Quiet: Warning for....Kefka's insanity?

The prompt:

Sephiroth's little puppet was just so much fun.

Oh he loved being on the winning side!

It was such fun! Destruction, death, pain…and play time was all the time!

After they'd finally triumphed over Cosmos's goody-two-shoes forces, Chaos had taken the world into darkness and left his warriors to do what they wanted with the remains. The Void Witch and the Tin Tree had followed Chaos into the Rift to goggle over their precious Nothingness. Kefka wasn't sure what Golbez and Jecht had done—they had once been on the side of Cosmos after all, but the others had immediately set about squabbling amongst themselves.

The Emperor, fool that he was, had assumed that he would be given power over all of them and had demanded that all the surviving Cosmos counterparts were to be given to him as slaves. Sephiroth had ended that assumption with a well-placed katana to the throat.

He giggled at the memory of shocked eyes and spraying blood—what a wonderful way to go!

Personally, he wouldn't have minded giving the girl to the Emperor, but he'd rather break her himself. And he had, multiple times.

Which left him in his current dilemma.

He was sooooo bored without the little esper witch to torment! It had been fun to tease her when she'd gone feral, but once she'd figured out she was stronger than he was, well, she'd flown the coop so to speak. Her bestial screams were a nice backdrop in the dead world, but now she was off running wild without a leash.

And so, he was out to find himself a new source of entertainment.

Kefka clapped his hands as he entered Sephiroth's usual haunting grounds, only to find the man himself nowhere to be found. Instead, he got to see the blue, blue eyes of Sephy's little puppet glaring at him from across the room.

When the first screams rippled through the emptiness of the Old Chaos Shrine, Kefka's maniacal laughter was sharp on its heels.

Sephiroth's puppet was so much fun!

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