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"OWWW!" The voice cried out and the figure grasped his hand as it felt like his knuckles had been broken. He winced in pain and looked at the steel sheet before him that he had struck against. "What the hell did you make me punch it for?!" Naruto shouted at Jiraiya who had a smirk on his face as he examined the metal which had little damage on it.

"To see just how much work we need to do if you want a chance to beat Kimimaro Kaguya Gaki." He responded to him. "Judging by the look of it, we've got a lot of work to do this month. Here," He said and tossed him an ice pack which Naruto pressed against his bloody knuckles. "Yeah, a lot of work." Jiraiya said in a amused tone.

He had set it up and had ordered Naruto to punch it as strong as he could. Naruto had drawn back and slug at it and going by the results he had lost.

"Why the hell did I have to do that?" Naruto said wincing in pain as he looked at the Steel sheet. If he had known that this was going to be the result of it, he wouldn't have punched it so eagerly.

"Simple, we need to increase your strength if you want to beat the Kaguya. They have the special ability to strengthen and harden their bones and make them as strong as steel aside from using them as weapons. If you had hit Kimimaro now you would've suffered the same effects as you just did. Everyday after we're done training, I want you to strike this with all your might. By the time you manage to break through it, that's when you will be able to have a chance at beating him." Jiraiya said to his pupil. "Frankly kid I'm disappointed, I was already capable of breaking this in my sleep when I was your age." He told him. "If you can't manage to get past The Kaguya's defenses you don't have a chance at beating them. Your strength, speed, endurance, we're going to have a lot to work on." He told Naruto. "If you can't do that you might as well drop out as this will just be wasting my time then."

Naruto rubbed his injured hand and back at the steel plate he had slugged. Knowing that that was his goal as he had to get strong enough to be able to beat Kimimaro who would kill and run him through in an instant if he made a wrong move whenever they fought.

"C'mon Gaki, let's go. We've got lots of stuff to do and not a whole lot of time to do it." Jiraiya said to him and Naruto followed after him.


The pale man sat quietly in the room by himself. The golden eyed man's thoughts on upcoming events in the next month as a dark smile graced his lips.

"Kabuto." He commanded and The Silver haired spy stepped into the room and kneeled before him. "Everything has been setup correct? No mistakes or leaks have been made." He said to him.

"Correct Orochimaru-sama, we have formulated the plans and course of action for when we spring the attack as you ordered. Also, I have received word." He said and paused for a moment. "Jiraiya has been spotted, he's in Konoha."

"Oh?" Orochimaru said with a hint of surprise in his voice. "My old companion is here?"

"Yes sir, it is said that he is training Naruto Uzumaki for the next month."

Orochimaru let out a low laugh of amusement. "How interesting, Jiraiya looking to catch lightning in a bottle twice in a row eh? Trying to turn the Kyuubi vessel into the next Yellow Flash are you? Your more foolish than I thought if you are." He mused to himself. "Your efforts will be for naught, not even you can save Konoha from the coming storm in its path. I can only imagine the look on your face when Kimimaro skewers and strikes him down." He said and cackled darkly. "As well as when your beloved sensei dies by my hand and all you love and cherish is destroyed before your very eyes."

Kabuto looked up at him. "Sir, what about the boy? Hanbei?"

"I told you, Kikkawa will deal with him." Orochimaru said to him hiding his annoyance.

"But Orochimaru-sama," Kabuto dared to say. "I feel something about him. Something similar to you in fact." He said as he had stopped himself from killing him when he had the chance because of what he felt coming from him.

"Really?" Orochimaru said turning to look and regard him. "This boy matters nothing to me. All that matters is obtaining The Sharingan from Sasuke. That is my only priority at the moment. Everything else is meaningless'." He said coldly. "This Hanbei boy is just like Dosu, Zaku, and Kin, easily replaceable and only fit for one purpose and that is to fulfill my goals. I'm sure he can be manipulated for my goals but other than that, he is a just a cog that has no value."

"Understood Orochimaru-sama." Kabuto replied.

"Go…" Orochimaru ordered and he bowed his head.

As he left Kabuto heard a sound coming from a room and turned his head and saw Kimimaro standing amongst dozens of training dummies with a bone sword sticking out of his arm.

And all of the dummies had been beheaded…

The next day.

Sasuke was with Kakashi the two doing their training alone, they were at an area no one knew about as Kakashi had taken him here. They had been at it for hours not taking a break as Sasuke was preparing himself for his fight against Gaara in the exams.

"Faster, Faster!" Kakashi ordered at him and The Uchiha did hand symbols and fired multiple fireballs each hitting their target. "Again!" He commanded and Sasuke repeated the technique. "One more!" He shouted and Sasuke did it a third time but the fireballs were noticeably smaller. Sasuke panted as he wiped sweat off his brow having been using large amounts of chakra and energy. "Hmm, I guess even you have your limits." Kakashi said to him and Sasuke raised his head up and frowned at him. "Your going to need a lot more energy than that if your going to win against Gaara. A lot more." Kakashi said to him. "If your element was Water you would have a greater shot against him, however since it isn't we have double the amount of work to do for the upcoming month. Gaara is very dangerous Sasuke, he doesn't even need to move in order to defeat you."

"What kind of ninja is that?" Sasuke said looking on at him.

"A dangerous one, especially for a Genin and his age. Gaara, his special ability comes from Sand. That's where his strength comes from, hence the gourd on his back. It is said that the Sand can protect him from any attack or jutsu aimed at him. So you have an uphill battle facing him. None of your moves, not even your family's Jutsus could get past his defenses if you fought him." He said and Sasuke scowled at him. "There is one possibility though, one way I'm certain that you can defeat and get past his defenses and wound him. However for now speed is needed against him as his sand will grab you and immoblize and crush you if you are not fast enough. Once we have done that, then I shall teach you."

"Teach me what?" Sasuke asked and faintly a hint of a smile was in Kakashi's eye.

"The Chidori…" He said to him and Sasuke looked intrigued at that. "C'mon, let's head back to the village for know. There's some stuff we need to get before our next exercises." He said and walked away and Sasuke followed after him.

As they walked and headed into town Kakashi's ears suddenly detected the sound of music being played. A soft melodic tune. He turned his head and saw a man nearby against a tree, he was in a seated position and was playing before him a long seven stringed instrument. His hands and nails ran across the instrument as he played on it. Kakashi looked on at him and stepped forward analyzing him as he had never seen him around here before.

The man was silent as he played on The Gugin, the name of the instrument, he ran his fingers across it and played soft tunes on it, moving his hands on it and timing it to the beat of the wind.

As the man played on the gugin Kakashi couldn't help but look on at the man with suspicion in his eye as something seemed off about him. As if he was hiding something. But he couldn't see or sense any weaponry or objects on him. But the feeling of uncertainly about him remained. Tossing a ryo at him he went and joined back up at Sasuke who was watching on a bit confused and the two headed back into Konoha.

The man began to play at a faster pace after they left and reaching down with one hand picked up the coin Kakashi had tossed at him. Playing with one hand he then threw it up into the sky and going faster channeled his chakra into it.

As the Ryo fell down it was suddenly split in two, having been cut in half.

Kikkawa allowed a smile to form as he then ran his nails fast across it and a nearby tree had a sharp cut on it, going through the wood and bark easily as if a great axe had hacked into it.

"Soon, very soon." He muttered to himself as he continued to play.


Sakura looked on at the book before her. It was a medical book and the pink haired girl looked over and read it as it showed diagrams and analysis of the body. Sakura studied it over with keen eyes not missing a word or a picture.

She had chosen this, she had decided to become a Medic. She wanted to become a Medic so she could help out Sasuke and Naruto. Help heal their injuries and wounds. That way she would no longer be a burden to those around her. That was a label she was looking to discard.

Jun Seiko was way beyond her when it came to Medical Arts and she needed to study and learn fast if she ever wanted to be equal with The Medic of Team 9. She didn't want to get lax and lazy during this time while Naruto and Sasuke were training for their matches. She had to get better, and prove she deserved to stand beside them.

She suddenly heard footsteps and lifted her head and saw to her surprise her opponent at the Preliminaries Kin Tsuchi. She let out a gasp of surprise seeing her not expecting to see her again.

The long haired girl was with her teammates Dosu and Zaku and she glared at Sakura as their eyes met the two remembering their fight that ended with both of them being knocked out at the same time. Kin had fought ferociously in that battle, snapping and attacking her. Sakura had barely managed to knock her off her and fight her to a draw.

The two stared hard at each other as unlike before Sakura didn't back down from it. Standing her ground as the two stared at one another each remembering their fight that could've gone either way.

Dosu looking on reached up and stroked Kin's shoulder and she turned to looked at the bandaged covered ninja reading the look in his eye. Letting out a soft noise she turned and walked away and her teammates followed after her.

Sakura watched the Sound Ninjas leave and let out a slow sigh of relief once they were out of viewing distance. She resumed reading her book as she continued studying and learning about being a medic.


"Sensei, are we ready to begin?" The black haired boy ask his teacher.

Kojiro Oda looked on at his student who stood before him as the two were at a training ground. It was just the two of them as Hanbei would be learning under him this month. Jun would be learning from her father in preparation for her match against Neji Hyuga during this time. Motochika was still in the hospital via Doctor's Orders until his wound he had suffered from fighting Kimimaro had fully healed. Hanbei would be facing off against The Sound Nin Dosu Kinuta.

"Hanbei, your opponent you'll be facing in the next match specializes in Short Distance. To defeat him, you must prevent him from using his special ability of his. To do that you should learn multiple long range attacks during this time period to prevent him from getting close to you." Kojiro said to him.

"And when he gets close to me, what then?" Hanbei asked.

"Than you shall need to get out of there as fast as possible before he can use it." Kojiro replied to him.

"Make it sound easier than it is." Hanbei answered back to him and Kojiro looked at his student.

Hanbei had the potential to be a great Ninja, but right now it was raw and unformed. Like a piece of clay. He needed to mold it and channel his energy and chakra and tap into that Potential if he was going to be. Hanbei easily learned Jutsus and was innovative for a boy his age. Knowing what worked and what didn't, easily casting a B Class Jutsu on his first try.

But the fact that he had that Cursed Seal unsettled Kojiro, that accursed marking on him would only bring out the worst. He was about to kill his opponent at the Preliminaries and would've as he had a mad look in his eyes as he was about to snap his neck and if he hadn't given up would've done so without hesitating by the way it looked. He had put the restraining seal on him, to suppress it and resist its influence. But it only lasted so long as Hanbei could ignore the urge to use it as he had heard about such malevolent seals. Said they would whisper into their target's ear and tell them to use it. To let it flow throughout their body and corrupt them. Anko Mitarashi had one, and despite the best efforts to remove it, the seal still remained on her body due to Orochimaru sinking his fangs into her. And now he had gone and done it to his student as well.

"Hanbei it's time for you to learn your element." Kojiro said to him and he did hand symbols and a Chinese Checkers board appeared and on it was a circle with tiles and four different colored Kanji. One Yellow, One Green, One Blue, One Red.

"Earth, Wind, Water, Fire." He said to Hanbei. "These are the main elements that are used. A ninja can specialize in one area stronger than the others, it is important that he learns it so he can know what he can do and what he cannot. A Fire Element user cannot channel Water easily and neither can an Earth user with Wind as all four contrast each other. Water douses fire, earth smothers water, wind blows away earth, and fire scorches wind. This Element Board can show you which one you can do."

"How do I learn which one is best for me?" Hanbei asked him.

"Place your hands on it and channel your chakra into it. Send your chakra into it and you will learn which one is best for you." Kojiro explained to him as it was a way for a ninja to learn his element, mostly after two years of being a Genin or if they had reached The Chunin level in that time they would discover their element that best suited them. Kojiro had decided it was time for Hanbei to learn his element. That way he wouldn't be tempted to use The Seal.

Hanbei looked on it and placed his hands firmly on it. Concentrating he began to channel and send his chakra into it. A bead of sweat appeared on his brow as he focused on it.

Slowly the tiles on it began to glow as his chakra poured into it. Kojiro looked on as it was happening. He watched as some began to glow brighter than others. It continued on for several minutes and soon one was brighter than the rest.

"Fire," He said as the one representing Fire glowed the brightest. "Your element is fire, that is the element that you will specialize in Hanbei." He explained to him. "And Wind is your weakest element as well as you will struggle to use it. Fire is the one most suitably for you."

"Like Sasuke uses." Hanbei murmured as Sasuke also used Fire jutsus as well.

"Hey!" A voice said and they turned and saw Naruto walking forward. "What's with the light show? I could see those glowing lights all the way back where I was at." He said as he stepped forward. The blonde had been taking a light break from his training when he had spotted what was happening.

"I learned my element Naruto." Hanbei said to him and Naruto's eyes widened a bit.

"Whoa cool!" He exclaimed and looked at the board eagerness in his eyes. "Let me find out what my element is!" He said wanting to learn his as well. "I wanna know what I can do best as well!"

"Fine," Kojiro said to him knowing he wouldn't go away until he learned what it was. "Place your hands on it and send your chakra into it. Let's see what your element shall be."

Naruto got in a squatted position and placed his hands and sent his chakra into it. Like before with Hanbei it began to glow. Naruto focused as he sent his chakra into it and the Element Board glowed bright and soon his Element was revealed.

"Wind, your element is wind." Kojiro said as that side of it was glowing the brightest. "And Fire is your weakest element also." He mentioned as that side of it was barely glowing. "Hanbei's is fire and Naruto yours is wind. That means you two contrast and oppose each other."

"What do you mean?" Naruto asked.

"Fire and Wind mixed together will create a terrible path of destruction. When you add Earth to Water you can grow life but Fire can take out all of the air from wind leaving nothing to breathe in and Wind can cause a simple campfire to turn into an inferno which will scorch and burn all around it."

"Ah, that's a load of junk." Naruto said with a frown. "We're pals and we'll never be like that." He said to him not believing a word he said.

"If you say so." Kojiro replied. "Hanbei come along, we have a lot of work to do. There is much for us to do to prepare for the upcoming month." He said and turned and went in a different direction.

"See you Naruto." Hanbei said and went to follow his sensei.

Naruto watched them go and spotted Hanbei reaching up towards his neck, where that damn seal on it was at. He watched with a frown wondering if it would ever stop putting him in pain.

Later that day…

"Ahhh! Man that hurts!" Naruto said later on that day clutching his bruised and damaged knuckles as he had punched the metal sheet again, with the same result. He winced as he put ice on them to help dull the pain.

"Hmm, I see a little bit of a dent. Your improving, by the end of the month you should be able to break through it." Jiraiya said examining it as there was a small but noticeable dent in it where Naruto's fist had struck through it.

"Sure, and then I can fight with one hand in a cast by that time." Naruto said dryly and Jiraiya smirked as they had finished training. "When am I going to start learning about my element? I need to start using and learning Wind Jutsus as well."

"Easy brat, one thing at a time. You can't rush these things." Jiraiya said to him and Naruto frowned.

"I want to get strong and win at the exams, and also find that creep who hurt my friends in The Forest." Naruto muttered.

"Yes your friends, especially your friend Hanbei right?" Jiraiya said to him. "That thing on his neck will be a long burden to him. He's lucky it didn't kill him." He said and Naruto's eyes widened a bit surprised

"That creep put that seal on him and it's been affecting him ever since then." Naruto said with a frown. "I'd like to get my hands on him and wring his neck for what he's done." He said remembering what he did.

"His name is Orochimaru," Jiraiya said to him surprising Naruto that he knew who he was.

"Orochimaru? You know his name?" He said to him.

"Yes, that's a name I know very well. He was once my brother and Sarutobi's student." He said solemnly to him.

"What?" Naruto said in disbelief at what he heard. Not believing the words he just heard. The person who had attacked them and put that seal on Hanbei was once Sarutobi's student?

"Long before your parents, me and Orochimaru were on a team with Sarutobi along with our teammate Tsunade. We were the finest of our generation of Ninjas as we became known as The Legendary Sannin throughout the ninja world. Around the time you were born, Orochimaru was a shoe in for the title of Hokage. But during the years and the wars that we fought something inside him snapped, something that drove him mad." He said shaking his head recalling his descent into the person he was today. "Nii-san's life is a sad story." He said shaking his head and Naruto looked at him surprised he called him that. "Yes, we were once as close as brothers and we called each other that, before the battle with Hanzo," Jiraiya said bitterly. "Before he went mad and became obsessed with immortality. Sarutobi discovering what he had done over the years with his experiments and attempts to resurrect the dead caused him to flee Konoha around the time you were born."

"It's a pity Sarutobi didn't kill him when he found him out or he didn't die in the wars." Naruto said in disgust not believing such a man could come from Konoha. Jiraiya turned his head to look at him.

"Pity?" He repeated. "It was pity that made Sarutobi take him in and trained him, hoping to make the orphaned boy into a legend. There are those everyday who die that don't deserve too, and there are those who live who shouldn't. Can you decide who is worthy of life and death?" Jiraiya asked him and Naruto didn't respond. "Don't be so quick to play Executioner Naruto, not even The Great Sages of old can see what others shall do or the paths they shall take. My Heart tells me that Orochimaru has a large part to play before his end, a part that not even he himself will see coming or be able to predict."

Naruto sat beside him. "I…I wish that hadn't happened. That Hanbei hadn't gotten infected, and that Sasuke hadn't lost his family due to Itachi." He said silently.

Jiraiya put a comforting hand on his shoulder and smiled at him. "So do all who live to see dark times, but what matters most is your friendship. Your friendship with him and others, not any Jutsu you learn or any rank you receive even Hokage will be what keeps him by your side and prevent him from going down a dark path. So long as you are there to stand beside him and never falter no matter what happens like I had done when Orochimaru needed me the most, your friendship shall always endure."

Naruto looked up at Jiraiya and smiled nodding at him.

Hanbei meanwhile was busy with his training, still continuing on despite the fact that the sun had set. He did a fast series of moves as Kojiro watched on, looking on at his student who performed a Jutsu and sent a stream of fire hitting a target. Kojiro looked on as he noticed the sweat pouring down his face as well as the panting of his voice but he still went on going on beyond his limits.

"Go…" He ordered Awa the monkey summon who hooted and leapt into the area and began running around the field.

Hanbei pulled out multiple kunai and shuriken and threw them at the summon who dodged them as he threw numerous weapons at him and the monkey dodged them using his speed as that was part of the exercise and training with his aim and dexterity.

Hanbei grunted as he threw them at Awa but none of them hit as the monkey was too fast for them.

"Keep this up and you won't stand a chance against your opponent." Kojiro said to him looking on. Hanbei gritted his teeth as he threw more and more of them at Awa but was unable to land a hit. Scowling despite his depleted chakra he then prepared to cast a Jutsu.

Slowly the markings from the seal started to spread.

Awa was running when suddenly a barrier of flame appeared in front of him. The monkey let out a surprised yelp and turned to run back the other direction, he didn't get anywhere as a second one appeared before him leaving him with nowhere to run.

Hanbei seeing a chance prepared to hit him with a powerful jutsu as his eyes turned a dark red. Casting it he fired it at Awa who had no place to run.

Before it the terrified summon Kojiro appeared and deflected the attack much to Hanbei's surprise. He deflected the attack and sent it away with no damage on him. The barriers around him disappeared and he saw his student collapse to his knees having pushed himself over his limits.

"Your dismissed." He said sending Awa back to his home. "Hanbei, go home we're done." He said to him.

Hanbei raised his head up to look at him. "But I can still-" He started to say but than began coughing badly and threw up as he had over extorted himself with his training.

"I said we're done for today. Get your rest and we'll continue tomorrow." He said to him who grunted wobbly standing up.

Hanbei despite his protests turned and walked away heading back home.

Kojiro watched on as he looked at his student, watching him.


"What?" The Blond woman shouted in anger. "What do you mean we can't get to The Elemental Nations?!" She said fury in her eyes.

"I'm sorry Ma'am but the storm is too fierce. No ship, not even a Class A Warship could get out on it without sinking or being overturned by it, not even the sturdiest ship would last on there as a Hurricane is brewing." The Harbormaster said to her as it was storming and the wind was picking up and it looked like a Hurricane like he said was coming. A big one in fact.

"I'll pay you a fortune if you take us out there, I have to get to Konoha!" She said to him.

"Tsunade?" Her apprentice said to her as she hadn't seen it act like this, not in many years. As she was moving with purpose and a goal as they had left and she had told her they were going back to The Elemental Nations and to Konoha. But they were on another continent and needed a Ship but luck wasn't on their side as a terrible storm had broken out and it was down pouring soaking everything and sailors were doing their best to cover up their ships.

"No Ma'am, I won't risk my ship and the lives of my crew no matter how much you pay me. Going out there would be suicide. It doesn't matter to me if you was The Empress of the entire World." He said to her. "Whenever the storm clears up which by the looks of it might be days from now before the waters are safe to go on, I shall let you know when the first vessel shall head to the Elemental Nations." He told her and walked away.

"Damn it!" Tsunade cursed in anger while Shizune looked on not understanding. The woman stepped out of the room and she followed after her. By the look in her eyes, it looked like she was thinking about going out and swimming back to The Elemental Nations herself.

"Tsunade-sama I don't understand," Shizune said looking on at her. "What's so important about going back to Konoha? We haven't been there in over a dozen years, why now are we going back?" She said and Tsunade didn't respond as she looked out to the sea. "You said when we left that we would likely never return to The Leaf. Why are we going back? It doesn't make any sense." Shizune said as she had never seen her sensei acting in such a fast pace before. Moving with action and purpose that had not been seen in many years.

Tsunade didn't respond as she looked on at the raging sea that delayed her from the reunion that she so desperately wanted.

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