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Ichigo walked through the dark streets of Karakura Town, enjoying the silence that fell upon the small town.

Out of nowhere, a shrill scream peirced the air, making his alert.

"Damn it, another one?" Ichigo muttered, pulling out his shinigami badge.

Soon enough, he was in his shinigami form, running towards the site of the sound. There, he came in contact with a hollow.

"Ugly thing, aren't you?" he smirked, pulling out Zangestsu.

As he got ready to charge towards it, he heard a familiar voice call out ,"Hey, Ichigo!"

He turned his head to see Renji ,"What the hell are you doing here?!"

"What do you mean? I sensed the hollow and I wanted to kill it", Renji replied, taking out his zanpaku-to.

"I'm not fighting with you!" Ichigo shouted, turning his back to the red-headed shinigami.

"Shut up", Renji replied, shunpoing to Ichigo's side ,"I'm going to fight whether you like it or not".

"Whatever", Ichigo sighed ,"Let's just kill this thing so I can go home".

And so, they begin to fight the hollow. Little did they know, this hollow was a quite powerful thing.

As they attempted to slash off one of it's limbs, they would always have to dodge as the hollow slashed back with it's claws.

"And how the hell do we beat this thing?" Ichigo shouted.

I dunno", Renji shrugged ,"I thought you were the one who comes up with the ideas".

"Fine. Then I'll just kill him alone!" Ichigo jumped up, ready to slash the hollow.

His attempt was failed, as the hollow slashed him with it's claws, sending Ichigo falling to the ground.

"Ichigo!" Renji shouted, filling with rage.

His blood now boiling, he charged at the hollow with Zabimaru and killed it with one slash. He jumped down over to Ichigo, who was wounded.

"Ichigo..." he leaned down by him ,"Are you alright?"

"I-I think so..." Ichigo replied, a sign of weakness in his voice.

"You're bleeding..." the red-headed shinigami replied, a worried look in his eyes.

"So?" Ichigo laughed quietly ,"And why are you so damn worried about me all the ssudden?"

"Because... I..." Renji stammered.

Ichigo smirked, getting the hint ,"You don't have to say it".

He sat up, getting closer to him ,"I understand..."

They began to inch closer, their lips a couple of centimeters away, ready to ki-

Byakuya woke up screaming which was comparable to a bear's. he had a night terror about his vice-captain, Renji and the substitiute shinigami, Ichigo.. for the fifth night in a row.

Renji ran into his room ,"Kuchiki-taicho? What is it?"

"N-Nothing..." Byakuyaa replied, flopping back down ,"Just a bad dream..."

"Okay then..." the fukutaicho murmured, returning back to bed.

Byakuya cringed as he replayed the night terror in his head.

"I'm just glad that it didn't actually happen..." he whispered to himself, drifting back to sleep.

Little did he know, two rooms down, Ichigo was asleep in the same bed as Renji.