I am feeling the strong pain in my head again. I only hope he will not ask me to do something I will regret later. I ask to be excused and walk back into Will and mine chamber to lie down for a few moments.

I wake up later with William shaking me on the shoulders lightly. He tells me it is time for Cora's inauguration as Queen. I follow him into the throne room where we stand in the back trying to drawn attention to ourselves. I do not want to fight today. I just hope no one recognizes me as Rahl's sister.

"As queen I pledge my loyalty to this great kingdom. To defend its people from all enemies and lead it to peace and prosperity. Spirits bless our kingdom." Cora says in a loud voice. Her nerves seemed to have disappeared.

"Spirits bless our kingdom." Everyone repeats after her.

Marius steps forward, kneels in front of the queen and hands her, her scepter. She takes it gracefully.

"Spirits bless our queen" Marius says.

"Spirits bless our queen." Everyone says while bowing. William and I follow suit.

After everyone has had their time congratulating the queen we walk out of the throne room following Darius, Richard, Zedd and Kahlan. I look up to William to see his brows are furrowed like he is worried about something. I squeeze his hand reassuringly and continue to follow them.

"The only way the D'Harans will believe the celthrop is still alive is if there has been another attack." Cora says as we are walking.

"My queen, Captain Flynn and I will slaughter sheep and leave the carcasses at the border. We will spread the words along the trade routes. The D'Harans will believe it is the work of the celthrop." Marius says.

"A few dead sheep will hardly scare my brother. He has more magic and tricks on his side then you could ever imagine. He will see through the sheep act and he will become angry. More people get slaughtered when my brother is angry." I say hoping to not over step my boundaries.

"What do you suppose we do then?" Richard asks.

"Well, I would say plant dead corpses around the border but we seem to be opposed to killing people when it isn't necessary." I reply.

"I may have something that will help those efforts. I can place several of these chimes in the forest that borders D'Hara and cast a spell on them. So the slightest disturbance in the air say from an approaching D'Haran and the chimes will ring out but it won't be any chime they will hear. It will be the awful howls of the celthrop. The ear is more easily frightened than the eye." Zedd adds.

Richard and Cora turn to me to see if I approve.

"It will buy you some time. But not a lot, so think of another plan to follow this one as well." I reply.

Darius turns to Cora she nods her head slightly.

"We will make preparations at once your majesty." Marius replies.

Darius, Richard, Zedd, and William leave to go through with the plan. I leave the room but walk to my bed chamber instead. The pain in my head has gotten worse throughout the day.

I go to lie down when the pain become over-bearing I fall to the ground clutching my head.

"So good to see you are finally bowing down to me, little sister." My brother's voice rings out above me.

I look up to see my brother staring down at me. I glare at him and release my hands from my head. The pain has vanished in his presence, which does not seem like a good thing.

"What do you want? Have you come to finally take me back to the People's Palace? So I can continue to be your slave until my services are no longer necessary to you and I join Father and my mother in the Underworld" I ask him the venom dripping in my voice.

"No I am letting you exercise your freedom of choice but if you keep talking like that I may change my mind" My brother replies in his always arrogant tone.

"Then why are you here?" I ask him.

"News had traveled to some of my general's through a spy here in the castle that King Gregor is dead and so is the celthrop. Soon my men will storm the castle and take over the kingdom of Cadic." My brother tells me.

"What do I have to do with this?" I inquire.

"You will not tell the Seeker and Confessor of my plans. And when the time comes you can either help my men out or be taken by them and brought back home unwillingly. The choice is yours, dearest little sister." Rahl tells me.

The door opens and William walks in by brother disappears from the room.

"Was that?" William asks in disbelief.

I nod and start to cry. Will envelops me in his arms and I spend the rest of the night crying until I finally exhausted myself to sleep. Leaving my problems to tomorrow.

I wake up to being summoned to the throne room. Richard is at the door telling William and I that we are needed there immediately. I get out of the bed and place my hair up upon my head with a few pins and freshen my face from the crying last night. I only hope I am a good actress when the time comes or I know my time in the People's Palace will be short.

William and I head to the throne room to find Cora, Captain Flynn, Richard and Kahlan conversing.

"Another monster?" Cora asks.

"Zedd is on his way to Agdin Reach to find out who Shota cursed." Richard replies.

"What if we don't find this person?" Kahlan questions.

"We prevent them from hurting innocent people." Cora remarks.

"My queen, should I inform Prince Marius?" Captain Flynn asks.

Cora nods her head in response. I am slightly happy about the new celthrop, it may mean that I do not have to lie to either of my brothers or to the man I love. I only hope they do not kill this one like they did the least one.

"Is there something else bothering you, your majesty?" Kahlan asks when she notices Cora fidgeting.

"I was going through my mother's things. I found her diary. I know why she was outside the castle the day she died. She believed he was unfaithful and that at night he would meet a woman. "Cora replies.

"Who?" Kahlan asks.

"The diary does not say. Only that the woman lived near Norwood grove. My mother went there to confront them." Cora replies.

"But the King couldn't have been unfaithful by night he was the celthrop."Richard says.

"but my mother didn't know that. My father had kept it a secret even from her." Cora replies.

"Why would she think that he was unfaithful?" Kahlan asks.

"Someone informed her. The diary doesn't say who only that it was somebody she had trusted." Cora replies.

It was probably the spy Rahl has here. My brother probably told the spy to tell Cora's mother that to create trouble here.

"Whoever it was knew where the King would be at night. "Richard says.

"And sent her to her death" Kahlan says with a grim look on her face.

"There is only one person besides your father who knew the truth about the celthrop. Prince Marius." Richard says.

Marius is my brother's spy then. He probably made some deal with Rahl that if he was able to give Rahl control of Cadic, Marius could act as his ruling King over Cadic. Fool, he will probably die the second my brother takes Cadic. My brother cannot be trusted.

"Marius has the most to gain, an entire kingdom. Maybe he orchestrated the Queen's death at the hand of the celthrop. "Richard says.

"And he knew the King would be so grief stricken over killing his own wife that he would want to die." Kahlan replies.

"So the prince seeks out the Seeker to fulfill his wish." Richard says.

"And if it is the kingdom Marius wants…" Kahlan says.

"Then only one person stands in his way me" Cora says finishing her sentence.

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