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The bitter smell of mud and dirt filled Jake's mouth as the large mount bucked its rider off and trotted triumphantly around the fallen form, flicking mud onto Jake's skin. He sighed and smacked the horse without much energy. The sound of laughter and sarcastic hooting came from behind him and he tried a friendly wave to the leader of the group. Tsu'tey ignored his gesture and urged his mount to go faster, spraying water and grass tidbits all over Jake.

"Guess I'm not forgiven yet…" he sighed into empty air and gave his own mount a dark glower. "You're not making it any better…"

He made a wild grab for the horse but only successfully bounced his chin painfully against a rock solid rump. His mount rushed off into the trees with a triumphant prance. He was hopeless. The horse had the same pride as Tsu'tey and Jake was sure he wouldn't successfully mount the Omayticaya leader even if his life depended on it. Jake blushed at the thought and sighed. It was so confusing.

After the accidental kiss between them, he had been trying to catch Tsu'tey's attention but was unsuccessful. The Na'vi had dismissed it as a heat of the moment thing and threatened to make sure Jake wouldn't be able to produce any off springs if he got any closer to Tsu'tey's personal bubble. But Jake wasn't so sure about it being an accident. Sure he found all the Na'vi exotic in their bright blue skin and slim bodies but there was something in Tsu'tey that drew his attention.

It had happened when Tsu'tey had grudgingly accepted to listen to him and fight against the humans' invasion. Jake had felt something stir in his chest when Tsu'tey's fingers touched his chest for the briefest moment. The grudging acceptance that Jake was a powerful leader had the caveman inside his chest howling in pride. He liked the way Tsu'tey had put aside his pride for the moment.

A sharp rock bounced off Jake's shoulder and he winced as he turned. Neytiri's pretty face was alight with mischief as she sauntered over to him. Bright gold eyes studied Jake curiously and the taller male tried to smile. She touched his cheek briefly before whistling loudly.

"Go," Jake blinked when she shoved a bow and a bunch of arrows into his hands. "You should go along with Tsu'tey. Maybe hunting will lift your spirits." she smiled briefly and touched his cheek again. Jake tried to keep the guilty feeling away as he watched her go.

The wet puff of air against his ear followed by the slimy tongue of his mount told him that he had been forgiven. Jake smiled at the tall creature and lifted himself onto its back. He strapped the sturdy bow onto his back and urged the horse to go faster. The feeling of wind rushing past his face lifted his spirits like Neytiri had said. He let out a wild cry of excitement and rode faster.

It didn't take long for Jake to catch sight of the graceful figure. Tsu'tey had dismounted and was standing in a bright pool of sunlight. The others had spread off; each determined to catch their own prey. Jake dismounted slowly, his eyes never leaving the beautiful form of the Omayticaya leader. He stepped closer, keeping his body hidden behind the thick leaves of a nearby plant.

He felt content just to watch Tsu'tey from afar. It was like a curse, he couldn't get him out of his head. Tsu'tey's graceful form and soft lips occupied his dreams. Jake drooled.

Whoosh. Thud.

Bright gold eyes widened in shock as the arrow embedded itself into the tree trunk just inches from Jake's left ear. The leaves ruffled and Jake stared up into the expressionless face of his beloved leader.

"Hi…" Jake croaked.


Tsu'tey pulled the arrow out of the tree viciously and stepped back without saying a word. He sped up when Jake scrambled up to follow him. They raced through the trees, jumped over fallen logs and wadded through cold creaks but Tsu'tey showed no signs of stopping. Jake clenched his teeth and tried to speed up. There was no way he was going to give up such a good chance to apologize

He didn't know how long they ran but Tsu'tey finally stopped in an unfamiliar part of the forest. The Na'vi turned with a look that couldn't have killed and bared his teeth at Jake. Jake collapse against a tree and wheezed loudly, his hands rising in surrender.

"Wait…let me…explain before you…kill me…" he clutched his speeding heart, gulping air into his lungs. Tsu'tey looked away, trying to stop his lips from twitching upward in a smile. Jake sighed and pushed himself off the tree.

"Tsu'tey, I'm sorry about…about last time…" he ventured a look at Tsu'tey. The Na'vi's shoulders were still tense. Jake glanced around nervously. His eyes skimmed over the leaves surrounding them absently as the awkward silence dragged on.

That was when he saw it.

The pistol was cleverly camouflaged as a slim flower but he saw the dart loaded inside. The sun glinted off the sharp tip. His eyes flickered toward its target and Jake moved before he heard the sharp click.

Tsu'tey was still trying to calm his pounding heart when Jake suddenly slammed into him. both Na'vi tumbled into the thicket and before Tsu'tey could do anything, Jake clamped a hand over his mouth. Jake winced as sharp teeth pierced his skin and Tsu'tey felt the bitter metallic tang of Jake's blood slide into his mouth. The warm fluid made him gag and he accidentally swallowed a mouthful.

"Look…" Jake's mouth was inches from Tsu'tey's ear as he panted the words. Tsu'tey fought off a shiver as he followed what Jake was pointing.

The small silver dart was embedded into the tree trunk above their head. Tsu'tey's eyes widened as he realized Jake had saved him. Then he also realized they were both sprawled on the forest floor with legs tangled together and Jake's knee dangerously close to Tsu'tey's privates. After running all the way here, Jake's skin was hot to the touch and Tsu'tey's face heated up without him realizing.

"Get off me…" he hissed in anger between Jake's fingers and the taller of the two grudgingly slid off the smaller Na'vi. Tsu'tey grabbed Jake's hand, careful not to touch the wounded one. He dragged the shocked Jake silently away from the spot. They wandered for a few minutes until Tsu'tey could hear the sound of water running.

"You're going to tease me and gut me by the river right? I knew I wouldn't be living a long life…I didn't even get to see my children…I didn't even get to make them…" Tsu'tey glared at the whinny Na'vi behind him and dragged Jake to sit next to him by the river. He slowly dipped the bleeding hand into the water and cleaned the wound.

"oh." Jake said finally.

Tsu'tey ignored him.

"What do you think that thing was?" Jake finally asked. The other Na'vi remained silent as he wrapped the wound and inspected the bandaged hand closely. Tsu'tey had memorized the spot. He would have to go back and inspect it when Jake wasn't with him.

"Perhaps another of your human friends coming to invade our home." Tsu'tey looked up piercingly and felt surprise well up in his chest when he saw the serious look on Jake's face.

"I know you find me disgusting and you'll probably never forgive me but even if there is another invasion, I will always stand by your side. This planet isn't suited for humans, nor are they allowed to destroy your home. No, our home."

Tsu'tey stared in amazement as Jake looked up, his eyes burning with determination. Warm fingers closed around the hand in Jake's lap and Tsu'tey looked down as the other Na'vi twined their fingers together.

"We'll protect the clan, together." His words made warmth rush to Tsu'tey's heart and he reached out with his other hand, letting the tips of his fingers touch fleetingly against Jake's cheek.

Their faces drew closer and closer. Tsu'tey knew what was going to happen but he couldn't stop it. Bright golden eyes fluttered shut slowly as Jake's lips met his own. His blood sang in excitement as his arms wrapped around Jake's neck and the taller Na'vi pushed him onto the ground and covered his body with his larger muscular one.

Jake was definitely an unhealthy addiction, Tsu'tey thought as Jake bit down on his shoulder.

They didn't notice the small button camera secured to the tree trunk. The small camera whirred as it took several photos.

Labs were set up in the small clearing. Large machines whirred in the distance. A line of electric fence surrounded the small clearing. Inside one of the labs, a computer suddenly bleeped. The man in front of the computer smirked as he pulled the mouthpiece to his lips.

"Reporting to Alpha, the target has been sighted."

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