Chapter 17

"Fuck, you're going to be the bloody death of me."

Buffy grinned, bouncing on top of him. "You're already dead."

He grabbed her, switching their positions. "Are you sure your powers are gone?"

She nodded. "Positive, this is all me."

Spike attacked her neck, smothering kisses along the way. "Your mum should go out of town more often. Do you think she's shagging Giles?"

Buffy scrunched up her nose. "Gross, can we not talk about my mother's possible sex life while you're inside of me? I would really appreciate it."

He laughed. "I'll keep that in mind."

"Besides, Dawn may sleep like the dead, but Faith is still very much awake. We have to keep it down," she explained.

"Love, I'm sure Faith knows what we're doing. She's not completely oblivious."

Buffy cried out, biting her lip to keep from being too loud, even with what Spike said. She lay at his side, trying to catch her breath, and then moving to the window when she heard a noise outside. "Hey, Angel's here. He really must have a death wish. Why the hell would he come back? She's going to kill him."

Spike smirked, raising his arms above his head. "I don't know about that, she might end up surprising you."

"You just never give up, do you?"

Angel took a seat across from her, surprised that she let him in, and didn't have his invitation revoked. "I really needed to see you."

"What could you possibly need to tell me? We're over, Angel. You've made that perfectly clear when you left. I have nothing else to say to you." She moved away, but he wasn't letting her go that easily.

"Well, maybe I have something to say. I love you, Faith. I should have done this a long time ago. I should have fought for us more, but I'm here now to make up for all the pain I've caused."

She crossed her arms over her chest. "Yeah, and just how are you gonna do that? The same problems are still there, Angel. We can't have sex, or you'll lose your soul and become a murderous demon again. I know the drill; excuse me for not wanting to go through that a second time."

He nodded, taking her hand in his. "You won't have to, that's what I've been trying to say. I went to Africa to see a demon that I heard about, you go through trials and if you pass, he grants you a wish. I wished for my soul to be anchored, so no matter what happens between us, I'll never be able to lose it again."

Her eyes widened. "Did it work?"

Instead of answering, he wrapped his arms around her waist and planted a firm kiss on her mouth, sighing in relief once she responded, and pulling away when she needed to breathe. "It worked, I can feel it. I don't know what it is, but my soul feels different now. Better, like it's really mine, if that makes any sense. And now it's yours, if you'll have me. I want us to have another chance, Faith."

She didn't know what to think, but knew that she was miserable ever since he walked out of her life. Faith never wanted to feel that way again, she deserved to be happy. She kissed him this time, putting all her feelings behind the gesture. "If you break my heart again, I really will stake you. Don't make me regret this."

Angel smiled. "No chance of that, I'm never letting you go."

She smiled as well, actually believing him. "I'll hold you to that."

Buffy headed back to her room, she hating eavesdropping on her sister, but was too curious not to.

"How did it go?"

She smiled, joining him on the bed. "Pretty good, he came back for her, said he got his soul anchored. I can't believe it's even possible. I didn't know demons like that existed. I can't even imagine what he had to do in order to get it."

"Nothing pleasant, I'd wager, he could have gotten killed. I talked with Peaches before he left, and he was very determined to do this, no matter the consequences."

"I guess he does love her," Buffy said, snuggling up at his side.

"Not nearly as much as I love you," he replied, kissing the top of her head. "I would go through that and more to get a soul for you, all you would have to do is ask."

Buffy gazed up at him in shock, but knowing that if she asked him to, he would do anything to make her happy. "Who needs a soul? Just the thought that you would get one for me is enough, and proves that you really don't need it." She was about to kiss him, but the heavy moaning coming from her sister's room put everything else on hold. "Are you kidding me? At least I was trying to be quiet."

Spike chuckled. "I guess now we'll know if that soul is really for keeps. You wanna show them a thing or two?"

She squealed when Spike pounced.

"Someone sure is giddy; you haven't been able to wipe that smile off of your face all day. I have to admit, it's nice to see."

Faith blushed, thinking back to the night of passion she had with Angel, finally getting the morning after that she always wanted. "Did you ever see this coming? That we would both end up with vampire boyfriends? I'm the Slayer, this sort of thing isn't even supposed to happen."

Buffy agreed. "True, but you've never been very conventional. They make us happy, that's what's most important. Spike even said that he would get a soul for me, but I declined. I wouldn't want him to steal Angel's thunder."

Faith rolled her eyes. "Yeah, I'm sure that's the only reason. It pains me to say this, but he's been really good for you. It's nice knowing that you'll always be protected, even when I can't be there, but if he ever hurts you…"

"I know, you'll stake him good and proper," Buffy finished, cutting her off. "The same goes for Angel."

Faith put an arm around her sister. "You're okay, brat."

She smiled. "Likewise."

"Great, more sisterly bonding that I'm not a part of. You two are so unfair; Mom said you have to start including me in stuff. Can I go patrolling with you tonight?"

Faith shook her head. "Not on your life."

Dawn pouted, crossing her arms over her chest. "Fine, so, when can I have a vampire boyfriend? I heard you both last night. I'm sure Mom wouldn't be happy to know what you've been doing while she was gone, and scarring me for life in the process."

Faith exchanged a look with Buffy, letting out a sigh. Their little sister may seem innocent most of the time, but she was really pure evil. "Maybe patrolling won't be such a bad idea."

The End

I really didn't know how to end this, but figured that was a good enough place to stop. I think I've done all I could with this one, and I'm very relieved to be finished. Thanks to those who read and reviewed, it's always much appreciated!