"Welcome folks!" Axel says to the audience.

"And this is Axel's Pranks and Prejudice! A TV show where YOU control who gets pranked!" Xion laughs.

"Why pranks and prejudice? Cause I got the pranks, and YOU guys have the prejudice! Tell me any, and I mean ANY, Kingdom Hearts, Organization, or Disney character that appears in the series, and me and my crew will play the prank of YOUR desire to them!" Axel says proudly.

"Yes, this includes King Mickey." Roxas points out.

"And these are my assistants! The lovely Miss Namine!" Namine waves to the audience.

"Hello everyone!" She smiles.

"Xion, the Key of Faith!" Xion grins.

"What's up everyone!"

"Roxas, my buddy and the Key of Destiny!"

"Hey. I'll be the camera man for most of our pranks." Roxas holds up a small digital camera.

"Demyx, the Melodious Nocturne himself!"

"Hiya! I'll be Axel's pit crew for most of the pranks! And I get to help out!" Demyx says cheerfully.

"Alright guys, we're waiting for your reviews, and for the people YOU want pranked!" Axel grins.

"Review, and we'll pick the best prank, and let them have it!"