Li and Sakura were lying alone in a bedroom chamber. "I, can you believe what's happened? I mean, we're rulers of a galaxy. Never saw that coming." said Sakura. "My love, we're married, and we have a week alone before anything happens. Let's think of that. You need a break, that battle nearly killed you." Sakura opened her mouth to argue, but Li kissed her to shut her up. Sakura ended it. "Li, I have great news." Li: "What is it?" Sakura smiled. "I'm pregnant" Li smiled. They kissed again, passionately, so utterly happy.


Madison and Eli were married. They had two kids, Emma and Jack. Madison died from a heart attack, Eli from a stroke two weeks later. Meilin fell in love with a general from Venus, named Michael. They had seven kids, Lily, Bob, Beryl, John, Stephanie, Stefan, and Kenny. Meilin disappeared mysteriously, and so did Michael. No one knows what happened. Kaho seduced a son of the governor of Mars and became the rich heir of Mars. When he died in a carriage accident, Kaho felt awful and went and lived in a nunnery for the rest of her life. Keroberos lived in the lap of luxury at the galactical palace for the rest of his long life.

Sakura and Li were brilliant leaders who guided their galaxy through many hard times. Their rule became known as the Sakurian age, a time of prospering. Together, they only had one child, an heir to the throne, Nadeshiko. Nadeshiko married Stefan, one of Meilin's children. They continued Sakura and Li's Golden Age.

Sakura live until the age of 3000. She died after falling off a horse on a vacation. She passed away instantly, and she left wishes not to be reincarnated. Li died the day afterwards from grief.

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