Unused Valentine Cards

Fandom: Valentine

Author: vodooman

Rating: G

Genre: romance, drabble, missing scene

Characters/Pairings: Grace (Aphrodite), Ari/Kate, Eros/Kate

Any warnings: Spoilers for Valentine episode 3

Disclaimer: Valentine and its characters are not mine. I only write fan fiction for funs and entertainment.

A/N: A missing scene, or explanation for the empty Valentine cards Leo and Phoebe find.


She bought Valentine cards every year. And every year Kate would then put them carefully into the box she kept under her bed.

Unwritten, unused and empty.

But always in reach in case she finally found the kind of love she wrote about in her novels.

The one that sweeps you off your feet and that makes you forget everything around yourself. And when the day would come that she finally found it, she'd use the cards to express what she felt. She would finally fill the white, empty pages with words of love and admiration. And then she would be able to give the cards to someone else.

She couldn't wait for that day to finally come.