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We're best friends with one another. But, someone managed to destroy the bond we built, with just one little secret - that I like him.

He starts to avoid me and, slowly, it's like we're back again to where we first started - acquaintances.



There he was seated under the Sakura tree – our tree. His messy raven hair still as gorgeous as always. Those pair of crimson eyes looking into mine; I could feel blood rushing to my cheeks.

Stop, Mikan. Stop blushing. Dammit.

"What?" He asked in an indifferent tone.

I was frozen in place. It has been months – more like years, actually – since he used that kind of tone on me. And,take note, his tone was like that when I first tried talking to him.

What exactly is wrong with him today?

"Uh. I just wanted to check if you're okay," I said innocently,trying hard not to stammer for words. I was surprised when I suddenly found it hard to speak of friendly words I wished to convey to him. Was it because of the fact that I like him? Or is it because of his unusual behavior?

Wait. He doesn't know I like him!

I crossed my fingers behind my back as I wished that he wouldn't find out. However, deep inside of me, something felt wrong. It was like those eyes had become unfamiliar and that rare smile had been swept away from his face. It's like we're back in the beginning from where we started – acquaintances. A shiver ran down my spine as the thought came across my mind.

"Okay. Whatever. Bye," He said and stood up from his spot, brushed off some dirt on his plaid pants and went off towards the red-bricked path. My heart sank at the very bottom of my stomach – the moment he walked away from me.

I sat down the grass, fighting back the tears about to fall from my eyes. I looked up and saw the pink petals of the Sakura tree. They were vibrant and lovely, as it always seemed, just like my friendship with Natsume. But, now, I was disgusted that I actually thought our friendship could be compared to the wonderful petals of that very tree.

"Natsume," my voice cracked as hot tears prickled down my face. "Why are you acting like this?"

I stood up, not even brushing off the dirt on my skirt. Instead, I walked clumsily towards the opposite direction, leading to Hotaru's laboratory. I was feeling all dull and numb – inside and out. I need somewhere I could break down into tears because, soon, I wouldn't be able to hold off these emotions overflowing inside of me any longer. And that one place was with Hotaru – my other best friend.

"He did... WHAT?" I nearly choked as I had stuffed loads of chips into my mouth. Food's my stress reliever, just so you know.

"That shit-head Andou told Hyuuga that you liked him," Hotaru stated in her plain, dry voice. I know. She just went out of a long-term relationship with Inchou – or Yuu, if you prefer. She looked stoic as ever though – just that her almighty rays seemed to lessen.

"Tsubasa." The coke can in my hands bent as I clenched my fist, completely unaware of the poor little piece of aluminum. "That bastard! I thought I could trust him!"

"People deceive, Mikan," Hotaru stated as her amethyst eyes penetrated through my hazel orbs.

"And, so do hearts of two people secretly in love with each other," she finished off.

"Huh? What do you mean, Hotaru?" I asked, perfectly perplexed at what she wanted to say.

She stood up as her chair made a screeching sound against the floor. Her figure moved towards her computer table, and before she sat down and started busying herself with her usual scientific stuffs.

She replied, "Go and find out the meaning behind my words by yourself. You are the only person who can unravel this. Time will pass and you will realize it... soon."

The journey of two people with a pair of deceiving hearts begin.

Main Characters:

Natsume Hyuuga

Mikan Sakura

Tsubasa Andou

Misaki Harada

Akira Tonouchi

Imai Hotaru

Ruka Nogi

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