Quiet: Dissidia drabbles from my drabble request thread on Crisis Core Yaoi Forums. Wow....I'm writing for Dissidia! XD

Anyway, the underlined parts are the pairing, and the italicized parts are the prompt.

...purple helmeted warrior


Cloud stared.

Firion fumed.

"You do know that looks like, right?"

"I'm well aware of the connotations of 'purple-helmeted warrior.'" The weaponsmaster was not pleased. That much was plain to see. The others had been giving him strange looks since they'd all awakened to find his trademark bandana helm covered in purple.

Cloud was the only one undaunted by the fierce scowl on their friend's face and brave enough to ask.

One of Firion's mystical weapons twitched inside its scabbard as Firion narrowed his eyes on the group walking ahead of them.

"When I find out who did this, I'll make them pay."

"Whatever you say, Warrior of Love."

Never would Tidus have anticipated that he would be able to top Cloud.


Tidus looked down at himself and gaped. "H-holy Cosmos! Did we just…?"


"And I…?"

"Mhmm." Serene sky blue eyes looked up into alarmed cobalt. "You won fair and square."

"But I-and you-you're older than me!"


"And you're like, really really tough, but you let me-"

"Strength has no place in the act of trusting and giving; and I'm no weaker or stronger than yourself. We're all here because Cosmos found us worthy of fighting for the future." His words were serious, but Cloud's mouth was slightly lifted in amusement at the younger blond's apparent confusion. He yawned and arched as best as could under the boy's weight before blinking in a parody of innocence.

"Well kid, are you just gonna sit there all day, or are you gonna claim your prize?"

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