? Would you do it then?"

"I don't know. It would be a lot of work, and with a baby on the way…" I stopped myself. I didn't want to use the baby as an excuse as to why I didn't think I could do it. I was already so in love with my baby and I wouldn't do that.

"Ava, you could come up with excuses all day, but the fact is, you are very talented and you are good at what you do. And right now, you're not happy and that's not good," Abby held my hand and looked at me with caring eyes.

"This is what I propose, I propose you take on a few silent partners just to get you started. Now, this would just be financial help. Everything else is on you," Nessie said, very nonchalantly.

"Ha! And who would these silent partners be?" I asked. I wasn't really sure who would be silly enough to invest in my company.

"Well, I'd be willing to chip in," Abby said without hesitating.

"And I would help make up the difference," Nessie said. "I know what it's like to want to do something you love."

So that's what I did. I took on two silent partners and made rough plans for a new career path. The next day, I gave my two weeks notice and rolled my eyes as Luis chuckled. After that though, during the day, I worked, then in the evenings, Calista helped me find a good building, and only a month after I started the process, SweetsCateringandConfections came to life and I already had my first event planned and ready by way of Petra's baby shower.

After that, Scar and I settled into a happy routine. We visited Anita and Sarge in Seattle at least once a month in Seattle. They had welcomed a baby boy named Larkin while Scar and I were on our honeymoon and the further in my pregnancy I got, the more holding Larkin made me choke up. I was ready to hold my own little miracle in my arms. Scar and I argued over finding out the sex of the baby. I, in no way shape or form, wanted to know. I wanted it to be a surprise, to feel that excitement when the baby was born, but a part of me knew it would be a boy, all pack babies were boys. But Scar wanted to know. His argument was that his life had been full of too many surprises, not all good, and this was something he could control. He wanted to be able to buy the right clothes for his baby, and decorate the nursery properly, no neutral colors or themes to make up for the fact we didn't know. In the end, I agreed with Scar. However, our little one had a mind of its own and decided it would be best to make us wait it out. Almost every single ultrasound, our baby found a way to practice modesty. So, alas, the sex of our baby remained a mystery. It wasn't until my last ultrasound that our little one decided it was ready to reveal itself. Up to this point, all the babies born to the pack had been boys. All that changed though with the birth of Petra and Embry's little girl, Sunshine. She was the first girl and set quite a trend for the pack. Over the next year, the pack welcomed quite a few girls, including my niece, Avery Emilia Clearwater, and Scar and my own little bundle of preciousness.

Adelle Megan Monroe was born on a rare sunny day on Valentine's Day. The pregnancy had been normal but the birth, not so much. I had been having contractions for a few days. I didn't really worry about it though until my water broke. On February 13th, I was at Abby and Seth's for a family dinner. I was enjoying Abby's lasagna and listening to Liam talk about playing baseball in the Spring when the pain got worse.

"Auntie Ave, did you go tinkle on the floor?" Cullen asked as he leaned over and looked under and behind my chair.

"What?" Honestly, at this stage in the pregnancy, with as huge as I was and how smooshed my bladder was, it was a real possibility. But then the shooting, sharp pains in my lower back let me know that that liquid, probably wasn't tinkle.

"Okay, I think it's time to get someone to the hospital," Abby said with the calmest and coolest voice. Since when did she become the level-headed one? I was usually the one having to calm her down and here she was barking instructions at the guys and helping me up slowly from my chair. Even her husband, who was a doctor, sat stone still with the same scared shitless expression my husband wore. That didn't faze her though. She helped me change into dry clothes, sent Seth to our house to grab my hospital bag and to drop the boys and Ash off at Sue's, then climbed in next to me in the backseat and held my hand through the entire process.

And I do mean the entire process. Scar on one side of me and my big sister on the other, a true representation of what my life had been like for the past decade, as I labored for more than twenty-four hours. Then, just as the sun was setting, our daughter made her way into the world. Obviously it couldn't be that easy, right? Right…apparently she decided that instead of keeping herself in the head-down position, she would flip and put herself in a breech position. Kim tried to turn her but, of course, being my daughter, she had a mind of her own. Butt first, she made her entrance. I prayed that would be the biggest struggle she'd ever had to survive in her life even though I knew that was highly unlikely.

"It's a girl!" Kim said. I couldn't see much down between my legs but I could tell Kim was unwrapping the umbilical cord from the baby's neck. "She's okay, I just need to wake her up."

"She's beautiful, Ave," Abby smiled. "She's got a lot of black hair."

"Can I see her?" I asked, starting to panic and realizing I hadn't heard the normal cries that most babies made or seen the face of the precious little one I'd loved for nine months.

Kim suctioned the baby's mouth and then laid the baby, cord still attached, on my stomach. I don't know what it's like to imprint. Unlike the rest of the girls in my circle, I didn't know what it felt like. I knew what it was like to feel so in love and be connected to someone like I did with Scar, but I didn't know the exact feeling of the imprint. But I was pretty sure, watching Kim rub the baby's back and then hearing her scream out, that this is what an imprint felt like. I was devoted to my daughter. I would protect her and care for her and as long as I lived, she, and any other little Monroes that came along, they would be my gravity, my sun. Baby Adelle was the missing piece of the puzzle, and for some reason, I knew that this little miracle lying on my stomach was the universe's sign that Scar and I belonged together. That feeling only intensified.

After Scar had cut the cord, and I'd managed to breastfeeding our daughter after three attempts and five hours of struggles. It was time for the pack to visit. One by one, the families made their way in, starting with my sisters and nephews.

"Her eyes aren't green like Sunshine's," Liam said, looking at his little cousin as she lay in my lap.

"Nope, she's going to have to settle for brown eyes, I think," Ashley said, then asked to hold the baby. Ashley was now a teenager. She was a good student, but like Abby, it was animals she had a soft spot for and she'd recently started La Push High's first "Save the Grizzlies" campaign to stop the illegal poaching of grizzly bears in the area. She was becoming more free spirited and surer of herself. At 15, she wasn't a little girl anymore. She was definitely growing into a very kind, intelligent, beautiful young lady. "Can I take a picture with you and my niece?" Ashley asked but didn't wait for me to answer as she hopped up next to me on the bed, draped her arm over my shoulder and stuck her phone in front of us to snap a picture. "Awesome," she giggled as her fingers flew over the keys on her cell phone.

"Do I even have to ask?" Seth grumbled.

I rolled my eyes along with Ashley. "Just chill, big brother. She's a teenage girl. She's supposed to be texting boys and having all those warm fuzzy feelings in her stomach."

"It's just Mac, Seth," Ashley said. But that didn't seem to appease Seth at all as he continued to grumble about being a teenage boy once.

After the Clearwaters and Ashley left, Frank, Scar's Dad, met his granddaughter for the first time. I could only imagine the feeling going through him as he looked at Adelle, remembering the times he'd held Megan like he was. "You done good, kids," he said, smiling from ear to ear.

"Thanks, Dad," Scar said. Then, as his Dad started to leave, he turned back suddenly and grabbed Scar, pulling him into a tight hug. It was one of the few times I'd seen him display that type of emotion and I felt tears well in my eyes watching them.

When his Dad left and we'd welcomed a few visitors, things quieted down. I took a short nap while Scar kept hold of Adelle. I woke up slowly but kept my eyes closed, listening to my husband talk to our daughter. "Daddy's got you," he whispered. "Do you know how much I love you? I love you to the moon and back. And I'm always, always going to protect you. You and your Mommy. You see how special Mommy is? She's the greatest woman I've ever known and I love her so much. And we love each other so much that we made you."

"Ooh, gross," a voice said from the door. "The kid's not even a day old and you're already giving her the birds and the bees talk?"

"Nice to see you too, Sebastian," Scar groaned. I decided not to let my husband have all the fun and rolled over in the bed. Sebastian was carrying a pink teddy bear with three pink balloons in his hands.

"Oh, yeah, uh, these are for the baby," he said, shoving them my way. "My Mom said they're from me and Scott."

I sat up and took them from him. "Thanks," I smiled. Poor Sebastian looked about as uncomfortable as you would imagine any teenage boy would be visiting a baby in the hospital.

"So, um, can I see her?" He shoved his hands in his pockets and I had to hold back a chuckle as Scar growled.

"Sure, you can even hold her," I answered. I motioned for him. "Wash your hands and then take a seat," I said, pointing to the seat next to Scar. He followed my directions and put a bit of hand santizer on his hands before he sat down next to Scar, who tightened his grip even more on our daughter. "Scar…" I warned as my husband refused to release his hold on our little girl. It was funny how they both were acting. Scar seemed like he wanted to let Sebastian hold yet and yet not, and Sebastian was the same. He didn't seem really thrilled to want to carry a new born baby, but he was acting like it was something he had to do.

"Fine," he sighed. Adelle squirmed a little as Scar placed her in Sebastian's waiting arms. "I swear to God, if you even so much as look like you might drop her, I will end you, got it?"

I rolled my eyes as Sebastian nodded dutifully, his eyes glued to the sleeping baby. As much as I should've been pissed that Scar was acting like that, it also made me smile. I loved thinking about my husband being so protective of the little angel we'd created and loved. He had been that way throughout my whole pregnancy, always sleeping with a hand protectively laid on my belly. Or the way he would talk to her when he thought I was asleep, always placing the softest of kisses on my stomach as it grew. He took his role as father and protector very seriously and I loved that.

"Wow, she's really light," Sebastian chuckled to himself.

"Yeah, so don't drop her," Scar growled.

Sebastian actually looked pretty content holding the pink bundled baby in his arms. He cooed and made a few random noises, I think trying to lighten the mood. "Hey, she's waking up," he said with a huge grin. Then, Sebastian froze. It was an unnatural type of freezing and the feeling in the air suddenly changed. It alarmed me somewhat and I looked frantically at Scar, but his stunned attention was completely on Sebastian and Adelle. After what felt like at least ten minutes to me, Sebastian snapped his head up to look at Scar, then me, then Scar, then me. "I'm…I…I couldn't help it, I swear. It just happened, I didn't mean for it to!"

"What's he talking about?" I asked, turning to my husband for an explanation. Scar didn't say or do anything. He just stood there looking at Sebastian.

"Oh God," Scar mumbled.

"I couldn't—"

"Would somebody please tell me what the hell is going on?" I asked, this time with a little more gusto. Watching the staring contest was getting old and I was starting to get worried.

"Sebastian, I think you better head out and let me talk to Ava," Scar said.

"But I—"

"I promise you can see her later but right now, I need to talk to my wife," Scar explained to the suddenly terrified teenager. It was all well and good but I was still freaking out a little trying to figure out what the hell was going on.

Sebastian dutifully handed Adelle over to Scar and with a sullen look on his face turned to me. "Sorry, Ava." Then he turned to Scar. "Bye, Ellie. I'll be back later."

"Ellie?" Scar chuckled.

"Adelle's a mouthful, dude," Sebastian said before finally leaving the room.

Almost as soon as the door shut behind him, I could feel myself wanting to hold Adelle, almost needing to, like a momma wolf needing to care for and protect her young. Scar must have sensed it too because without me having to ask, he gently handed the baby to me. I looked down at her, her eyes wide open, her mouth in a small 'o' as she yawned…her eyes wide open…FUCK!

"He imprinted, didn't he?" I shouted.

"Shhh," Scar soothed me. "Scoot over a little," he said and then crawled into the bed next to me. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me to his chest while I cradled our daughter. "This isn't a bad thing."

I was almost positive that my husband had been abducted by aliens without me knowing and replaced him with the imposter in my bed. My husband, the fierce wolf, would not react so calmly to his daughter being taken from us at only hours old. "How can you say that?"

He sighed loudly and kissed my forehead. "You know why I'm not mad?" I shook my head no, not wanting to leave the warmth and comfort of his arms. "Because, even though I didn't imprint on you, fate just told us that we belong together. Our child, part me, part you, was chosen to be another wolf's imprint. Without us being together that would've never been possible. So see? We belong together, you and me and Ellie."

I still huffed a little but I hadn't considered that. Scar having a child with anyone else, imprint or not, wouldn't have created Adelle. We had to be together to be part of the master plan and while I might still be pissed and a little scared by the prospect of my daughter already having her lifelong partner picked for her, I also recognized what the imprint said about our union.

Adelle quickly grew to be the apple of her daddy's eye, as well as her grandfather, and her Uncle Seth who was waiting for the arrival of his own princess. He actually reacted the worst of all the wolves when they found out about the imprint. But after a few talks with Abby and a lot of threats to Sebastian, he warmed to the idea a little.

Life with a baby was different and definitely a lot more complicated but it was also a lot more fun. I didn't take much time off for maternity leave because early on, I could take Adelle, or Ellie as Sebastian and Scar called her, to the office with me. The business, much like the baby, grew faster than I could have imagined. I started out doing small things, parties for the pack, small dinner parties, then that grew to weddings, bar mitzvahs, christenings. But as Adelle and the business grew, I knew I couldn't keep her at the office all day. Luckily for us, Sean, one of Scar's fellow wolves, had imprinted on an awesome daycare owner/coordinator/teacher named Audrey. Audrey had recently opened Toddler Academy. It was more than just a daycare, Audrey made sure she had a good staff, every single one having a degree in education or Early Childhood Development. Her students learned instead of just being babysat. Her being an imprint brought an influx of wolf cubs to her school, including Adelle, Avery, and Magena, AJ and Shanna's little girl. And while, when they were younger, it was mainly just being taken care of, but now the girls were learning words and sign language.

I felt myself thinking about what Ellie might be doing or learning right now as I sat listening to the couple in front of me tell me about their perfect wedding meal. I glanced at the clock before turning to sketching out my ideas for their wedding cake.

"Who is that adorable little cherub in the chef's hat?" the bride asked, pointing to a picture of Adelle behind the counter. Abby bought her a little chef's hat with her name embroidered on it

"That's my daughter, Adelle," I said with a smile. I loved being able to say that. MydaughterIt never got old.

"She's so precious!" the bride squealed. "Oh, Jordan, I can't wait to have babies." I bit my cheek as the groom suddenly looked like he'd seen a ghost. I figured this was probably a discussion they needed to have without their caterer in the room.

We finished up the last of their menu as I glanced at the clock again. It was almost five and I was anxious to get home. "Okay, so I will see you in two weeks to finish up the final preparations and then it's smooth sailing until the big day."

"Thank you! I'm so excited to have you as our caterer!" the bride squealed again as the groom grinned and kissed her forehead.

I waited until I saw they were in their car and safely down the road. "All finished for the day?" my assistant, Jasmine, asked.

"All finished," I answered, closing my book and putting everything away before helping Jasmine with the last of the few dishes and putting the left-over pastries from the display case in the refrigerator.

"Have a good night, Ava," Jasmine said as I locked up the front door.

I got in the car and headed to the familiar building just down the street. It never took long and I was extremely grateful I was only a few blocks away. I parked and walked into the building. I went through the check out process and then through the next set of doors. There she sat, my little ladybug, with a few other kids, listening to one of the teachers read a story. I stood, just watching, for a minute. She was still just as precious to me as she was the first time I held her in my arms.

"Momma!" Adelle caught sight of me as she turned around and ran towards me.

I lifted her up and held her to me. "Hi, Princess!" I kissed her cheeks. "You ready to go home?" She giggled and gave me a sloppy kiss on the cheek while I rocked her back and forth. "Can you tell Ms. Eve bye?" I asked, nodding towards the teacher.

"Bye bye!" Adelle opened her hands and closed them again waving goodbye to her teacher. We got her bag, said goodbye, and made our way to the car, then home.

"You wanna make Daddy a special treat?" I asked the toddler in my arms. I sat the diaper bag down and then brought her into the kitchen with me. She had her own little area of the kitchen, with her rug and her toys that looked like mini mixing bowls and whisks. Luckily, I had put a roast in the slow cooker this morning before work so there wasn't much to do with that. But there was something special I wanted to make for Scar for today.

I set to work while Adelle played on the floor. I knew Scar would be home soon so I had to hurry and get the surprise in the oven and out before he got home. Things had been going well for Scar at Shipo. He loved his job and I loved listening to him talk about the things he was working on, even though I really didn't understand the bike lingo.

I had just pulled the surprise out of the oven when I saw Scar's FJ Cruiser pull into the driveway. While he still had his bike and rode it often, when his Ellie came along, we both decided it would be better to have family friendly cars. I traded in my VW Beetle for a Prius, which I also used as a company car, and Scar bought the FJ. Before our daughter was born, I was pretty sure buying that car was one of the happiest days of his life.

"Daddy!" Adelle yelped as she got off the kitchen floor and ran to the door to greet Scar.

"Ellie!" Scar exclaimed with just as much enthusiasm, scooping her off her feet as she threw her little chubby arms around his neck. "How's my sweet girl today?" Adelle told him about her day, at least that's what I'm assuming she was talking about, since her vocabulary was limited to only a few words. But she seemed to be telling Scar all about it. "Did you see Avie at school? Huh?" Scar bounced her a little and gave her a kiss on the cheek. "Where's Mommy?" He pretended to look around for me while Adelle giggled. "There she is!"

"Hi, Daddy," I grinned. Scar wrapped his other arm around me and pulled me to his chest before lifting my chin to kiss my lips.

"Happy Anniversary, Angel," he whispered.

"Happy Anniversary," I said back. I kissed him again and laid my head on his chest. I closed my eyes and sighed. This was the life, of that I was sure. Of course, as is usual, the beeping of the timer in the kitchen interrupted our moment. "I need to get those. Ellie and I are making a surprise for you." I gave him a quick peck on the lips. "So stay away from the kitchen!"

"Yes, ma'am!" He chuckled as he walked up the stairs.

I could hear Scar getting dressed upstairs and I couldn't help but smile as he hummed. The old Scar, the one that I met years ago, he wouldn't hum. He had changed so much over the years. But you know what? I still love him as much as I did the moment our eyes met on that beach. Deep down, though the rough exterior drifted away when he was with Adelle and me, but there were still some things I knew would never change and I never wanted them to. He was still dark and mysterious but what I wouldn't do for one of those Scar smiles.

I put the last few things on the table and fixed Adelle's plate, cutting up the roast and potatoes and carrots. Once the plates and silverware were set out, I walked up behind Scar and wrapped my arms around him. "Dinner's ready," I said.

Dinner was by far my favorite part of the day. It made me think of all the times my family had gathered around our dining table, eating and sharing our days. The Monroe family was no different. I listened as Scar talked about his new projects and he listened while I talked about whatever event I was catering. When I had bad days, they always seemed to fade away when we sat down together at the dinner table.

"Okay, time for your surprise," I smiled, taking Adelle with me to the kitchen, and handing her the small plate. "Happy Anniversary!" I sat her in Scar's lap with her plate, the little peanut butter cookies with grape jelly in the middle.

"Oh wow," Scar took one of cookies off the plate and then helped Adelle sit it down. "These are Megan's cookies, Ellie. Did you know that? They're Daddy's favorites." He kissed her forehead and then took my hand. "Thank you."

"No problem. You know we love baking for you," I told him as he pulled me down to kiss my lips.

He shook his head and cleared his throat. "No, I love the cookies but I'm saying thank you for loving me so much. I was so lost, Angel, and…"

"You saved me," I finished his sentence. For as much as he thought I saved him, he had saved me too.

"Yes," he smiled into another kiss.

Scar did the dishes while I bathed Adelle and dressed her in footsie pajamas. I pressed my nose to her soft hair and breathed in the baby scent. When I walked back down, Scar had just finished. He flipped the switch for the gas fireplace, creating a nice ambiance, and then sat down next to me on the couch. He wrapped his arms around my shoulder and pulled me closer. "Daddy," Adelle turned in my arms and reached for Scar told hold her small hand.

"Love you, Ellie," he said, kissing it. We sat like that for at least an hour, long after Adelle's big brown eyes were closed and she was fast asleep. "Should we take her to her bed?"

I laughed because I knew full well what he meant by putting our daughter in her bed. "Whatever you say, my dear." He took Adelle from my arms and we made our way upstairs. I kissed our baby's cheek. "I'm going to get ready for bed. Meet me in our room?"

"Oh yes," Scar grinned.

I walked towards our room and shut the door behind me. I figured since it was our anniversary, the shorts and tank top I usually slept in should be replaced by something lacy. I rummaged my lingerie drawer for a black nighty. I stripped quickly and pulled the nighty on, brushed my teeth, let my hair down from the bun it had been in all day, and felt a little sexy. Not a lot but a little. I smiled as I looked at myself and thought about how things had changed.

I knew things with Scar and I weren't the conventional relationship in the pack. I wasn't the imprint that fate had chosen for him but we loved each other. Our love defied all kinds of logic but we made it work because we refused to accept anything less than each other. I knew this was where I belonged, this was what my life was supposed to be. Every day was a new day but as long as I had Scar and Adelle, I would gladly face anything. And as I watched his reflection in the mirror as he walked into the room, I couldn't help but smile again. Oh yes, I would gladly face anything. Yes, sir, anything at all.

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