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General PoV

After the fiasco at the Leaky Cauldron, Fawkes decided that he would teach Harry how to bring someone with him.

"Harry, focus on letting the water pull you, but feel that it pulls the person you are touching without harming them."

Harry nodded and tried once more to go to the edge of the lake with Charlie. He felt the pull and then felt his tug on Charlie. Harry flared his wings and suddenly felt them flash to the lake.

He opened his eyes and found Charlie standing next to him.

"It worked!" Harry cheered and hugged Charlie.

Harry was doing well with those that weren't a threat to him. The next test would be when Neville and Luna came to visit. Harry had a feeling that he would do fine with Luna. Something about the strange girl always made him feel safe.

"I think we should invite them tonight and get it over with." Harry declared during breakfast that morning.

Fawkes agreed that it would be good to get it over with and flooed called Luna and Neville to come over that evening for dinner and to stay until it was time to go back to school.

They agreed and were all to happy to come over. Ron on the other hand was still livid and no longer speaking to anyone. Even Percy had called Ron a prat and congratulated his brother on finding happiness.

Harry grinned when the morning mail came in. Sadly, his good mood vanished when the Daily Prophet landed on the table.

Charlie picked it up and started to read but tossed to Hermione instead, she read:


This reporter is scared to report that Harry Potter is not only Gay but he is some kind of Creature.

It has come to my attention that yesterday while I was at the Leaky Cauldron, Harry Potter appeared on the bar in a flash of blue light.

When everyone tried to say hello though, he ATTACKED them! These huge blue appendages grew from his back and anyone who touched was severely injured. It was then that one Charlie Weasley and a mysterious man with red hair and gold eyes came to the rescue.

The Red Man, as I will call him, seems to have some control over fire as he used the fire to force people to make a path for Mr. Weasley. Mr. Weasley gladly braved the horrid blue death that was Harry Potter and hugged the boy.

"He was professing his love." One witness stated during an interview. He was horribly injured but managed to calm a deranged Harry Potter and take him out of the room so that all inside were safe once again.

We thank him greatly but this begs the question: If Harry Potter is a dangerous creature, shouldn't he be locked up? Also, is Harry Potter becoming the next Dark Lord?!

This reporter only has one thing to say: Harry, you might want to pack because I think you might be going to vacation in Azkaban!

This report was written by Rita Skeeter!!

Harry snarled at the paper while Fawkes took it from Hermione and burned it to ash. Within seconds the floo sprang to life.

Surprisingly it was Luna and her father as well as Neville.

"Mr. Potter, I would be very happy if you would accept to do an interview with me so that we may clear your name!" Harry smiled at the strange man. That would be wonderful.

Mr. Lovegood and Harry conducted the interview quickly and were assured that it would be out by the evening paper.

Neville smiled at Harry and swore to him that he would stay by him no matter what. Luna just walked up and hugged her brother.

Instead of trying to get away, Harry smiled and hugged her back.

"How have you been my little sister? I hope your visions are not causing you harm?" Luna gave him an airy smile before focusing on Fawkes, Hermione and Charlie.

"Hmm, very interesting." She pulled Harry over next to Charlie and Hermione closer to Fawkes and the scrunched the four as close as she could get them before she stepped back to look at her work.

"Family and a very nice one at that. Treat Harry well Charlie and Fawkes, you should admit it already. No good has ever come from ignoring ones feelings."

With that the airy Ravenclaw wandered off to hug everyone. Harry turned to Hermione and Fawkes.

"You two will understand that eventually. I always did and I am pretty content to just head her warnings and see where they take me."

Harry leaned up and pecked Charlie on the cheek. "Treat me well love." Harry then walked over and started to converse with Neville.

The rest of the day was nice since Ron had decided to go hang out in town so everyone was able to relax as Harry played in the lake. It seemed that he really loved to play in the water but it was Charlie that noticed something interesting when the sun glinted off Harry's back.

"Fawkes, all of the scars, they seemed to have become scales, is that normal?"

Fawkes grinned at him. "Yes it is how his body tried to heal the outer wounds. It also is a natural defense system."Fawkes removed his shirt.

"These are the scars from my life."

Fawkes back had almost no skin. It was all scales in different patterns as they covered the individual scars.

"Damn, hard life or what?" Fawkes smiled at the jest and replaced his shirt.

Charlie called Harry in and they spent the rest of the afternoon going over what Harry could do to call Fawkes to him.

September 1st

"Wake up!!!!" Molly yelled at Harry and Charlie. She felt bad because Harry had had another nightmare about his Uncle and had crawled into bed with Charlie but they were going to miss the train.

"Mm…Noooo…" Harry whined and snuggled into Charlie's chest. In reaction, Charlie hugged Harry closer.

Molly sighed and grabbed the bucket of water Fawkes had told her to bring up. She cast a spell to chill it and upturned it on their heads.

"MOM!!" Charlie yelled as he shot out of bed. Harry on the other had sat up giggling and playing with the puddle that was now on the bed.

"Come on dear, you should go take a shower and get ready for the train." Harry nodded and waited till Charlie was out to take his shower. When he came down for breakfast his hair was sopping and there was still water on his skin.

Before Molly could reprimand him, Fawkes spoke up.

"Good thing you are water to begin with, otherwise you could catch a chill."

Molly smiled and they ate in piece after that.

"Come now kids, time to get on the train!!" Molly called to all of her boys plus Hermione, Draco and Fawkes. Molly smiled when she saw Hermione talking to Fawkes about the years he has lived in. Molly was a little sad that she would not be a Weasley but she was like Harry's sister so that would make her like a part of the family.

Harry had gotten used to touch when it came to Charlie but he was still a little nervous and there were a lot of people. Harry was having a little trouble keeping his wings hidden because he was scared.

Charlie knew this and was staying close by while Fawkes, though talking to Hermione was keeping an eye on both her and Harry because he was worried about Hermione as well as Harry.

"Come on Harry, I was told I could sit with you, Hermione and Draco as well as Fawkes who is riding the train with us." Harry relaxed because he knew that his friends were not out to hurt him and would protect him.

They all said good bye to Molly and the Twins and went to find a place to sit. They ended up finding a place that only had Remus Lupin in it.

"Harry! I heard what happened to you so I took the job a DADA this year! I will be working there to stay close but are you okay!?" Remus said all in one breathe.

Harry smiled hesitantly but didn't move any closer.

"Harry, what's wrong?" Remus asked worriedly.

Fawkes was the one who answered.

"It is because he is a phoenix. His human blood trusts you completely but his creature side thinks you are a threat to him. My suggestion is give him time and don't do anything to frighten him. Also don't get to close to Charlie, they are mats and he might attack."

Remus nodded but was sad that his cub was afraid of him. Harry felt bad and moved a little closer. When his creature side told him to move away he promptly told it to go fuck itself and reached out to pat Remus on the head.

"Sorry Remy, I can only do that much but I will try to do better so don't be sad." Harry hid behind Charlie after a second but it was enough for Remus to know that Harry didn't hate him.

When they arrived at the school Harry had to part from Charlie.

"No, I can't go in there without you!" Harry cried and hugged him. Luna moved next to him and wrapped her arms around him while Fawkes trilled to him.

It ended up taking Hermione, Luna and Fawkes promising that he would be able to stay with Charlie and that they would stay with him at the table that they were able to move into the great Hall.

Dumbledore stood to explain what was going on because when they took their seats, Dean reached over and patted Harry on the back who grabbed Luna and loosed his wings which caused Fawkes to meld their powers and release his own flaming wings.

"Um, yes well I should explain so that everyone knows what to do if this ever happens again." Charlie glared at the old man as he went to help his mate.

"Harry is a very rare Water Phoenix. They are known for their kindness and healing powers but also their devotion to their mates. In Harry's case, that is Mr. Charlie Weasley. The man with the red wings is my Phoenix Fawkes. He will be helping Harry and is to be with him at all times. Harry will also be staying in Charlie's quarters as Charlie is to be the Care of Magical Creatures teacher while Hagrid is visiting family. Remus Lupin is back with Lucius Malfoy to teach DADA as well."

"If Harry is scared and releases his wings, I ask that you not touch him and come to find either Fawkes or Charlie to calm him." Fawkes stood then.

"If you cannot find the two of us, Luna and Hermione will also do. They have become close to him. All you have to do is not touch him, that is enough to keep him calm." Everyone agreed because they had all read the Daily Prophet.

You could tell those that agreed with the story by the ones that just glared at Harry and kept muttering monster under their breaths.

You could also tell who Ron had spoken to by those who were glaring at Fawkes as well. It seemed it didn't take a genius to know that he was laying his own claim to Hermione and that Ron was not happy to be losing his crush.

Harry calmed the instant that Charlie wrapped his arms around him but Charlie was worried that Harry was too nervous. He picked Harry up bridle style and carried him to the head table. Charlie took his seat next to Severus and Lucius with Harry on his lap.

Lucius was the first to speak when he noticed that Harry wasn't afraid to be near them.

"Child, why aren't you afraid of us?"

Harry gave him a childish grin.

"Because you and Professor Snape helped save me so now that I have Charlie, you do not scare me. Also, Draco is your son and Snape's godson so I trust you."

Severus smirked slightly and Lucius nodded his head before engaging in a conversation with Remus. Harry ate in silence for a while before speaking up again.

"Also, you, Snape and Remus are together so I have no reason to fear you if Remy likes you two."

Lucius and Severus stared at him in shock while Remus laughed at their expressions.

"So how did you figure it out Pup?" He asked between hiccups. "Well, they smell like you and you smell like them. Not in the way of you bumped into each other but like you guys sleep in the same bed and hug and probably have sex." Harry blushed and his eyes glazed for second but he shook himself and smiled slightly at them.

It was Severus who spoke up finally.

"You don't have to speak of things that make you remember that." Harry smiled slightly at Severus and nodded but didn't say anything.

Dinner progressed peacefully. The big test would come in two days when classes started.

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