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Both Artie and Claudia started at the opening in disbelief. The goo had rendered unimaginable powers inert with ease, but this small opening had survived it. In fact it seemed to be growing even faster.

"Well I'm out of ideas." Claudia sighed.

"Good thing I'm in charge then hmm?" Artie retorted. "Watch it, make sure nothing comes through. I'll be right back." He quickly ran in the direction of his office.

"Make sure what doesn't come through? Artie? What is going to come out of this thing!" Claudia called after him futilely.

"Great. This is definitely going to end well. What's the one rule of sci-fi horror movies? Never get left alone with the inter-dimensional portal. Stupid stupid stupid."

She froze as she noticed something moving out of the corner of her eye. That would have been frightening enough by itself considering that the warehouse currently housed only two people, and the other one had just run off in the opposite direction.

No, what made this movement more frightening was that it came from the other side of the midair opening.

Despite every instinct screaming to put as much space between her and whatever was on the other side as fast as possible, she inched closer.

Artie had told her to keep anything from coming out, and that's what she was going to do. A creature from another dimension, or whatever the magic hole led, was probably not going to be very friendly, and if it escaped into the warehouse, it would be almost impossible to catch. It would be like Where's Waldo in a room the size of a small country and if you didn't find the striped bastard fast enough he ate you. Or something.

She was within arms reach of the portal when a shadow darted across it. Stifling a yelp she grabbed the nearest artifact, however it was doubtful that damned penguin was going to be of any use.

She silently cursed herself for not being able to fix this earlier, before it became so B horror movie-esque. If only yahoo answers had been more helpful, she wouldn't be in this mess.

As if the universe was eavesdropping on her inner monologue, a scaled claw lashed out through the opening.

Claudia jumped back, part of partly terrified, but also partly unimpressed. Really? A scaly claw, that's the best you could do? At least try to be original silly alternate dimension.

The arm was withdrawn and replaced by a reptilian pupil framed by sickly orange iris. Also it was hissing, as if the fact it was malicious hadn't become apparent yet.

Claudia shuddered. It was scary, but not as bad as the other images that had been floating around her head.

The creature backed away and tried again to swipe at the girl genius with its (thankfully) inadequately sized arms.

Almost on reflex, she hurled the penguin her conscious mind had forgotten. It hit the creature with a sharp thunk, the scales it touched blackening with frostbite. The thing recoiled with another, rather annoying, hiss.

"Claudia, duck!" Artie yelled as he rounded the corner. He tossed the round object clutched in his right hand through the portal and held on to the length of cloth wrapped around the other.

"Artie what was that?" Claudia stared blankly at him, "It looked like a grenade."

Artie reached her and threw himself to the ground, making sure to bring his assistant with him.

A muffled explosion reverberated through the aisles of the warehouse leaving a calm silence in its wake.

Artie sat up panting.

"It was a grenade." He smiled lightly and began fiddling with the other item he had brought.

The peaceful stillness was broken by the sounds of several more hissing creatures. They seemed to be getting closer.

"Now this," Artie explained, "Is the a shawl of Morgan Le Fay, Merlin's archenemy, or lover depending who you ask. Probably both." He chuckled a little at his own joke.

Claudia stared at him in shock.

"You like this don't you."

"What cleaning up the life threatening messes of my protege?"


Artie smiled again.

"Maybe a little. It reminds me of when I was young." With that he tossed the shawl to cover the opening before them.

As the two touched, a roar of electricity began filling the air.

"What's happening?" Claudia called over the uproar.

"Well, Le Fay and Merlin are opposites, their energies are negative and positive, the remnants of her power on the shawl should cancel out the powers of Merlin that are keeping the doorway open."

Without any warning, the sparks stopped flying, the portal disappeared and the Le Fay's accessory floated to the ground seemingly unharmed, if slightly singed.

"Well that was rather anticlimactic." Claudia sighed.

"Would you rather have had another explosion?" Artie asked as he bent down to gather up some of the artifacts that had fallen off their shelves. "Okay now break's over. Get back to work."

"Break?" Claudia stared at him in disbelief, "Artie that was a terrifying and potential fatal experience and you're acting like I was on a coffee break? Now we just go back to business as usual? I should at least get the day off. Or maybe hazard pay."

"If you took the day off every time you almost died you'd never get any work done." Artie turned and headed back to his office, magical portal closing scarf in hand.

Claudia rolled her eyes at the retreating figure.

She could have gotten a normal summer job, but nooooooooo. She had to do something interesting.

End note: Search yahoo answers for how to close an inter dimensional portal. I double dog dare you.