Note: What is important to mention about this song is that Sebastian's first verse, originally, is in English. Or, should I say, 'Engrish.' XD; So I fixed it up a bit…

Well, guys, that's it! Until the release of the next musical, "The Most Beautiful DEATH in the World," anyway. XD See ya~!



Song Seven:
On His Way

Sebastian: You want it all but the world won't grant your wish
Your eyes have closed but there is no way but this
Ever since I've come you have been whole
I tell you though, "there's nothing but your goal"
You have got everyone to help you on your way
But you don't know just what way you should choose to pursue
Soon you will find
The ones you love will all have to be left behind
Your innocence will never fare
And you're falling fast, but nobody cares…

Ciel: Sinking slowly into the river Styx
In your arms I'll be, 'til floating in nothingness
And the scars that had bound me in pain
Will be broken—

Sebastian and Ciel: On that day…

Sebastian: Deep in your heart
There's the song of sweet memories falling apart
Listen close, once again, as you coldly forge ahead

Sebastian and Ciel: Until you are/I am dead
No escape, and the enemy's not going to wait
Through the fog, through the haze, you'll/I'll continue on your/my way
Forget yesterday

Sebastian: And who knows what you've gained at the cost of your soul?
But beside you is where I will stay
On this winding azure way

Sebastian and Ciel:On this cruel, eternal way…