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"When choosing between two evils, I always like to try the one I've never tried before."

- Mae West

Mother Knows Best

To understand Space one needs to first look into themselves and find the missing parts. Once you realize how incomplete, how empty you are, only then can you begin to comprehend the intricateness of what it is. The vastness of Space is equaled only by the emptiness, for there is much nothing within the everything that is the Mother. She is timeless, contradictory, and non-existent. Transcending past corporealness and age, she knows no bounds or limitations, for within her existence is her nothingness, and within that there is something of great power which cannot be put into any language.

Space stretched out before them, like a long lost lover just out of reach but always embracing them, even when they wish it not, even when she dances within their lungs and steals their breath, squeezes them in her embrace, crushing them too tightly in her arms. She loves them even as she kills them, and they always return even when they despise her for what she has done.

Billions of diamonds dance across her skin, light up her eyes, and shine in her smile. Never was there once a more beautiful and unforgiving site as her, the Mother, and her many children fly within her embrace, going places unknown to any but her. They are of many differences, her children; they soar in unloving lifeless ships made of metal and glass. They litter upon her, leave trash in their wake, clouding her, filling her with their pettiness, and sometimes they steal from her.

She is as enchanting and loving as she is spiteful and unforgiving. Her children are simple creatures and are constantly in need of reminding of who-what she is. So she reminds them, over and over again, hoping they will learn and grow from her lessons. But she has seen little promise so far.

Only one true child knows how she loves and hates them, filled with discrepancies as she is herself. The child is nameless, like she, but is called many things. A contradiction just like her. His ship is not made of metal and glass; the ship loves her Captain as only a lover could. His ship has the capacity to feel, to love, to hate; her heart has the ability to hold it all.

The Mother leaves them in peace, lets them fly where-when they feel, because they love her as she loves them and he has already learned his lesson, a lesson that she did not teach him, a lesson that broke him. She could not bear putting her child through more pain, so she turns her attention elsewhere.

Another lifeless-loveless ship made of unfeeling metal and uncaring glass glides within her embrace. The children within are young, and as heartless as the ship they ride. Their lesson has not been learned, and it is time for another to take place.

She summoned her tears, let them flow out of her diamond eyes and solidify. They raced towards the ship and tore through it in her sorrow. It was time they learned, many wouldn't, but those who lived would. The Mother was sad that so many needed to parish for a handful to understand, but it was necessary.

It wasn't because she was evil; the Mother was neither good nor bad, incapable of being evil or noble. She was the Mother, and her children needed to learn, so she would teach them and they would learn, or they would die. The choice was theirs.

* * * * *

He wept within his room, tears refusing to fall from his tortured brown eyes, he wept without crying, he always wept without ever crying. His body still burned from the radiation that he had expelled, staying his regeneration yet again. It had taken far more energy then he knew he had, but this regeneration of his was stubborn and he didn't want to go. Yet again he had changed his history, rewrote what was once set in stone. But it had come at such a high price.

He had lost so many, so many people he had loved, and now he was alone. For the first time in a long time he was truly alone. Once again his people were dead, his species made extinct by his hand. His dear friend and worst enemy The Master, Koschei, was gone for good. His hearts could no longer carry the burden on his own. The TARDIS knew this, knew that the Doctor, the man she loved, was dying from within his despair.

It had been nearly two hundred years since the destruction of their people, the Time Lords, the Gallifreyan, and the wound was still as deep then as it was now. It would take many, many more centuries before it would heal enough for it to stop hurting.

She had thought it was getting better when the blonde with the name of a flower was on board, oh how her Doctor loved her, but then she left, never to return. He took companions after that, she was surprised. She thought that he wouldn't so soon after the girl's departure, but he did, and Rasillon help her if it didn't turn around and bite him in the ass.

Now he was more broken then before and this time there was no one else to pick up the pieces, nobody but her. But she could no longer hold the Time Lord together, not when he was cracking so, and if she held him just too tightly he would shatter and time would break. He was breaking already, she could see it. After he returned from Mars, breaking the fixed law and rescuing those who were meant to die, those who were needed to die, he started to splinter into thousands of tiny cracks. They were getting bigger.

She needed to find somebody, anybody who would grab her Time Lord and repair the damage in the only way possible. He needed a new companion, not just any companion, but one that could ground him, one he couldn't dominate, order around, or confuse with his obviously superior intellect. She needed to find him an equal.

She had loved his other companions, even the quick witted and even sharper tongued Noble child. But they were not his equal, they could never be. Her Doctor was of a far superior species, no matter how hard he tried to make them feel accepted, and they could tell. It was the was he walked on the moons and planets with names they could never hope to pronounce, it was in the way he danced under the sea of diamonds as if he were one with the universe, it was in his eyes as he gazed at something in which amused him. It was even in the way he spoke, as if he was explaining why the sky is blue to a very small child, and they still didn't understand. No matter how she loved them, they were not her Doctor's equals.

So the TARDIS did something she hadn't done in years, activating her central systems she jumped through time and space without her Doctor's permission or knowledge. She landed without a jolt or sound, her arrival undetected, even by her one and only resident. She would let him grieve a little while longer, but then he needed to don his mask of joyful indifference once again and rescue those the Mother had chosen. His savior was here, amongst the survivors who danced across the endless sand, underneath the fires of three, if only he would look.