Fullmetal Shinobi

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Normal speech: "what"

Thoughts/Speech taken out of context: 'what'

Demon/Summon speech: "what"

Demon/Summon thoughts: 'what'

Jutsu: Shadow Clone Jutsu

Chapter One: Introduction to a New Direction

October 10, a day of meaning for every citizen of Konohagakure, the day the Yondaime Hokage defeated the seemingly invincible Kyuubi no Kitsune. As important as this day is, its importance varies for different people.

For most it is a day of mourning those lost during the great battle to subdue the all-powerful creature and to celebrate the costly victory; however for quite a few of the villagers it is a day for 'vengeance' as quite a few of them would put it, and their idea of proper vengeance is hunting down a young child known as the reincarnation of the 'damn demon-fox' and tormenting this poor soul to the extent their own twisted satisfaction.

'Damn it… Enough of this crap, how long do have to live like this.' These were the thoughts of 6-year old Naruto Uzumaki as he ducked through Konoha's backstreets and crowded corridors in an attempt to escape the drunken, bloodthirsty throng of villagers after his blood.

Repeatedly cut off and running out of options the child ran into the woods, collapsing to the forest floor Naruto came to a horrifying conclusion.

He was utterly surrounded.

As the mob inched ever closer with cries of, 'remember the Yondaime,' or 'your time has come demon' Naruto despite his fear of the ever impending doom resigned himself to his fate

'Heh, well… at least I'll have some peace in death,' thought Naruto. Morbidly resigning himself to try and get a few licks in before his inevitable demise Naruto rose to his feet one last show of bravado, "Come and get your asses kicked, Naruto Uzumaki fears no mortal man!"

Brave last words for a dead man walking.


A wagon loaded with metal working supplies was being dragged through the city by a boy no older than 9-years old. A gray haired red-eyed youth was straggling through the crowded streets, people clearing the way for him, as the look on his face showed that he was thin on patience and that those willing to test it would see just how much strength it takes to carry such a load.

"Damn that old bat, how the hell can she expect a little kid to drag all of this bullcrap across the damn city, let alone the whole damn country?" Were the strained groans of young Jushiro Moyomoto as he proceeded along the late night city streets towards the hotel of his current employer.

10 minutes later an exhausted Jushiro collapsed at the foot of the hotel storage facility stirring only at the quaint speech of a very familiar voice.

"Hmm, very good child you really are coming along when it comes to your eye for detail." Jushiro turned his head to be greeted with the vision of a short grey-haired lady with her hair in a bun, bifocals, a pipe, and a midwesten dress. "You may be worth the money I pay you after all."

"Ugh, kiss my ass you old goat, how the hell am I gonna do this all the way across the country?" Jushiro asked with ire in his tone, "I'll be dead before we even get half- way to Resembool… Kami."

"Oh! Well if this little burden is too much then I guess you can never expect to be a blacksmith, a real smithy is used to carrying twice this much daily for wares, a weakling like you should just give up if this pittance is too much." The old lady sneered.

Jushiro rolled on his back to glare at the woman, shouting, "KISS MY ASS PINAKO YOU OLD GNOME!" Narrowing his eyes at the old lady he continued, "I'm a friggin kid, I think it's damn impressive I got this all the way here…" *snort* "…Don't see why you didn't just hire a shinobi team to do this anyway, we are in a hidden village after all." He finished in a mumble.

Slamming a heel on the child's sternum she said, "Bah, lazy-good-for-nothing, kids like you need more drive, more focus." Grinding the foot in his chest she continued, "And if I say you need more seasoning, you need more seasoning; or my name isn't Pinako Rockbell, auto-mail enigineer extraordinaire! Not some runt like you that just wants to be a blacksmith."

"Obaasan, Jushiro, be quiet, it's late, and we all need to get up tomorrow for the trip home. Both of you get to bed" a 9-year old blond girl says walking up to the embattled pair. "Jushiro, you really should know that we don't have the money to afford a squad of shinobi for such a thing, stop antagonizing obaasan, and obaasan let Jushiro up, he is kind of right, carrying all of this stuff is gonna hurt him."

"Gomen Winry-chan," Jushiro said sheepishly, "I guess I'm cranky, but seriously… that is a crapload of supplies." The boy said as he stood up.

"What can I say kids," Pinako said smiling slightly, "I like being prepared."


As the dull thwacking noise of fists and feet smacking flesh along with the cheers of people echoed through the night Naruto found himself slipping in and out of consciousness, pain eventually replaced with a numb feeling of warmth, a tell-tale sign that the end was near.

'Kuso… I'm at the end of my rope… If this doesn't stop soon, I'm a goner, believe it.' Naruto thought just as his world went black.



"Do you desire more power kit?" A dark, low, growling voice ebbed out, echoing in the dark. "The power to save yourself, to rid your being of these bothersome fools?

'Y-yes, yes I must get up, I don't want to die here,' Naruto thought weakly. 'There's too much left to do, I need to become Hokage, I vowed to, I can't die here.'

"Here kit, as fun as it would be to just take control and slay these fools, I find it far more appealing to see how you would handle my power…" The voice chuckled, "Defend yourself child, I expect quite a show from you… Hahahahaha."

The horrid beating continued as the tiny body began to stir. Naruto's rage at the continued efforts of the people took effect quickly. Grabbing a crowding man's foot he launched a punch at the man's kneecap, shattering it on impact. "Ahhhhhh, damn it, damn it to hell, get that demon, don't look at me, he's too dangerous to be left alive, finish him!"

A low growl diverted attention, Naruto, clothes cut to ribbons, blond hair dyed red with blood had risen to his feet with a look of absolute hatred in his eyes, canines bared, whisker marks deepened, people could swear that his aura was glowing in the night.

"You know, I feel pretty good right now," He snarled with a smirk "So how's about you all see what kind of 'demon' I really am neh?" And at that he ran into the crowd damaging anyone he could reach, punching, kicking, biting, grabbing, doing anything, everything he possibly could to cause physical harm to his enemies.

By now people were running in droves, resolve broken, terrified of their prey turned predator. Shouting encouragement to escape, screaming and shouting the forest quickly cleared of any and all assailants, leaving Naruto alone. The now exhausted blond slumped to the ground against a tree, rehashing the current events in his head. When the surge of power came, despite an overwhelming urge to kill, to maim, to rip the people apart, Naruto had made a considerable effort to keep himself from doing just that, because if he had, he would just be proving them all right. It would have proven he was a monster, a demon, that he was less than human, and he wouldn't give those hypocrites the satisfaction


The three travelers were settled into their hotel rooms for the night, Winry and Pinako in one room, Jushiro in the other. The two female travelers were fast asleep, however Jushiro was wide awake reading a small orange book. While the contents of said book were by admittance quite odd, Jushiro defended his habit of reading such strange literature by saying that the things he read could be used in the future when he got the opportunity to put the books findings into practice.

A terrifying feeling of dread set over the red-eyed youth as he sensed a tightly wound power coming from the outskirts of town. It was a think dreadful, unnatural force stirring the aspiring blacksmith from his reading

Wanting to satisfy his curiosity he snatched a hunting knife from his pack and ran downstairs and outside towards the power, "Old-lady Pinako and Winry-chan won't miss me much, hell I'll be back by sunrise."


Adrenaline settling and power ebbing, the child never sensed the sneak attack. A kick to the head coming from the middle of nowhere violently jerked the boy from his reprieve and sent him flying into another tree.

Jerking his head up to see his new enemy, shaking not with fear but now with anger he shouted to the skies, to his foe, to anyone or anything with the ability to hear. "WHY, WHY, WHY-WHY-WHY-WHY-WHY!" He screamed now with tears in his eyes, "WHAT THE HELL IS IT ALL FOR? WHAT DID I DO? WHO DID I HURT? ANSWER ME GODDAMN IT!"

A rather plain looking man with a chunin vest unsheathed a katana and a smug, self-satisfying grin on his face as he strolled to the defiant boy and kneed him in the head, " I don't need to answer you demon," The man said, "You're easy pickings now, you used all of your damn-dirty demon power on those civilians, well now you've got a true shinobi to deal with, time to die demon." Raising the blade above his head to finish the blonde maverick, time seemed to slow down for the boy.

'No, no more, these people want me dead, they damn sure better know… I. WILL. NOT. DIE.' The child darted to the right, arm seemingly serving as a makeshift catapult attempting to dodge the cold steel.

Attempting to follow up on his first slash he lunged toward the boy determined to fini…

He never followed up. At this moment Jushiro, trying to investigate the mysterious power, saw the man swing at a child leaping to get away, in a flash of horror and anger Jushiro ran in and thrusted his knife at the man's neck, piercing his adam's apple.

The chunin had a look of horror and confusion on his face, choking on blood and steel while Jushiro's emotionless ruby eyes showed no remorse. Choking and twitching for a few seconds, in a pool of blood the man went still and silent.

Averting his attention to the small, crawling blonde bundle a few yards away he said, "Hey kid, you can stop now, the guy is dead, very dead, he can't hurt you anymore, it's okay."

As if hearing his savior's words, the boy stopped moving, Jushiro walked towards the boy, all the while noticing things about the situation. Such as the tattered clothes, the raggedy footwear, the awkward angle that he came to rest at, the blood pooling around him. All these things were taken into account and upon reaching the child Jushiro turned around and saw a sight that brought bile to the top of his throat…

The mangled remains of a tiny arm, recently cut from a human body.

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