A/N: I'm going through and fixing and editing this story...nothing major will change throughout, just small things here and there. :)



I could feel the little hairs on the back of my neck stand straight up and goosebumps broke out all up and down my arms. That's when I realized he was nearby. Now whether or not he could see me, I didn't know. All I knew for certain was that he was out there watching, making sure that nobody came in that wasn't supposed to, but more importantly that nobody went out- meaning me.

He didn't trust me enough yet, or so he says, to leave me un-gaurded. He's afraid I'll try to run from him. Which of course is ridiculous, he's a Vampire for the love of all that's holy, and I'm a mere human. Even if I had wanted to run I doubt I would make it past the end of the driveway before he would catch me and bring me right back. But of course, not without severe consequences first.

I stood up straight after grabbing my pajamas and headed towards the bathroom for a shower. Turning the knob in the shower I made sure not to get the water as hot as I normally would, which sucks. Usually I don't even use cold water, I like my showers as hot as humanly possible. Stepping into the tub I move slowly to allow my body time to adjust to what to me feels like a really cold shower, when in reality there's barely any cold water at all.

I step forward into the water a little more and hiss once the water touches my sore, burning bottom. I should hate him for what he does to me, but in reality I can't escape the physical and emotional pull inside me that draws me to him.

I quickly start washing my hair thinking over how in one week my life has taken a complete U-Turn. I had goals and dreams that I have wanted since I was a little girl, and now they've completely vanished. In one week he has altered me completely. Everything revolves around him now. Whether I wanted it to or not. Rinsing out the shampoo I turn the cold water on a little higher and put my bottom under the spray.

It actually feels really good and starts taking out the redness and sting. Today I guess you could say I learned a very valuable lesson- one I will not be forgetting any time soon. Don't fuck with Major Whitlock. My name is Isabella Swan and I've been told I'm the mate of a vampire. But not just any vampire- my mate just happens to be the most feared vampire in our world- the God Of War. Major Jasper Whitlock.