I portray Kagami as very innocent in this, and maybe even a bit confused sexually. Hence the opening chaptor. Read on, see what happens.

Edit: I'm reposting with some grammatical and typo edits, along with some changes to honorifics, because i think they have an important affect on the story. It's not necessary to reread it all, the story hasn't changed significantly.


Kagami closed her eyes and sighed anxiously, putting her hand on the door knob to the counselor's office. For the life of her, she didn't know what she was doing. Somewhere in her, the compulsion to keep her troubles to herself drove her to bottle up her worries and walk away.

'Things can't go back to normal until I talk about this,' she thought. And that was true, unfortunately. How Konata acted around Kagami hadn't changed, but Kagami couldn't face her the same way she used to. The normal act of teasing and arguing that she used in what seemed like every conversation became strained and forced, and now she just insulted her and left it at that.

That didn't seem too different, but if she did it for much longer Konata might notice something was up. So she had to talk to someone.

And as she pulled open the door with a shy, fake half-smile and a wave, she figured there was no one better to talk to.

"Hiiragi-san, how have you been?" asked Naomi-sensei, with a welcoming smile. She was a woman of her late thirties, her face warm and subtly lined, her eyes still bright. Her black hair was done back into a ponytail that gave her a wise but welcoming look.

"Pretty good, ma'am," Kagami responded, sitting in front of her desk. The office was nice and bright, and though Kagami hadn't visited in a few weeks, she felt somehow secure as ever, or comfortable. A mixture of the bright atmosphere and Naomi-sensei's demeanor left Kagami feeling open and willing to talk about some things that she was too embarrassed to bring up with her parents.

And it wasn't like she was going to talk to her friends about it… That would just be weird.

"So what did you want to talk about today?" she asked, leaning forward expectantly on her desk.

"Well," Kagami began anxiously, staring at the floor but keeping the smile, "there's this really good friend of mine, and I'd rather not use her name if that's okay," Kagami asked, Naomi nodding in agreement though she knew of only one girl who this could be, "and me and my friend have been having some, you know, trouble."

"What do you mean?"

"It's not like we're fighting or anything, but we've kind of had a falling out." Naomi nodded.

"Why do you think that is?" Kagami sighed, knowing this was going to be the difficult part.

"It's because I feel kind of," she paused, searching for the right words, "awkward around her. She doesn't know why, and I think it would be better if she didn't." Naomi nodded again, understanding.

"You know," she half laughed in that friendly way, "if you just talk with your friends about how you feel, you could be more honest with them, and not have to come to me."

"It's not like that," Kagami argued, a little flustered. Though she felt she might be right on that account, this wasn't something she wanted to talk about. "It's really…" As Kagami struggled to find the right word to describe her strange situation, the feeling of anxiety and wrongness overcame her want for reconciliation. "Umm, Naomi-sensei, I don't want to hold you up, and I have class, so I think we should do this later?"

"Hey," Naomi said, "don't be embarrassed. If you want to get it off your chest, here's the place to do it. You can trust me, you know that," she said, reassuring the girl as she fiddled with one of her blue pig tails. She nodded. Naomi was right, and she'd even helped her with a similar problem a few months back.

"Okay," Kagami began, taking a breath and closing her eyes, remembering a few nights back, "I was sleeping over at my friend's house one night, just doing what we normally do, watching anime, talking, you know…"


"I'm gonna go get a drink, okay?"

"Yeah, yeah, grab me something too," Konata said with a wave, clicking up a storm on her computer that, as usual, took so much of her attention. Kagami rolled her eyes in feigned frustration but smiled, walking down into the kitchen.

Kagami knew her way around Konata's house, so for her it wasn't really a problem. She still tried to be polite, but it was like a second home. She had spent many a night there. She grabbed herself a soda, for a second eyeing the caloric content to make sure Konata couldn't tease her about it.

Pleased, she grabbed Konata's favorite drink as well. She walked back upstairs to her room, ignoring the remarkable bookshelf, lined with anime and manga and movies and games and doujins, and going to her side.

"Hey, thanks," she said, taking the offered drink gratefully. As Kagami leaned over her she let out a surprised gasp, jumping back when she looked at the screen. Konata was on some video hosting sight, watching a girl amidst what Kagami could only interpret as the dirtiest of acts.

"Konata!! Wh – what are you…!?" Kagami stammered, arm in front of her eyes. Still, the sounds hit her from over the speakers. She immediately reached to turn off the volume, causing Konata to chuckle disapprovingly.

"Just enjoying a little movie," Konata said in a comedic matter of fact tone, leaning back in the chair, relishing the dark red shade that had taken her friend's face.

"How can you watch something so… dirty?" she scolded, looking away, crossing her arms angrily. Konata shrugged and looked back to the screen, watching silently. Kagami looked over her shoulder, half watching timidly. "Are you enjoying this?"

"Aren't you?" Konata retorted. Kagami couldn't think up a clever response, and oddly found herself excited, turning to watch discreetly. "Don't worry, it's short. It's only," Konata paused, looking for the time, "half an hour long."

"You're not gonna do anything… weird, are you?" Kagami asked, leaning over Konata's chair, face still red, and a look of muted confusion upon her.

"Well that depends," Konata joked, glancing up, "we might find ourselves in the holds of a fit of experimentation, and in which case it would only be appropriate…"

"Seriously, I'm not gonna watch if you get weird," Kagami said angrily, but not turning away anyways. Konata just nodded. The minutes dragged on, and on went the video depicting an act that Kagami had fantasized about shamefully but would never dare experience.

Konata would occasionally make comments and jokes, but Kagami would retort with some insult, causing Konata to fall silent with a smile and laugh. Every so often, something Kagami never could have imagined would happen and she'd gasp, covering her mouth.

At that Konata would make no comment but smile. "What are you smiling about?" Kagami would respond after a minute. "If you give people looks like that they'll think you're a creep," she'd say, trying to cover her own excitement.

But after a while, the video came to an end, and Konata stretched with a yawn. "Damn, I didn't notice the time. I think I'm gonna turn in," she said honestly. Kagami agreed, and lay down with the sleeping bag at the foot of Konata's bed, the lights already turned off.

"G'night, my little tsundere," Konata teased. Kagami just huffed in aggravation, cuddling up like any other night.

But as the hours dragged on, Kagami unable to sleep, she listened to Konata's breathing till she was sure she was asleep. The urge she felt right then was unbearable, a heat in her heart and lower yet that she just couldn't ignore.

She only ever got these feelings maybe once or twice a month, and she never had the self control to ignore it. The guilt and shame had been overpowering at first, but by then she knew it was just a natural urge, so she took some time to herself and took care of it. No problem there.

But she was lying maybe five feet from her best friend… What the Hell should she do?

She ran a hand through her loose hair, trying hard to keep herself calm, to fall asleep, but the images from Konata's video went through her head again and again.

"Okay," she finally whispered to herself, "I'll do it quick."

So, caught up in her own excitement and pleasure, Kagami put all her effort towards staying quiet, but failed. Her quiet gasps and moans filled the room, and as the minutes went by and quickly she climaxed, she hoped to God that Konata wouldn't wake up to see her like that.

Afterwards sleep took her quickly, but the guilt at what she had done with Konata sleeping so close by had claimed her for the days that followed.


Kagami was blushing shamefully and looking away, fiddling still with her hair, which tipped Naomi off to her anxiety. Naomi could understand why she felt so awkward around Konata, then. She had been raised in a very reserved and conservative household; her father ran a shrine.

So she had developed a very innocent and pure self-image, which led to quite a bit of confusion and embarrassment at Konata's overtly sexual humor.

"So," she began, her tone not judgmental, just natural and conversational, "what bothered you more? Watching a porno with your friend or what you did after that?" Kagami kept fidgeting, like she was being put on the spot.

"I think both bothered me equally…" she said quietly, ashamed.

"Well," Naomi began patiently, sitting up in her seat, "there's nothing wrong with curiosity, I've told you that before. I don't think it's okay for a girl your age to watch something like that, because you can take it out of context and think it's okay to go around and make sexual relationships with whoever. But," she added, "you're pretty mature and you know better than that, so I'm not really worried there.

"And with your friend, I don't think she meant anything by it," she began. She also had spoken with Konata from time to time, as she had been sent to work out her 'problems.' Naomi knew Konata had a lot of them, but she didn't seem to want any help. "Sex and porn is just entertainment to her, part of her daily life, obviously. I don't think she was trying to make you uncomfortable, she just wanted to share something she enjoys with you, because to her, that's normal."

"But it's not normal to do, is it?" Kagami asked, still bothered about witnessing such acts with her friend.

"Well, that's really up to you. If you feel alright watching that stuff with her, then whatever, by all means. Just keep it in the context of entertainment, okay?"

Kagami nodded, looking a little more at ease, but not entirely.

"And I'm not going to tell you not to masturbate," Naomi went on, Kagami nearly jumping, face turning a deep shade of red at the word, "but you need to work out some self control."

"I really try, but I couldn't help it," Kagami complained.

"I understand, that's pretty difficult, huh?" Naomi said, trying to ease her anxiety and shame. Kagami nodded, still concerned looking. "It's good that you're okay with doing it on your own, and you know it's natural, but you need to make sure you can keep the urge under control, and not get into even weirder situations with your friend."

"So what do I do?"

"Well, maybe if she tries to do something you think might over excite you, you could say you're not comfortable with it, and suggest something else to do."

"You don't know Konata that well, do you," Kagami laughed, but then fell quiet, cursing her slip of tongue, having mentioned her friend's name. She figured, after a moment, it didn't really matter.

"Okay, then maybe you could excuse yourself, go home, or just go to the bathroom and relieve yourself, if you have to," Naomi suggested. Kagami nodded again, looking a little embarrassed still, but satisfied. Naomi smiled and laid a hand over hers, "Hey, don't worry about it. Stuff happens, and now things will work out between you two. Better you get it off your chest in a healthy way and keep your friendship intact.

"I mean, it's not like you have any feelings for her, right?" Naomi teased. Kagami raised an eyebrow, not understanding the joke.

"Of course I have feelings for her," she said respectfully, "she's my best friend."

Naomi let it go with a nod, knowing she didn't understand what she meant.

"Well anyways, you think you and Izumi-san will be good, now?"

Kagami sighed, and then smiled, agreeing. "Yeah, I guess so. Thanks, Naomi-sensei. I don't think I could've ever told my parents about this…"

"I understand. I'm always here to talk, about, you know, whatever."

As Kagami took her books and a written excuse, she departed with a wave and an honest half-smile. "Don't be a stranger," Naomi said, waving in kind.

As the door closed, Naomi relaxed a little. Kagami's issues weren't unnatural. Her parents didn't talk with her about sex or relationships or anything that would be considered potentially controversial, so it had kind of been up to Naomi to do it for them.

Even at her age of sixteen, she hadn't a clue about any of it, except what Naomi had told her. Naomi wasn't so sure that was a great thing for a girl in the modern day and age.

But Kagami was a good girl, so she didn't mind. She just needed someone to steer her through some weird problems, and everything would turn out alright. Naomi smiled to herself, continuing on with her work for the day.