So it went over through the weekend, as though a veil of rainclouds had separated and from them had sprung Konata, a young and vibrant girl of humor and unending elation. Those few days, Konata's spirits rose to new heights following a series of confessions, first with her father, and then Tsukasa.

Knowing that she had two more people who loved her for whom she was, made her feel like she might really not be a freak, an immoral thing. Maybe, she thought, she was still her old self. Who she always had been.

She walked into school that Monday feeling ready to meet anything. And almost as if to challenge her new outlook, it was Kagami that met her on her walk to the school.

"Morning Konata," she said awkwardly, though it was obvious she had planned their meeting. Konata walked with her wearily, the two silent.

"G'morning Kagami. Wassup?" she asked, trying to keep her voice straight under her anxiety.

"Okay," Kagami began, staring at the ground as the two walked side by side, "I have a lot to say so I might as well just do it. I'm done being an angry jerk for no reason."

Konata was taken aback, but wasn't quick to jump to anymore conclusions. "What do you mean?"

"I mean," Kagami went on, still having difficulty saying it, though this time obviously not out of conflict and anger, "I ruined our friendship because of what my dad wanted me to think, and I'm really sorry, and I don't care, if, you know, you're a lesbian, I want to be with you again…" She blurted this all out in a single breath, blushing deeply, and Konata's heart leapt. She immediately sprung on Kagami, squeezing her tight.

"Oh my lovely tsundere, I knew you'd come around!" she cheered happily. Kagami growled and pried her off again.

"Stop doing that!" she said, her feathers ruffled. She walked a step away from Konata for awhile, and Konata was confused. She thought Kagami had just returned her feelings? "We can be friends again, so don't weird me out anymore."

"Friends?" Konata asked.

"Yeah," Kagami said, giving the shorter girl a curious look.

"I thought you…" Kagami shook her head, embarrassed.

"No, I didn't mean I wanted to be with you like that! I meant I wanted to be your friend again, like before. I'm not a lesbian, but I don't care if you are." Konata nodded solemnly and turned away. Kagami noticed the dread fallen on her again and sighed, feeling guilty. She locked arms with the girl, and walked on for a little longer, a stubborn look on her face. "I was a real jerk to you. I'm sorry for messing everything up. I just want us to be friends again," she explained.

Though she was looking away, Konata recognized Kagami's old attitude, her tsundere ways. She smiled broadly and nodded.

"Okay. Just, no more apologizing. Let's put it behind us?" Kagami nodded in agreement this time, blushing deeply. Konata smiled to know it still made her so shy to act this way with her. Konata took her hand as they walked, and Kagami didn't freak out.

"Your deredere is showing," Konata joked slyly from the corner of her mouth, twisted in her cat grin. Kagami made a frustrated face but did nothing.

"Just enjoy it," Kagami said. "Consider it penitence." Konata could barely keep from laughing.

"I didn't know you were into punishment stuff Kagami! How naughty," she joked.

And as though the whole past month hadn't happened, neither freaked out, just went on with the teasing and joking, friends again.


It was after school that Miyuki and Konata strayed far behind the twins. Things seemed to have gone pretty much back to the way they had been. But Miyuki still noticed the distant look on Konata's face, a look she directed at Kagami.

"You still feel for her, huh?" Miyuki commented. Konata jumped, not noticing she'd zoned out so obviously. She rubbed her head in embarrassment.

"I can't help it," she said. "Even after what happened I can't just abandon my feelings."

"Do you mean you'll keep trying?" Miyuki asked, a little worried.

"No way," Konata said simply, shrugging. "It'd be stupid to jeopardize what we just fixed up. I think it'd be fine just for us to be friends like normal. For us to hang out together and not have to think about all this trouble."

"That'll take a while," Miyuki said honestly. "But it's really great you two are already doing so well." Konata nodded in agreement.

"Yeah…" she said, trailing off. After quite a while, she spoke up, "you know, I feel really selfish and stupid for getting you wrapped up in my trouble."

"Don't," Miyuki said, "I'd happily bail you out of trouble any day." She ruffled Konata's silky blue hair upon saying this, causing the girl to laugh and bat her hand away jokingly.

"I know. So thanks. A lot." Miyuki just nodded. She noticed that Konata still seemed very distant, looking up into the sky as she walked. It was a very beautiful day, but Konata wasn't one to be so unawares.

"It's kind of silly, but I had this big fantasy about me and Kagami," Konata laughed, though Miyuki could tell she took it seriously. "I figured we would be through all the drama by now, going on our first date…"

Miyuki smiled at what a romantic mind the girl had. She admired that of her, a sense of the fantastic. As she walked, she took Konata's hand and walked closer so the two were together as they walked.

"If it isn't too much trouble," Miyuki spoke up, a touch of timidity upon her, "you could always take me out on that first date."

There was quiet as Konata processed this, and then laughed loudly, "that wouldn't fit the fantasy at all!" Miyuki felt a little jolt of disappointment run through her at her rejected advances, but understood. Konata felt very strongly for Kagami, it would be wrong for her to…

"But still, I think it'd be a lot of fun, especially if it were you," Konata said, looking up at the taller girl, who smiled subtly, and put an arm around Konata's shoulder, the two walking down the street to join their two friends, everything back to the way it was always meant to be.

Well… Almost.