This was written back in September, over Labor Day weekend. I can not sleep alone anymore. It's bad. When my roommates aren't sleeping in the room, and I am, I sleep with the lights on.

Disclaimer: I own nothing, except the hate sleeping alone thing. I would go find a guy friend and camp out on his floor for the night when it happens, but that would kinda weird, so I don't.

Spock wasn't sure when it first happened. He was settling down for a night of quiet meditation when the Captain knocked on his door. He held a blanket and a pillow as he grinned nervously at Spock. His grin wavered when he saw Spock's expression and completely disappeared when he explained that he never slept alone, not since he was small, and his new Captain's quarters were so big and empty and lonely. The half-gone grin was replaced by something raw and pleading when the he held up his pillow and blanket and asked if he could spend the night. He was on the verge of begging when Spock nodded and moved to let him in.

Spock knew his Captain was a remarkably social creature, even for a human. Logically, it made sense that he needed other people around him most of the time. But the question Spock pondered night after night during his meditation sessions was why him? Even more baffling was why the swaggering and confident Kirk never made any attempts to use the mostly unused bed in Spock's "bedroom", but instead slept on the couch? Spock had experienced first hand how uncomfortable that couch was when he embarrassingly fell asleep on it. It was only when he saw the Captain rubbing his lower back in the mornings though, when he thought that Spock wasn't looking that Spock finally insisted the Captain use the bed that Spock never used. When the Captain protested that he could never use Spock's bed, Spock coldly told him the only other option was to use the quarters assigned to him. He also pointed out that it was the most logical arrangement, seeing as how he normally meditated instead of slept and Kirk was only discomforting himself by sleeping on the couch. The next night found Kirk curled up in his First's bed.

After a month of this, Kirk's pillow and blanket became part of the bed, instead of going back to the Captain's Quarters with their owner on a daily basis. This new familiarity should have scared Spock, seeing as how not even Uhura had spent the night with him, and now his Captain- a man he still barely knew- slept every night in his bed. But, listening to the sounds his Captain made, those little contented sounds, and seeing the vast improvement it had on the Captain- well, Spock figured that it was worth a few interrupted mediation sessions.

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