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The Odd Couple

By: MyDirtyLittleSecret

Chapter One

Got a big plan, his mind's set, maybe it's right
At the right place and right time, maybe tonight
In a whisper or handshake sending a sign
Wanna make out and kiss hard, wait never mind

-Tear You Apart By: She Wants Revenge

When Kagurazaka would show up to bug Sano while Mizuki was around it didn't seem that weird. He hung around long enough to bait and bother Sano until Mizuki blew up. It became sort of a regular thing. Sure, Nakatsu thought the guy was a douche, but he didn't bother the blond as much then. Maybe he irritated the fuck out of Nakatsu now, because Mizuki was gone. She wasn't around so this jackass had to find someone else to rile up. It wasn't to hard for the high jumper to get him mad, because there was something about that jackass that bothered the hell out of Nakatsu. Yet, it seemed that every time Kagurazaka opened his mouth Nakatsu wanted to hurt him. Really, he shouldn't let himself fall into this stupid trap every time the high jumper showed up. He just couldn't make himself stop. It had gotten to the point of ridiculous.

"Kami-sama! Why is it you show up where ever we are!? Go away!" Nakatsu snapped. He'd really had enough of this same old song and dance. If he didn't know any better he'd think the high jumper had a thing for Sano. The guy was showing up at his friend's practice at least once or twice a week now. "Just because you lost your championship title to Sano doesn't mean you have to come around to harass him all the fucking time!"

"I'll go where ever the hell I want, blondie! What are you gonna do about it?" Kagurazaka shot back angrily. "This isn't about the championship!"

"I'll kick your ass that's what!" the soccer player threatened. His brain completed disregarded the one tiny important bit of information the high jumper had let slip.

Sano sighed in agitation. "Leave it be, Nakatsu."

Nakatsu dropped his guard irritably. "Fine. It'd be a waste of energy anyways."

"So you're Sano's bitch now? Is he holding your leash now that Mizuki is gone?" the high jumper smirked.

"Shut the hell up. Ain't nobody holds my leash, but me," Nakatsu growled, hackles rising again.

Sano shook his head and stalked off. He wasn't about to stick around to watch them bark at each other like dogs. They'd been doing it for a long time now. Nothing ever came to blows. In fact, he was beginning to wonder if there wasn't something else to it. Especially since Kagurazaka instigated all the fights. Nakatsu probably hadn't even picked up on that fact. Neither of them noticed him leaving anyways.

"Yeah, well you sure like to trail after people like a lost dog. What's the matter? Don't know how to take care of yourself?" Kagurazaka taunted.

Nakatsu flushed. "It's called having friends. Apparently, you don't know what that is since you're such an asshole."

"They follow me. Not the other way around," the high jumper smirked.

"Oh, that's right. 'Cause you're to good for anything less." the blond snapped back.

"At least I don't look pathetic."

Nakatsu didn't know why that last statement struck such a bad nerve. But suddenly he was moving before he realized it. He grabbed the high jumper by the front of his shirt and slammed his back into the chain link fence. The loud crash and the wince of pain on Kagurazaka's face were incredibly satisfying to the blond. He saw the high jumper's fist start to swing towards him. He began to duck out of the way, but the other boy was faster. Nakatsu jerked in surprise when instead of being punched, he was grabbed by the back of the neck. Before he could move, Kagurazaka yanked his head forwards. He went absolutely rigid when the other boy's mouth crashed against his.

The kiss was fierce and bruising. None the less, excitement coursed through Nakatsu, frightening him in its intensity. He started to try to get away. The high jumper followed his move easily and bit down on his bottom lip. He yelped in pain and shock. The sound was muffled quickly as Kagurazaka's tongue darted into his mouth to dominate him. For a second, he was to overwhelmed to do anything. His brain was overloading from the sudden twist that had occurred. Then he came to his senses. He yanked his head away and shoved the other boy back roughly. Kagurazaka's back crashed against the fence once more. Nakatsu stumbled back a step to stare at the high jumper. The two regarded each other silently, both panting from that forceful kiss and the adrenaline coursing through them.

"What the hell was that!?" the blond finally burst out.

"I don't know," Kagurazaka snapped. "I just did it."

"That's not an excuse!" Nakatsu barked, confusion flooding through him.

"Who said it was an excuse? I just did it, ok!" the high jumper repeated.

The two glared at each other for a moment longer. Then Nakatsu turned and stalked away. He looked like he wasn't going to get a proper answer.

"You're gonna run away?" the high jumper yelled at his back.

"I ain't sticking around for a repeat of whatever that was!" He shouted over his shoulder.

He didn't look back once as he stormed his way back to the dorms.

Kayashima's hands came up as soon as Nakatsu walked in to their shared room. The roiling aura coming off the soccer player was so bright and intense it surprised the other boy. Something had upset his friend very much. He'd only seen Nakatsu that wound up a few times. Usually it was because of a fight with one of his close friends.

"What's wrong? Your aura is very disturbed," Kayashima remarked.

Nakatsu's scowl deepened as he dropped his athletic bag on the floor with a loud thud. "Nothing!"

The aura reader didn't buy that. "Something happened."

"I don't want to talk about it," the soccer player snapped irritably.

The aura reader waited patiently in silence. Nakatsu was terrible about holding back his feelings. He wouldn't be able to hold it in for long. He wasn't disappointed.

"God damn Kagurazaka!" the blond burst out, making Kayashima's eyebrows rise in surprise.

The aura reader wanted to ask what the high jumper had to do with anything, but he wisely remained quiet. Nakatsu continued without any prompting or pushing.

"I don't get him at all! He always comes to watch Sano jump and then hangs around just to irritate the crap outta us afterwards! Granted Sano leaves most of the time and I end up being the one pissed off with the arrogant asshole. Why the hell would he stick around after Sano leaves!? I swear he does it just to harass me! What the hell!?" the blond ranted.

"Harass?" Kayashima inquired, despite his intentions to stay quiet.

Nakatsu plowed on without seeming to notice his friend had said anything. "That bastard kissed me! He insults me until I'm so pissed I want to strangle him and then he kisses me!"

The aura reader stared at his friend in shock. "Why?"

"That's exactly what I want to know! He had no reason for it!" the blond exclaimed wildly.

Kayashima had always wondered about the high jumper. Whenever Kagurazaka showed up at Osaka, while Kayashima was around, his aura was always in turmoil. It was so mixed up it was nearly impossible to read. Yet, the one color the aura reader had always been able to pick out more so than the others was red–the color of lust. The aura reader had known Kagurazaka had some kind of sexual interest in someone at Osaka. He wouldn't have been surprised if it had been Sano or Mizuki. But Nakatsu? That was a real shock. The two clashed so badly personality wise that it seemed almost impossible. It really made no sense.

"It was with tongue too!" his friend blurted angrily.

The aura reader had a feeling this was the beginning of a rough time for Nakatsu. He knew that the blond had accepted he was gay, but up until now it had only been words. Nakatsu had never actually had a true gay experience until now. He seemed to be handling it fairly well. He seemed more upset about who the person was that had kissed him then the actual act of being kissed. That in part confirmed that at least Nakatsu had started to accept his sexuality. But was he ready to be fully gay?

"What will you do now?" Kayashima asked curiously.

This stopped the blond's tirade up short. He blinked in bafflement. Clearly, the blond hadn't given it much thought. "I dunno," he admitted, then went completely silent.

As several days went by Nakatsu realized he did want a repeat. He didn't come to that conclusion right away. He certainly didn't take to it easily. But after mulling it over he couldn't deny the truth of what he was trying to ignore. And it was hard to ignore something that seemed to trouble his thoughts every waking hour as well as some of his sleeping ones. He didn't know why the whole event affected him so strongly at first. For the first two days all he did was try to wipe the kiss from his memory. It refused to be forgotten though. He found himself dwelling on that kiss. The ferocity of it, the excitement he'd experienced, the heat of Kagurazaka's tongue in his mouth all seemed to replay over and over in his mind.

Then he began to wonder why the high jumper had done it. Adrenaline? Anger? Trying to provoke a reaction? Or...Kagurazaka was attracted to him? That idea completely threw him off. He wouldn't have suspected the high jumper was even remotely gay until the other day. The possibility of Kagurazaka somehow liking him was almost to hard to comprehend. The other boy had to have heard that Nakatsu was gay. The entire fucking school knew it. So had the high jumper kissed him, because Kagurazaka had known that? Or would he have done it anyways without that knowledge?

What irked Nakatsu the most was realizing he did want a repeat. He had liked the intensity of the kiss. The force behind it had made the hairs on the back of his neck stand on end. The shock and pain of being bitten had turned him on much to his shame. And if he was forced to admit it, the high jumper was a pretty damn good kisser. It was absolutely crazy to feel all this for that jackass of all people. It irritated the shit out of Nakatsu. Somehow though he needed to kiss that bastard again just to be sure what he'd felt. If it had been a fluke then he'd write the whole thing off as a crazy learning experience. If it was something else…well, he wasn't really sure what he'd do about it after that. He was pretty sure he could figure that part out later.

Kagurazaka sat at his desk in his room at home. His chin was propped up on his hand as he gazed out the window. He was supposed to be doing his homework, but he couldn't get himself to focus on it. Instead, he was focusing in on that kiss he'd given Nakatsu. He really hadn't meant to do that. Sure he'd been attracted to the blond for well over a year now, but was never meant to go anywhere. It was just a stupid crush. He didn't even really know why he liked the blond. Nakatsu was really hot. He had such a weird personality. He was so passionate about everything he did. Maybe the passion was what caught the high jumper's eye. Whatever it was he'd never meant to give the blond any hint of the crush he was harboring. Then Nakatsu had gotten up into his face and his space. Kagurazaka hadn't been able to think or to stop himself from what had happened next. Nakatsu had looked amazing that up close, eyes flashing and face slightly flushed with fury. The urge to kiss him had blindsided Kagurazaka. He didn't have the time to stop himself before his mouth has been on Nakatsu's.

He hadn't expected to get away with as much as he did. He was really surprised he hadn't been punched outright as soon as Nakatsu realized what was happening. Nakatsu had just seemed to stunned to really know how to react. But what, Kagurazaka found most interesting of all was the wild lust that had flared in the blond's eyes before his anger had doused it. Nakatsu had felt something for him in that brief interaction. That gave the high jumper a little hope. He wondered if he could get Nakatsu to react like that again.

A wicked smile began to creep across his face. He wondered what else he could provoke the soccer player into doing. He wondered if he could get more out of Nakatsu than just a kiss. Nakatsu had looked more surprised than put off. Nakatsu had liked the kiss. A twisted plan was starting to form in his mind. Suddenly, this wasn't just about a crush. It was about seeing how far he could get with his advances.


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