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"Honestly, this is a little hard to believe," a tall, slim black haired woman cast her piercing red eyes on Hinata—her wrist specifically. "To think our Kiba Inuzuka would grow into such a romantic…" she smirked. "Such a lucky girl you are, Hinata."

Almost any time someone other than Kiba mentioned their relationship in any way, Hinata's cheeks would instantly flush. This time was no different. "Th-thanks…Kurenai-sensei."

"You know Hinata, I was beginning to think that he'd never tell you," Kurenai cupped her chin as she walked next to her student, long legs extending and moving back and forth. The two were out for a stroll over a grassy clearing in the back of the village together; originally to discuss things regarding Team 8 and future missions, but the conversation had since shifted. It was an exceptionally beautiful day in the village. The sun was shining incredibly bright and the air wafted with a smell not unlike that of cherry blossoms. She and Hinata used often take walks like this, though they'd been far and few between ever since the baby came. Now that she was a single mother, there wasn't very much time to talk—thank god Shikamaru offered to babysit. It was a good opportunity to catch up on her pupil's personal life.

"T-tell me? I don't…" Hinata began wiggling her fingers at her side nervously. "What do you mean…?"

"You don't think he just started liking you out of nowhere, do you? For as long as I can remember, he's looked at you like a lot more than just his squad-mate," the older woman playfully nudged her student.

"Huh…? I…" it was embarrassing. That was what she thought. She pushed her hands together, one of her thumbs rubbing over her bracelet nervously.

"Of course, I wouldn't expect you to have realized that. When you get as old and experienced as I am, you start to pick up on these things," Kurenai laughed, "and boy did I ever pick up on it."

"Y-you mean all this time…?" Hinata's eyes shimmered as they watched her sensei's mouth deliver the supposedly obvious but actually very shocking truth.

"Seemed like it," she winked and nudged the shorter girl.

That was a flattering, if not charitable thought. At least it would've been if it didn't make her so—so upset. Did she mean that, all these years, Kiba had feelings like that for her!? Even when she didn't? Even when she had such feelings for…certain other people. It was a horrible thought! She knew how hard it was, how he must have felt…'Kiba…' a pit began to grow in her stomach. For years she'd probably been hurting him, and she had no idea at all. The pit kept getting bigger and bigger, eating away at her consciousness; her mind in complete overdrive—a calm, quiet, emotional panic.

"But none of that really matters now," Kurenai placed her hand on Hinata's shoulder, "you two are together, and that is wonderful."

"Y-yeah!" Hinata managed to smile, despite the chaos and guilt flowing through her head. "You're right…it is wonderful!" she tried and succeeded in pushing back the awful thoughts of a hurt Kiba, and continued the conversation with her sensei. All of that stuff was over, and she shouldn't have to worry about it anymore. Kurenai was very, very right.

"But you know Hinata, being in a relationship while you're an active ninja…" the red eyed woman averted her gaze up toward the sky. "It's not always easy Hinata." This was a fact Kurenai knew all too well. She lost the love of her life, the father of her child, on the battlefield; another victim of the ninja system.

"I-I know…I won't get distracted on missions, I promise Kurenai-sensei!"

"It's not just about distractions, Hinata," they came to a picnic bench underneath an umbrella. "It's about judgment. You can't get reckless just because your partner is in danger…Love has a knack for clouding people's judgment Hinata. I'm not going to be there to pull you out of that stuff anymore." Kurenai had long since been on a ninja mission. She couldn't go when she was pregnant, and now had a child to care for. It would be a while before she was permitted to embark on a mission again; once her child was old enough to handle the long amounts of time she'd be away for.

The girl knew that her sensei's words had a great deal of truth to them. Earlier, on more than one occasion, she'd taken the sometimes foolish option of throwing her life on the line to protect someone she cared about, even in the face of an enemy that she had no chance in hell of defeating. She knew that was far from a great quality, and that it was something she needed to fix. Kiba wouldn't like her getting killed for him…

"On a less grim note," Kurenai sat down on the bench. "I'm happy for you two. Must be nice."

"Oh, yes. I can't say that it's been a bad month, sensei," the girl ran a hand through her dark, raven blue hair, taking a seat beside Kurenai on the thick, heavy wooden bench.

The older woman began chuckling, "I can see you've already got him spending all sorts of money on you," she joked.

"A-Ah…" Hinata began to giggle along with her teacher. "It's not like I asked him to…he just—"

"Was trying to impress you?" the woman's laugh continued.

The younger girl's face lit up. "Guess so," at this point, Hinata was still in that hyperactive bubbly state that comes along during the beginning of a relationship. As embarrassing as it could be, sometimes she actually didn't blush. Sometimes she couldn't help but giggle with happiness. Such is love. "But I'm really glad he did…"

"Oh yeah?" Kurenai said quizzically, leaning her arms behind herself.

"Whenever I'm upset or feeling lonely, I can look at my wrist…and there he is, smiling at me with those big silly fangs of his," Hinata beamed. "If I'm on a mission without him, I know I've got him there supporting me, too…"

Kurenai nodded along, smiling. Oh to be young and in love…

"I need to remember to get him something like this too, someday."

"That's so sweet…Am I going to be hearing wedding bells soon?"

Indeed sometimes she wouldn't breakdown in a red, flustered fit. This time was not one of those times. "H-huh!? N-No, I mean we—we haven't even…I don't…I mean! Um, d-don't think that…err, I…w-we…Eeeek!"

"Hey! Are you even paying attention, Hinata?" Kiba furled his brow at her. They were walking back to the Hyuga complex along a seemingly deserted road in the village. It was dark, about a quarter after ten at night. This part of the village was so naturally dark that it'd be pitch black if not for a certain helpful celestial body.

"Oh! I'm sorry, Kiba. I was just thinking about some stuff…" Hinata smiled sheepishly at her boyfriend, once again pulling herself out of another flashback.

"Ah yeah?" Kiba poked his head in front of her. "What kind of stuff were you thinking about?" he grinned, "Me?"

A warm smile arose on the girl's face. "What else?" she took advantage of the placement of Kiba's head and kissed him; a bold move, especially for Hinata. What exactly is it about uncharacteristic actions that make them so exciting? Kiba kissed her back, hard.

It wasn't particularly long before the one kiss turned into many more. The mood was too perfect.

"Kiba…" Hinata lowered her head down and away from her partner's mouth.

"Yes?" he proceeded to direct his lips toward Hinata's now further exposed neck.

"N-not here," she flushed, "we're in public…c-come on…"

"Public?" Kiba's hands found their way to the waist of his girlfriend, his fingers on her curves which flawlessly lead into one another. "I don't see anyone around."

"D-don't…"her teeth bit down on her lip as her body began quivering. She felt heat—and a lot of it. Her fists clenched themselves at her sides. The arousal made her body lethargic; paralyzed in the heat of the moment.

"Don't what?" Kiba moved one hand up her body, to the top of her shirt, lightly tugging down the neck line, far enough to place his lips over her collarbone and gently bite down.

Sharp, intense satisfaction shot down from the impression Kiba's teeth made on her skin. The feeling thundered all throughout her body; a thousand hands clapping inside of her. Slowly her mouth slipped open, soft sighs and gasps escaping onto her breathe. It was amazing the way these feelings over took her personality. The quiet, shy Hinata melted away because of it. Her body took control from there, and her body wanted more. Soon her fingertips gave way to her desires and pressed and slid across Kiba's chest as she tried not to let her eyes roll back into her head, her legs quaking beneath her. "K-Kiba…" it was three simple words. All it took was three simple words, but her head gained control of her body, and she came to her senses. Good as it felt, this wasn't quite the time or the place. "Kiba, please, stop!" her hands pushed against his chest, separating the two from each other; the passion quickly evaporating and quickly becoming tension.

Kiba cursed to himself in his head. He'd ruined it—ruined the entire night because he just couldn't keep him goddamn hands to himself. 'I'm so stupid…so so stupid…why am I so impulsive..." his hands gingerly retreated back down to his sides, his face showcasing an odd mixture of regret and fear. It was night in which he allowed himself no mistakes, and he just made one. "Hinata…Sorry…"

It didn't take long for Hinata to flush completely cherry. "N-no! I'm sorry…I-I just…I'm…I-I'm…" the words weren't formulating in her mouth, and in all honesty, she didn't know what words she wanted to formulate. Hell, she wasn't even sure why she stopped him in the first place; just that she didn't want to lose herself here. Not yet.

For what seemed like hours, the two stood and looked at each other; the unbridled fear and anxiousness swimming in and out of each other's eyes. One raven haired beauty anxious and horribly unsure of herself, and one wild, brown haired boy trying to hold back the terrible fear of messing up. As negative as their stares remained and despite how sick the last few awkward moments had made both of them feel, neither looked away. And you could say that that's what love is—wanting to look away when things start getting uneasy. But you don't look away, you keep staring at each other, and you face everything together, locked in that same gaze. You take the good with the bad, and you keep on looking. Kiba and Hinata had been through too much together to look away now.

"L-later?" Hinata tried her very best to smile. She succeeded magnificently.

"Of course," and so did Kiba. "You know what? Let me make that up to you."

"You don't have t—eep!" the girl suddenly found herself floating a few feet above the ground in her boyfriend's arms. He held her with arms under her knees, and one draped around her back. She clung onto his neck. "I-I'm wearing a skirt…" she blushed.

"No one's around, relax," he started walking, his girlfriend gently bouncing up and down in his arms.


"Come on…"

"Just let me carry you home, okay? You'll never make it by yourself with that ankle," Kiba motioned towards Hinata's bandaged ankle with his head, the crimson of her blood slowly overtaking the white of the bandage. "You can't expect me to just leave you."

"But…you don't have to carry me like this…I could just…"

"Just limp home? Nu-uh. I'm your boyfriend, and I'm damn well gonna carry you back home safely!" Kiba began walking along the path to the Hyuga complex.

"I can make it, really I can!" Hinata winced, smiling with one of her eyes half closed from the pain of her wound. "R-really…"

"Don't be so stubborn! Who do you think you are?" Kiba said, smiling smugly, "Me?"

The girl lightly giggled and proceeded to speak in a very mediocre impersonation of Kiba's voice, "yaw! I am Kiba! I like…um…um…meat! And um…dogs! Awoooo!"

Kiba scowled at the impersonation, furling his brow. "I do not sound like that. Have you even been paying attention the six months we've been dating?"

"Umm…guess not…" Hinata began to get comfortable in his arms, closing her eyes and halting her protests once and for all.

"Then what've you been doing!?"

"I've…been looking at your handsome face…" she remarked, just above a whisper in volume. Her head nuzzled into her boy.

"I suppose that's an acceptable answer. How's your ankle feeling?" he continued walking, only about a block away from the Hyuga's pearly white housing complex; the cool night air chilling the young couple.

"It's better, I'm sorry I let myself get hurt today," the girl in Kiba's arms somehow managed to dig her head even deeper into him, nestling in the small crevices and crannies of his body. "I was pretty careless…"

"Hey hey, you can't catch every trap every time," he nudged her arched back. "You were bound to trigger one at some time or another. You had a pretty great record going; better than mine, at least."

"Y-yeah…thanks Kiba…" the sound of her voice got softer and softer as time passed and the closer they got to her home. The way that Kiba's heart beat against her while in his arms; it was so soothing and comforting. It calmed her down and made it seem as if the pain in her ankle was subsiding.

"Six months, wow," Kiba mused quietly to himself, watching the girl in his arms go through the motions of breathing. "Seems like just yesterday I got that bracelet on your wrist."

"Seems like it…" the small girl mumbled out, clearly still awake.

The boy raised an eyebrow, "I thought you were asleep."

"Um, I would be, but I'm afraid that if I fall asleep I'll stop holding onto you and I'll drop backwards and you won't be able to catch me in time and I'll hit the ground really hard and—"

"Relax, will ya?" Kiba gently shook her back and forth in his arms, causing her to grip onto his neck even tighter. By the time they got there, he'd probably end up with a bunch of marks on his neck from from this. Girls and their fingernails…

"Nnn…okay…" Hinata loosened up her body and allowed herself to drift off. Thank god for Kiba's heartbeat, it kept her from bemoaning the pain in her leg. It was practically a numbing agent in itself.




"Well, here we are," Kiba, slightly exhausted, said to Hinata. He needed to wake her up if he were to finally have some sweet relief; he rolled one of his shoulders, cringing. "Hey Hinata!"

"Zzz...huh?" Her eyes began to open, revealing their blank irises. "Oh...! We're here?" she removed her arms from around her boy and rubbed some of the sleep out of her eyes. "That was quick..."

"Quick?" he chuckled, "I must've walked a mile and a half. Good thing I like taking walks so much." Kiba tilted his head back and sighed. True, he was a little exhausted but that wasn't specifically something his girlfriend needed to know.

"Wow, really?" she responded sounding slightly surprised, peering around their surroundings. They were just outside of the complex. A petite smile appeared on the girl's face, "well...that's very sweet of you," she kissed him on the cheek and rubbed her nose against his skin affectionately. "Mm, down please," she tugged at his leather jacket.

Kiba began to tenderly untangle the girl from his body and carefully placed her on her feet. "Are you sure you'll be okay? Your ankle—I mean, I could—"

"I can manage," she cut him off, smiling through the pain from putting weight on her ankle. "Yeah, I can walk fine," Hinata took a step towards the door, flinching.

Kiba nodded at her, his eyes filled with concern. One his hands made it's way up into his nest of messy brown hair, "if you're sure..."

"Relax," the smile on her face got even wider, "you haven't forgotten that I'm strong too...have you?"

In response, he grinned. "'Course not."

"Well then..." her face clearly showed her strong desire for sleep. "Goodnight...Kiba..." and then she placed her hands on Kiba's shoulders and leaned forward, kissing him firmly, the way she always kissed him goodnight standing outside this very door. They exchanged a final look before each turned and the distance between them grew until Hinata was in her room and Kiba was back at his home.

That was that.

"Well, here we are! See, that wasn't so bad," Kiba grinned.

"Yeah...you were right, you win," Hinata smiled and let her head fall back, her dark hair falling away from her face.

"I'm glad you were at least able to stay awake this time."

"Of course I did," she dangled her feet, the black pumps she wore nearly slipping off. "Because...we've still...u-umm..." Hinata wiggled around in Kiba's arms. "Put me down first!" she giggled.

"Right!" his hands lifted her onto her own two feet, her back against the door. "We've still...?"

Hinata started fidgeting, "I mean...We..." she quickly glanced around nervously, her teeth gripping harder and harder on her bottom lip.

Kiba scratched his head. "Yeah...?"

"I-Inside?" she smiled nervously with pursed lips; it looked like she was trying to keep herself from an all out grin. "N-now?" she reached behind herself and slid open the door to her home.

However, Kiba didn't need to bother holding back—he was already grinning wildly, the wind blustering around his hair.

Their hands interwove with each other, and Hinata pulled Kiba inside with her, kissing him in a way that was completely unlike all the nights before. This time it wasn't ending just yet. Not before long the two disappeared completely into the Hyuga complex.

That was that.

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