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"The Koi Pond – Part I"

By: Gnome Commander

The scowl on Ri Kouyuu's face seemed almost permanent as he stalked the halls of the palace, grumbling about 'too many damned halls in this Gods forsaken palace'. As usual, he was lost among the maze-like palace and had no clue on which turn to take in order to get back to his own rooms. Seiran had showed him a short cut several times, however he never could get it right and he grit his teeth in frustration, turning to look out at the large koi pond in an attempt to discover where the hell he was. In his mind, he retraced his steps to try and figure out where to go…but, he new he'd find his way back eventually.

It was just after dusk and, though the day had been on the warm side, it was quite cold out now. He had been up since just before dawn with the Emperor Shi Ryuuki and they had been going over ideas about the economy, as well as a tax relief proposal for those who were in the poor section of the city. It had been a lot of drafting and researching, as well as discussions with the advisors and a heated argument or two. Kouyuu's head ached like the devil and all he wanted to do now was have a nice, hot cup of tea and curl up in bed. But, of course, he had to get lost…again.

"Kouyuu," A soft tenor voice called in greeting and the blue haired man turned to see his friend, Shuuei. If anything, Kouyuu's scowl deepened as the General approached. "Lost again, are we? Where were you off to now, hm?"

"I'm not lost!" The civil affairs vice-secretary snapped, his slate gray eyes narrowing. "I just stopped to look at the koi pond." He made a vague gesture to the serene body of water, knowing full well that his lie would be seen through by the warrior and the infuriating man would taunt him some more.

"Liar," General Ran Shuuei chuckled vaguely, clapping the slighter man on the shoulder before leaning back against the railing to face the opposite way of his good friend. "Where are you going, hm? I'll give you directions or lead you there, since you can never find anything on your own. Are you looking for the library? Or is it the archives, this time?" He raised a dark brow at his companion.

"Neither," came the glum reply, "…my rooms." Kouyuu winced a little in shame, his cheeks coloring faintly as Shuuei laughed at him. No, the description would be more of a braying donkey, he thought as he watched the dignified General nearly double over from the force. His lip curled faintly in a silent snarl as his anger amplified, his fists slamming down on the railing as he looked to Shuuei. "Damn you, it's not funny!" He shouted angrily, his fists slamming on the delicately carved wood of the railing once more.

Shuuei stopped laughing after a moment, looking at his friend in pity. "Poor Kouyuu, you're so close and yet so far." He turned and pointed across the koi pond, chuckling still. "Walk around the pond and go down the hall, take your second right and your rooms will be in that hall." He smirked a little, pushing off the railing. "Honestly, you're as hopeless as Shouka-sempai and his tea." Shuuei turned, starting off towards his own rooms.

The vice-secretary that he left behind snarled loudly, calling his several names back him and, in the middle of it all, Shuuei heard a rather large cracking sound. The General turned, just in time to see Kouyuu flail his arms and fall backwards into the pond, water splashing upwards as the smaller man made a rough landing in the water. He approached, his eyebrows raised and concern in his features as he looked over the remaining railing at the comical sight of a soaked, shivering man sitting in the knee-deep koi pond.

A harsh growl came from the man in the water and his teeth clattered loudly as he stuttered, "St-stop l-laughing, Sh-Shuuei! It's n-not f-f-funny!" Kouyuu started to get up, only to slip and go splashing back into the frigid waters. It was shortly after the last snows had melted and the ice had dispersed over the pond, but it was still quite cold out and the water was absolutely frigid.

He climbed up onto the wooden pathway, panting as he shivered and rested on the polished wood. His chest felt constricted and his body shook so badly that he didn't know if he could even stand. As it was, it was a long way back to his room; if he didn't get lost again, it would be a five minute walk. If he did…well, it would be very long. The vice-secretary started to stand, his teeth chattering and he leaned against the pole. He tossed a scathing glare at Shuuei, which lost its effects due to his lips being as blue as his now soaking hair, and started for the bridge. Or at least he tried to because that's when his knees gave out.

With lightning quick reflexes, Shuuei's arms were there and he easily lifted his friend up. "You'll never make it back to your room, Kouyuu, without getting lost or catching your cold. Mine is right down the hall and that's where you shall be until you are warm and dry."

"Wh-Whatever," was the stuttered reply and the numbing cold took a little of Kouyuu's mind. He was sopping wet and he knew his body was already starting to go into hypothermia, but he tried to focus on how warm Shuuei's body was and how close he was being held. Never had he felt like this and he knew his friend was interested in one of the servants here, but he still reveled in the feeling of being cared for briefly.

Shuuei's movements were becoming a blur to Kouyuu and he barely managed to help the other man strip his heavy wet robes from his lean body. His numb fingers fumbled with the cloth holding the rest of his hair up and the silky blue tendrils fell out of the bun holder, then he tugged the tied from it. Shuuei gave him one towel to work with as he struggled to move his heavy limbs to dry his own hair, only to have his hands brushed aside when he couldn't properly function. Kouyuu's eyes drooped a little, his body shaking more as the General towel dried his body and hair.

It was several moments later that he was helped into a warm bed and a down comforter was wrapped tightly around his shaking body that Kouyuu allowed his eyes to fully close. He coughed a little, his teeth chattering and he curled up into the fetal position. He focused his mind on getting warm as he rubbed at his arms, a frown creasing his brow and he bit his lip to try and stop his teeth from making that annoying noise. It wasn't until he felt a very warm, very naked body wrap around his from behind that he opened his eyes. "What—?"

"Rub your chest," Sword-roughed hands settled on his lower chest and stomach, "your arms will take care of themselves, Kouyuu." Shuuei's hands moved, chafing his skin and rubbing him to try and restore the circulation. It took mere minutes for the warmth to finally invade his body and Kouyuu's eyes slowly closed once more, taking comfort in the strong body wrapped around his own.