She stretched out, a big yawn fallowing as her arms reached above her head. She slowly opened her eyes and moved her head to the left. Smiling softly as she noticed the pile of blond hair sprawled out on the pillow next to her. She turned to lay on her side, propping her head up by her elbow. She reached out with her right hand, gently running her fingers through the blond mane as she quietly watched her companion sleep. "Mmm Dylan?" She heard quietly and her smile grew slightly.

"The one and only"She whispered scooting a little closer as the other girl turned over onto her back. She rubbed the sleep from her eyes gently before looking up at Dylan and smiling sweetly.

"Quiet an interesting night wouldn't you say?" Her bright blue eyes shown as she looked in the darker brown ones.

"Id say so."She whispered as she leaned in and kissed the other girl lightly on the cheek. She pulled back a little only to see pouting lips. "Whats wrong?" She asked raising an eyebrow slightly, rolling to lay on her stomach. She smiled as the other girl puckered her lips slightly as she tried to hold back her own smile. Dylan gladly obliged with her lovers silent request, moving her arm to lay over stomach as she moved in closer brushing her lips lightly along the other girls. She heard a quiet whimper and smirked a little.

"Don't tease please." fingers reached out to run along the back of Dylan's neck, causing her to shiver lightly.

"You know you like it" She licked the set of awaiting lips before she slowly moved in and placed hers against them in a sweet passionate kiss. Dylan's fingers slowly ran down the soft skin of her lovers stomach, slowly getting closer to their destination.

"Ring ring ring...."they both groaned as their phones rang. They moved to answer.

"Alright be right in."They said simultaneously and hung up their phones. Dylan ran her fingers through her hair before placing her head in the crook of the other angel's neck. Groaning again, earning a giggle from her lover. "Come on Dil, duty calls."She kissed her forehead before she moved off the bed, Dylan running her lip through her teeth slowly. Natalie smiled as she looked over her shoulder at Dylan before throwing a change of cloths at her. "Get dressed and put your eyeballs back in your head." She walked toward the bathroom to get ready. Dylan smiled brightly as she lay back on her back looking to the ceiling. "I think I know why I always fell for the bad guys."She whispered to herself before she closed her eyes and thanked god for HER angel.

Just a little something I came up with while watching CAFT. I love all three girls but I always thought Nat and Dylan would be cute together. Tell me what you think ;)

~Sin Like U Mean It