Summary: In the orphanage at Konoha there were two cribs each containing an infant. In the first one, was a boy who was unaware of the demon inside that had been sealed into him. In the second was a boy who in his veins ran the blood of both The Slug and The Snake. These two shall find in each other the power that may in fact change the world.

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Standing up upon the mountain that had the faces of The Four Hokages carved into it was a woman with blonde hair. She looked up at the cloudy sky and then down at the village of her home. Konoha The Hidden Village of The Leaf. She looked at the scene and remembered the tragic events that had happened just recently but felt like a lifetime to her. She turned her head and looked at the carving in stone picture of the former Yondaime, Namikaze Minato. A blow that had shook Konoha to its core at what had happened.

A small cry interrupted her thoughts and she lowered her head and looked down at what she held wrapped in a bundle that she held in her arms. The thing she held was letting out small cries and squirming in her arms as it cried. And its cries where piercing her heart.

How could she have been so foolish to let this happen? How could she, find herself wrapped in the coils of that treacherous backstabber who used her? She should have known better but after all that has happened in her life she didn't care, she just didn't care and allowed him to do what he would with her. After losing her brother and her love she could not bring herself to resist him.

A vision of a tall black haired man with ghost like skin and golden snake eyes appeared in her mind. As always he had that arrogant smirk on his face. Which seemed to be even more arrogant after he had taken her. She looked down at the bundle and saw the short black hair he had. His skin was not as pale and ghastly but she knew what she saw when she looked down who the father was. Faintly she could see the amber eyes that the babe had much like her own.

She had not meant for this to happen. She hadn't wanted any of this. Discovering what had happened to her as he had planted his seeds in her. For nine months she carried a second life in her belly. None in Konoha knew what had happened; she couldn't bring herself to tell anyone what had happened. She even used a genjutsu to cover her belly that grew with each month. But he knew, she could tell whenever she saw or thought she saw him that he knew what she carried. And although she prided herself on her strength he was one of the few people who could intimidate and terrify her. He said nothing but his eyes told her everything she needed to know.

On October Tenth was the day she gave birth, ironically enough or perhaps fittingly enough that was the day that tragedy happened. The death of The Yondaime and the appearance of the Nine Tailed Fox who seemed bent on the destruction of the Leaf. She had been prepared to go out and help her teammate and the Yondaime stop him but then her water broke and she knew that it was coming. Having helped people deliver before in the hospital and as a medic nin, she coached herself through it and soon enough the bundle that she held in her arms was born.

That was a week ago…

She looked down at the infant, her…son. The father was gone, having vanished the day after the tragedy. She didn't know where he was but she hoped it was at the bottom of the depths of hell. She still hadn't told anyone about this child keeping him a secret, how would they react to this infant who had the blood of two Sannin in his veins? She herself didn't know what to do. A lone tear appeared in her eye and went down her cheek as she clutched the infant. Fear had gripped her heart. She didn't want this child and a part of her hated it for fear that he would turn into the same thing his father was.

She looked at the cliff and looked down below at how high she was. She started to move forward to the edge of it and a part of her couldn't believe that she was trying to do something like this. She looked down again; no one could survive a fall this high onto the ground below. She felt her arms starting to shake. The infant in her arms was starting to squirm again and cry.

She suddenly found herself hoisting the infant over her head. This was it; she was going to end it. She found her breath picking hard and becoming harder and harder to breathe as her chest was raising and falling with each breath. Above her, it started to rain drenching her and the bundle she held overhead.

The infant let out a cry as it was squirming in her arms unaware of the peril it was in. She looked down at the ground and then slowly she raised her head upwards and at the child. Lightning cracked above her as the infant continued to cry.

And its cries where reaching her heart as tears of her own fell out of her eyes…

She collapsed and fell to her knees and embraced the child as she held it against her chest. The hood that covered its head coming off revealing his features. She couldn't do it, she couldn't bring herself to do such an act. She couldn't bring herself to kill her own son, even if a part of her did hate him and his father. Tears fell out of her eyes as she cradled the child in her arms as the rain soaked her and the infant to the bone.

She stood up on her feet and wiped away the tears that were on the child's face. She felt a presence behind her and turned around and saw an old man. A look of sadness was on his own face as he walked towards her. He looked at the child and genuinely pity was in his eyes. She looked at her sensei as if anyone knew the truth about the boy, he would know.

"I…I can't stay here, you know that." She said and he nodded.

"Will you take him with you?" He asked her and she shook her head.

"No…" And it sounded like her voice was devoid of emotion though he could sense the pain she had. "I can't take him, not now. He, he will have to stay here."

"But you are his-"He started to say but got cut off.

"This child, will be better here with you than it will with me. Someday, I don't know when to be sure, but I will come back." She said and he knew that there was no point in arguing with her. "Protect him, but do not let him know who I am or who his father is. Better for him to live a life of ignorance than to be burdened with the painful truth."

He had wanted to argue with the woman, to tell her that she couldn't just abandon her own child like this, but he find himself unable to say a word as he saw her turn around.

"I…I will put him in the orphanage. Farewell, Sensei." She said and then left.

Sarutobi watched her go and slowly a tear fell out of his eye.

The blond woman walked up to the orphanage of Konoha. The rain was still going on as she entered the building. There was no one inside the building as she saw no one. She slowly walked around and saw the room where the youngest slept. She entered the room and saw the cribs. Most were occupied but she saw an empty one at the end. With heavy footsteps she walked to the end of the room and looked inside it. She looked down at the infant and pulled him up to her and gently kissed him on the forehead.

"Goodbye…Hanbei." Tsunade said to her son and placed him in the crib. She gave one last look at the child and slowly turned around and exited the room.

In the crib next to the one she put Hanbei in was an infant that was born on the same day he was. He had blonde hair and blue eyes. And on his face was six whisker like markings. The child was known as Naruto Uzumaki, in truth the son of The Yondaime who had sealed away The Kyuubi into him at the cast of his own life. The infants slept next to one another at the moment unaware of the other.

The two boys slept in their separate crib unaware of the strange world that they were in or of what would happen to them. One the vessel of the nine tailed fox who would no doubt be shunned and hated for being a Jinchuurki, the other the son of two of the most powerful ninjas in the world who had been abandoned.

No one knows what will happen to both boys for their future ahead. Trials that will be ahead as each will find himself in as the secrets of their past are for now a mystery to them. Each unaware of what they have. But maybe, just maybe with a little bit of luck and skill and given a chance by those who would overlook them.

Naruto and Hanbei might be the ones who will change the world.

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