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Kiba frowned at his reflection in the mirror. It seemed a lot like the more outfits he tried on, the more ridiculous looking he became. He combed his fingers through his thick brown hair and began discarding the failed ensemble. "No no no, I don't have time for imperfection!" Kiba threw off his shirt and began tunneling through his closet for a new one. "Tonight, I can't afford to mess anything up…"

And indeed he couldn't. Tonight was very important night for both him and his longtime girlfriend as well as squad-mate Hinata Hyuga. You see, today was the day that her entire family would be out of town and she'd have their whole personal residence all to herself. The couple had talked about this oh so very interesting fact beforehand. They decided it was a good thing, and they would make this very night the night.

It was a natural progression really, but that didn't stop Kiba from feeling the mounds of pressure that come along with deflowering a girl and making it special. Not to mention that it was Hinata he was with and thus he was going to take every single precaution he could possibly take to make the night as smooth and comfortable as possible. Talk about your monumental tasks…

As Kiba continued to rummage through his closet he felt the wetness of Akamaru's nose rubbing against the back of his knees. "Not now, boy, I've got to find something nice to wear for Hinata! Boy, you have no idea what kind of pressure I'm under…"


"Yeah, I know this isn't like me, Akamaru, but it's not for me. It's for her, I gotta make tonight as nice as possible for that girl…even if it means dressing semi-fancy. I care about her a lot, boy," Kiba replied to his dog, a smile on his face at the thought of a pleased Hinata.

"Arrr…" Akamaru continued to prod at his master's legs, prompting him to turn around and look at his trusty dog.

"Okay, okay, what is it?" Kiba turned to find his trust hound with a set of clothes draped over his back. "Woah! Where'd you get this stuff, boy?" he lifted the clothes up from Akamaru's back. It was a clean, white shirt with black slacks. "A casual jacket, too?" Kiba picked up the other piece of fabric, "You really have some sense of style, Akamaru!"

"Errruff!" Akamaru trotted in a small circle while his master gave him a well deserved patting.

"Wish me luck, Akamaru," Kiba said, pulling on the set of clothes his dog so helpfully gathered for him.

"I'm gonna need it…bad."

Hinata's milky white eyes were fixed exclusively on her shoes. Her face was already beet red just thinking about the—the 'activities' that would be occurring later on that night. It felt a lot like the butterflies in her stomach got a hold of Akamaru's food pills and were going berserk inside of her.

Hinata's room was huge. As is to be expected being that she was the Hyuga's main heir. The entire Hyuga complex itself was absolutely enormous. White and blue marble hallways scattered throughout a beautiful courtyard, leading to the rooms of each family member. This part of the complex however, belonged exclusively to Hinata, Hanabi, their father, and as of recently, Neji.

"Oh my…g-gosh…I…" she sat there with her head practically between her knees, grabbing her head of dark, raven blue hair. 'Y-you can do this Hinata,' she thought to herself, 'long, steady breaths…'

Now regulating her breathing, she stood to once again check her appearance. She was wearing a maroon button up top complemented by her dark navy skirt. The skirt wasn't too short or too long, and her shirt was tight, but it wasn't too tight. Even so, the outfit still managed to grip onto her curves magnificently, in fact, too magnificently. Hinata blushed, 'Is this too unflattering? No…n-no Hinata…this is perfect, everything…e-everything is going to be p-perfect…' only Hinata could manage to stutter her thoughts.

"Oh no," she plopped back down onto her bed and sighed, "I've got to g-get over this…Kiba will…" she let out another long, drawn out groan before flaring red once again.

Suddenly she heard a knock at her door. She jumped; there shouldn't have been anyone home! Her Dad and Hanabi left this morning! The night was ruined! Ruined!

"Hinata?" A fellow Hyuga poked his head inside the room before coming all of the way in. He was tall with long, dark brown locks of hair and wearing a long white robe.

"N-neji!" Hinata exclaimed, taken severely aback by her cousin's sudden appearance. "W-what're you? Sh-shouldn't you…shouldn't you be g-gone with…F-f-father…?" she poked her index fingers together with incredible tenacity. You'd be surprised if they didn't just both snap in half.

Her older cousin shook his head and approached her. "I'm catching up with them in a little while. I wanted to talk to you."

"O-oh! About what…? I-I'm doing nothing wrong, that's for sure…ahaha…" Hinata's hands wandered to the back of her head and she laughed nervously in Neji's face.

Neji crossed his arms, his eyes connecting fiercely with Hinata's. "I know what you're planning on doing Hinata."

She jumped up to her feet and promptly fell over. How did he figure her out? Was it too obvious? Did she accidentally give it away? Did someone tell him? Did Kiba tell him? Her and Kiba weren't even in the same room together and things were already going so, so horribly wrong.

"…" Neji sighed, "I'm not going to stop you, Hinata. But…" the boy took a seat next to his cousin, "If this is something you aren't ready for, you must refuse. You don't want to be regretting this for the rest of your life, and I don't want you throwing something like this away just to please some—some boy," he explained, sternly nodding his head the whole time. He reminded her her a bit of her Father. She tried to let this fact bug her as little as possible.

"I-I…U-Um….I-I know…Neji, thanks," she smiled, trying to keep herself from flushing completely red. She failed.

"Hinata, you must promise me that you will only act on your own accord, for your own reasons, I cannot allow you to let yourself get hurt. You must promise me, Hinata." Neji had become quite protective of Hinata, contrary to his original feelings back in the day. He grew to love and care for her like a sister after all the time he began spending with her when they were just thirteen. He would talk to her and advise her on her problems, and in return, she'd listen to anything he needed to get off of his chest. Before they knew it, they had formed a considerably strong bond with each other.

Neji had been supportive the entire length of her relationship with Kiba. He'd seen in the past, on the mission to retrieve Sasuke, what kind of a person he was. As much as Kiba's possible intentions bothered him, he eventually ruled that out after seeing how much Hinata truly cared for him, and vice versa—the result of some 'accidental' byakugan spying.

"Of course, Neji…I promise."

"Remember Hinata, that I am only here to help you and—and if theres…anything you need or want to know," he sighed gently, then closed and opened his eyes. He spoke up in a gentle, soft, slightly nervous tone, "I will most certainly oblige you with that knowledge."

"Oh, Neji, I-I…" there were a lot of things she was wondering about. She had so many concerns and questions she wanted to have addressed, but she couldn't possibly ask him about any of them. Hinata couldn't bear the thought of anyone, let alone Neji knowing what awful, sinful, dirty things that had been circulating her mind recently. "I…I'm fine," she curled her lips to smile politely. It was fake.

"Are you sure, Hinata?" Neji subtly pressed her to come forward, rolling a thread of his white robe between his fingers.

"I said I'm fine, Neji!" Really, I am!" Hinata lied behind her false smile. She wasn't fine. She was scared, worried, and confused. All this pressure and confusion was absolutely wrecking his mind. But as much as she'd love to put a few of those feelings to rest, she couldn't. This was something she would have to face alone, after all. It wasn't like Neji was going to be in there with her. Well, at least she hoped not. Really hoped not.

In fact, she even had trouble talking about 'sensitive' matters with Kiba. What normally happened in a 'sensitive' situation was Kiba would say or do something, and if Hinata wanted it, she would silently go along with it, and politely ask him to stop if she didn't. She preferred dancing around subjects until someone else made the next decision for her. It was one of her biggest weaknesses, but the one she could never seem to change. Heaven knows how awkward the conversation they had when they decided to take things to the next level was.

"Okay then," the older cousin nodded, "I'll be going then," he stood up to leave, walked the door and opened it, "Hinata," Neji looked back at her with a tiny grin, looking more playful than Hinata could ever remember, "have a fun night."

With that Neji exited. His words echoed through her mind endlessly. 'Have a fun night," she pondered what it meant, and upon said pondering, felt the blood rushing to her cheeks. When did Neji get so risqué? Support was nice, but gosh, did everything have to feel so very embarrassing?

But after a while, the raging butterflies subsided, and she began to look on the more pleasant side of things. She thought of Kiba, and all the ways he makes her feel like the most important person on the planet. His sharp eyes had fooled her all her life. She found that he was the most gentle, caring person inside, and she loved that person, she loved everything about him. The way he'd stand up for her, the way his voice would sound when he'd tell her she was beautiful, and the way he'd hold her when she was cold. He was so damn good to her. He'd always been; even before they'd started dating.

"Oh Kiba…I'll…I'll…I won't ruin tonight…I promise," she smiled to herself. "Better get going."

Kiba paced back in forth in front of a large, but quaint building. Lanterns were hung all around the joint, illuminating it like big, stationary, wooden firefly. It was a perfect choice of location on Kiba's part. He'd planned a night of fancy dinner and dancing for the two before they'd return to Hinata's place. It wasn't his style, but he was going to do whatever it took to make this night as special as possible, even if it meant acting sophisticated and debonair for a night. If there was one person that was going to tame the beast that is Kiba, it was Hinata.

"Oh man, I feel like I'm gonna explode," he continued pacing back and forth in front of the supper club. 'Crap, what if the food is too expensive? Do I even know how to dance!? What if I step on her feet and make her trip and bang her head and pass out!? What if—" his thought process was cut short by the sound of footsteps coming toward him.

It was Hinata. The moonlight shined off of her hair, illuminating her entire wonderfully curved body that her outfit accentuated so very well.

Kiba gasped.

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