A heartbreak or two

Fandom: Valentine

Author: vodooman

Rating: G

Genre: romance, drabble, AU

Characters/Pairings: Grace (Aphrodite), Ari/Kate, Eros/Kate

Any warnings: Pretty much AU and somewhat spoiler-y for episode 2.

Disclaimer: Valentine and its characters are not mine. I only write fan fiction for funs and entertainment.

A/N: I instantly liked this pairing! A/K are really funny together... especially this one scene in which she is totally horny... and tries to talk dirty... but really isn't. Lol... that was soo funny!


The first time Grace saw Kate Providence she knew that this mortal girl was special. She had a heart of gold and the most exquisite atmosphere around her, and there was something nameless mysterious surrounding her. She just didn't know what it was that interested her so much in Kate.

Until one day Ari came to visit them. Then she understood.

Grace had seen this atmosphere around one other woman once; Hercules mother. She too had been a mortal woman, and she too had had such an atmosphere around her. And Grace remembered how her father, Zeus, had almost forsaken everything he had for that mortal girl back then and how Hercules had been the result of his love for the mortal woman.

She watched both Kate and Ari interact. Kate was awed by the god of war, and Ari obviously enjoyed the attention. But there was more there than superficial feelings. She felt it, and knew it too.

And now, as she watched Kate and Ari interact she got a heavy feeling inside of her stomach. She didn't love Ari, therefore she wasn't jealous of the two and their new found feelings for each other. And the two had feelings for each other, even if someone like Ari still tried to ridicule the concept of love. No, the reason she felt so uneasy was because of the other pair of eyes that watched Kate and Ari intently that night.

Danny too had seen it, the emotional bond that had instantly formed between Ari and Kate once they had gazed at each other for the first time. How could Eros not see it? But he had a different reason for feeling uneasy about the two, and Grace was sure it involved a heartbreak or two.