Red over Lunar

Prologue: dream theater

"I've come a long way but I think its time to stop.

I'm going to take the long way away from here."

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Had you said it, we would have stayed.

"You can die anytime. It's living that takes real courage."
Had we heard it, we would have thought otherwise; contemplate it another direction. We would have sat behind your silver throne and pour our hearts and soul to your core just so you could smell the world at your control. We would have protected you and your happiness while ours wasted away. Is this foolish of us?

We were born under your sight. We lived behind your shadows and knew destiny from the moment we set foot on solid ground. We knew who we were. So many millenniums born into your cauldron, wrapped around your finger in all your perspectives and now, we finally question our real purpose.

Would you have told us it was selfish? That it was unrealistic to dream of things that could never be? Endymion was made to last with your love…who would last with us? There is no mortal man to withstand the strength of immortality. Endymion took the place of all man and became yours alone. Who would last that long with us? Who could we watch waste away as we grew old in spirit and unchanged in image?
 …maybe we are selfish.

But had you told us, it would have made all the difference.
Told us that we could never escape from you. Told us we were bound to your command for all eternity; even death could not relinquish our duty. Told us that…and we wouldn't have gone, searching for broken hearts to mend with ours. We wouldn't have become the dreamers we claim human beings are…but we really did think that maybe there was someone or something out there, for each of us, waiting like us…crying silently under the black holes of duty.

Had I known that I could only run so far from the threads weaved already, I would have stopped a long time ago and let you win. I would not have left my heart open to the hunger that every men and women crave for.

Do you know what it is that mortals search for, Serenity?

I don't but…sometimes when I close my eyes, I hear vague voices. I see a blend of an eternal world and a hallow emptiness. Here, sometimes I can almost catch it, this thing that mortals search for.

It may be sad, it may be suffering…but it is always beautiful and loving.

Maybe its happiness. It must be. This is the gold and glory that all those who live and die wait for.

I close my eyes again and this time its closer than ever…but had I known what I know now, I would not have opened my heart and let it soar under a fake prospect. Maybe then, it would be easier to live century by century, content with all that we don't have.

We wouldn't have the yearning to wake up next to tousled hair and the never tiring of the warmth that would wrap around us protectively. Never tiring of the color eyes that meet our own every morning and those smiles that could make us forget everything.


Or can we only watch you, Serenity?


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