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Time: takes place in Harry's fifth year.

Warnings: masturbations, uses of sex toys, slashiness and possibly smut.

Title: Unexpected Experiences

Summary: Harry Potter decided that a little bit of self exploring and self teaching was in order but he didn't anticipate that being taught can sometimes be quite rewarding.

Pairing: Harry Potter/Severus Snape

Slowly Harry Potter eased himself into an empty stall in the boys' lavatory on the sixth floor of Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry. The green eyes looked around in search of anybody but there was nobody and the young male sighed gratefully. So it seemed that there were small favors after all.

He looked around again and then took his treasure out of his pocket. He could feel his face heat even before he had unwrapped it. It had been given to him by Fred and George. He could still remember as they pulled him away from everybody else so that they could give him his gift. Well, it had not really been a gift but more of an experiment.

The Weasley twins were doing a lot of research for their joke shop and as Fred had said that Harry deserved a gift for making such a large donation. At first they had debated whether or not they should give him a lifelong discount on the joke shop but once they had caught Harry with some magazines during the Christmas Break, they had decided upon another plan.

Harry still burned bright red whenever he remembered their expressions. He had stood before them, wondering when they were going to say something but they didn't. They merely patted him on the head and that was all. Harry had rarely been so confused.

Well, that wasn't entirely true. Harry had been confused before. But somehow the confusion he had earlier, whether he liked boys or girls better, made sense. The reaction of the Weasley twins, however, did not.

But right now Harry could care less. They had given him a priceless gift and that was all that mattered as he walked to a stall and put the toilet seat down so he could sit down. He looked at the wrapped package in his hand. Was he really going to go through with this or would he change his mind?

Well, a little bit of self exploration was never amiss. His mind made up, Harry nodded and smiled to himself. Slowly he took his other treasures out of his pockets and set them down on the toilet seat.

He glanced back at the heavy wooden door. Should he close the door or not? Surely nobody would have to be here on the sixth floor after class this close to dinner time? Well, his cock gave a hearty twitch at the thought of being caught and Harry fought his blush. What was he turning into?

Those were questions to be answered later when Harry would allow himself time to think. Right now, all he wanted was to experience and to feel. There weren't many times that he allowed himself this indulgence. Living in a dorm with four other boys and well, probably, as far as Harry knew, being the only one who even remotely thought about boys in such a way, well, it wasn't very encouraging.

Harry shook his head firmly. Right now, all he had to think about was the blokes he had seen in the magazines he had been reading. But the more he thought about them to get into the mood, the more he grew discouraged.

These weren't the ones he wanted to fantasize being with. He wanted somebody who saw him, Harry. One who would be gentle and who didn't want to have sex with him because he was the Boy Who Lived. He wanted to explore his sexuality with a partner who was dominant but who was gentle at the same time and somebody who took Harry's feelings into consideration.

But right now, those things didn't matter either. Harry could fantasize about that, but right now it was time for some action.

Taking a deep breath Harry unbuttoned his robe and threw it off. It would only get in the way and he had something else entirely planned.

Taking a deep breath Harry kicked off his shoes, it would be so much easier. He shivered as his feet touched the cold stones. It didn't matter that he had his wand, he wouldn't be using it. Now, he had decided against using any magic. One of the few articles he had been reading in the magazine suggested that using your hands to prepare yourself before you began to experience with the toys, well, it made things more enjoyable.

Harry bit on his lip. He was a little bit nervous as he unwrapped what he had brought with him. There was a bottle of lube and the toy the Weasley twins had given him. It was perhaps as long as his middle finger but round and thicker. It was colorless but the best thing, it vibrated.

Harry fought his laughter as he tapped it with his wand and the toy vibrated in his hand. So this was supposed to go…?

He swallowed thickly. He was nervous but also…he was also aroused. Slowly he began to undo his belt and then the buttons of his jeans as he slid them past his hips and over his knees and stepped out of them. He left them on the floor as he slowly drew in a deep breath before he reached for his boxers.

They slid past his hips easily to pool at his ankles and Harry stood naked from the waist down. His cock was half hard and glittering with pre come. Harry stared down at himself. He knew he wasn't the size those men in the magazines were but well…

Slowly Harry ran his fingers over his cock. It didn't feel entirely unpleasant but he imagined that it wouldn't be the same as feeling somebody else's fingers over the same place. He closed his eyes, imaging that it was a lover who was stroking him skillfully.

He had done the occasional wank in the shower but it never really seemed to do much for him. He sighed deeply and reached for the lube, this time, he would try something different.

The reason he had never done anything of this sort before, well apart from not knowing that it existed, was that he had been afraid to get caught. The morning or evening showers were never long enough for a lengthy exploration as Harry was hopefully going to do now.

He jumped three feet in the air when a door banged shut close by bit it was outside in the corridor and after listening carefully for half a minute Harry carefully uncorked the lube. It smelled strange to him but not unpleasant and Harry carefully squeezed the bottle until he had coated his finger in it.

The lube was cold and carefully Harry reached with one hand behind his penis and balls, carefully not to touch himself and smear the lube all over himself. No, the lube was supposed to go some special place. Harry breathed in deeply as he put one leg up on the toilet seat and steadied himself with the other hand.

He reached beyond his balls and very carefully began to circle his asshole with his fingertip. The cold lube made him exhale sharply as he bit his lip to prevent himself from hissing sharply as he tried to push his finger past the tight guardian muscle.

It already hurts this much and this is just a small finger, how am I going to fit the vibrator in there?

He circled the strong muscles as he inhaled sharply and suddenly he pushed in. He breathed a sigh of relief as he slowly began to wiggle his finger; pulling it out and pushing it back in. The feeling wasn't entirely unpleasant but Harry hadn't thought that it could burn quite his bad.

Slowly he tried to relax, hoping to enjoy himself. He crooked his finger but still, pain was the only reaction he got. Though his cock was hardening he couldn't seem to enjoy himself… He sighed heavily.

"And just what the hell do you think you are doing, Mr. Potter?" The deep velvet voice washed over Harry and immediately he pulled his hand away. He turned around on quick feet that had saved his life last summer when Voldemort had returned and he grabbed the vibrator with his hands, hiding it behind his back.

He fought for words as he faced his Professor. The dark eyes were narrowing in suspicion and focused on Harry's face. Harry could feel his blush rising from his neck as the dark eyes shot over his exposed cock.

Snape never once blushed or looked away; he only raised an eyebrow and crossed his arms over his broad chest as he purred. "I repeat my question, Mr. Potter, what are you doing?"

"Nothing, sir…" Harry whispered.

"Nothing, you say? I'm certain that you achieved nothing at the moment but that is never the intent behind self exploration, unless I was mistaken?"

Harry closed his eyes. How long had Snape been standing there? He opened his eyes again and whispered. "You are wrong, sir. I wasn't doing anything…"

"So you weren't using the lube over there to prepare yourself for your fingers or…" And as Snape stopped speaking and a slow smirk passed over the lined face the toy began to vibrate. "For whatever it is what you're hiding behind your back?"

Mutely Harry shook his head but he knew he had been caught. He looked away to the floor at once. It was bad enough that he had been caught but did he have to be caught by Severus Snape of all people?

The Head of Slytherin House was one of the only few young Professors at Hogwarts. Well if you counted anybody below forty young. And for wizards, Harry knew, it was young. True, there were plenty of other young people at Hogwarts but Harry knew that if they caught him in this position, with his pants down his ankles and preparing himself for a vibrator, well they wouldn't stand here to chat about it.

No, they would take one good look at him and leave. Everybody, except for Severus Snape. The Potions Master loathed Harry so much that he would even humiliate Harry now. As if Harry needed further humiliation.

"What are you hiding behind your back, Potter? The vibrating is driving me up the wall."

His gaze still turned to the floor, Harry extended his hand that was holding the vibrator. He could feel the specks of color in his cheeks and the way his eyes burned with something that felt suspiciously like tears. By morning this story would be all around the school.

What was normal for every other boy, well apart from the circumstances, had to be abnormal for Harry. Come tomorrow, the whole school, and probably in the days after that the Prophet, would giggle at Snape's story of Harry masturbating.

Everybody would talk about what a freak Harry Potter was. Lots of boys had been caught by their teachers Harry knew and there weren't any stories circle around about them but it would again be different for Harry. And then Snape could gloat to Harry again about loving his fame.

Snape plucked the device out of his hand and Harry dropped his hand as if burned. Harry shuffled his feet a little, throat thick with suspense as he waited for his teacher to deliver his verdict and punish Harry.

He felt so humiliated at the moment even without Snape's voice belittling him. He could feel the heat of the dark eyes upon him as if Snape was contemplating Harry. He swallowed thickly and then reached down to gather his boxers and jeans to get dressed.

"I did not tell you to get dressed, Mr. Potter." Harry's gaze shot up to meet the dark eyes. The green eyes narrowed behind the round glasses before Snape said, holding the small vibrator in his hands and turning it around. "I do not know if this is yours or a gift but whoever gave it to you has got excellent taste. For a first time, this is a recommendable choice."

Snape held out the vibrator for Harry to take and Harry curled his hand around it, surprised. He would have expected anything from his teacher but not this. He had expected Snape to send him to detention or to put him out in the hallway naked but not this…kindness.

"What other items have you brought, Mr. Potter?" Snape didn't move closer but Harry turned towards assembly of stuff on the toilet seat as he said.

"A cockring, sir and some lube."

"Well, I suppose that you have everything you need to continue, Mr. Potter. You have ten minutes to reach completion before I'll be forced to dock points and hand out detention. Next time I catch you in this position, I will not be so lenient, is that understood?"

Snape turned on his heel, his cloak swirling about him but before Harry could stop himself he blurted out. "But that is just it, sir; I can't seem to reach completion."

Upon realizing what he had said, Harry put his hand to his traitorous mouth. Harry, I think that once this evening is over, you may feel comfortable never showing your face again.

But despite how Harry felt he had no control on how his green eyes seemed to focus hopefully on Snape as the older wizard turned. For the first time in all his years that he had known his teacher, he had never seen the professor so surprised. The dark eyes had widened and the thin lips had opened in surprise.

"Did I just hear correctly that you can't seem to reach completion on your own?" The thin lips curled in a smirk as Snape turned fully and purred. "You really do not expect me to believe, Mr. Potter, that somebody of your age has never reached completion?"

"No, of course, I have….I mean I achieved…"

"I believe the word you are looking for is orgasm, Mr. Potter. And in case you do not know the definition of the word it is when you reach the peak of sexual excitement, usually brought on by rubbing the genitals and it is characterized by strong feelings of pleasure and by series of involuntary contractions of the muscles of the sexual organs and accompanied by ejaculation of semen by a male." Harry scowled at Snape's smirk.

"Yes, I did achieve that." Harry's answer was aimed at his feet.

"Mr. Potter, do you really think that it isn't a bit too late to blush when you're standing in front of me half naked with a vibrator in your hand and I just caught you fingering yourself to prepare yourself for said vibrator?" Snape's smirk was deadly.

Harry stiffened and he could hear the rustle of the robes Snape wore as he muttered to himself. "I should never have done this…I'm such an idiot for thinking that this was actually going to work…"

"Do you really believe, Mr. Potter, that you're the first to be caught in the act? And by me? Boy, I caught many a student in my time…"

"I bet it is the first time somebody can't get enjoyment out of touching themselves…"

"Hardly! I would be surprised if you had managed to get off at your first time. There are those special cases that need another's touch to fulfill an orgasm."

"But I don't want to be a special case…" Harry cried.

"Oh believe me, Mr. Potter, being a special case in such a situation isn't bad at all. It may even get you a special reward." Snape's purr was so low that despite himself Harry looked up. He opened his mouth and closed his again. He had no idea what he could or would say.

He looked away after a moment and then Snape asked. "What is it precisely what you're trying to achieve?"

"Well, I thought that much was obvious…" Harry held up the vibrator and said. "I'm trying to make this fit…."

"Make it fit or get some enjoyment out of it? Making it fit is the easy part." Snape tapped his wand on the vibrator and it shrunk to the size of Harry's nail. Harry stared at it before he glanced back up towards Snape. The Potions Master had taken a step closer before he tapped his wand on the device again and unshrunk it.

"But if it is enjoyment you're looking for, then I do believe that you require my help."

"Do I….?" His voice sounded so very high and young, incredibly nervous as Snape took another step closer so that Harry was forced to look up to meet the dark eyes as Snape leaned down and plucked the vibrator out of Harry's hands.

"Oh I think you do. You see, Mr. Potter, I'm a teacher at this facility and thus the responsibility falls to me to teach you how to work with such a nefarious device. Now we wouldn't want you to hurt yourself because you don't know how to work such a thing. You could do some serious harm to places we do not want to be harmed."

Harry licked his lips and his cock had hardened all the way throughout Snape's speech. He glanced up at his teacher to see the gentle smirk cross the thin lips. Snape met his eyes and then he said.

"Turn around, Mr. Potter and spread your legs. I'll teach you what it is like to find enjoyment at the hands of another."

It was one of the first times that Harry had ever complied with instructions Snape gave so quickly as he turned and braced himself on the toilet seat. He heard a sharp intake of breath behind him and he turned as Snape whispered. "You assumed the position of bottom very natural, Mr. Potter…."

There was a note of satisfaction to Snape's voice and Harry looked away. Surely it must be very satisfactioning to Snape to see James Potter's son bend before him awaiting his touch.

A gentle hand touched his hair and carded through it as Snape said. "Never assume that I do anything but top, minx but I must say that it has been a while since anybody presented me with such a delightful little whelp. I think that I can teach you many things indeed, Mr. Potter but for the moment, let us proceed with the lesson I set out of you."

"Could you…could you please call me Harry, sir? It just…it is extremely disheartening to hear you say Potter when you're going to have your fingers up my arse." Harry lowered his eyes but he peered up from his lashes when he heard the most astonishing thing.

Snape was laughing softly as he held a hand to cover his mouth. The dark eyes seemed to hold a bundle of warmth suddenly and finally Snape said. "Very well, Harry, if you call me Severus as long as you have anything of mine buried up your arse."

Harry nodded to say he understood and he forced himself to relax as Snape reached around him for the lube. For a moment the warm breath brushed his ear and his cheek, intimate as Snape purred. "This may feel a little bit cold, Harry."

The cold finger that circled his hole made him tense and Snape murmured. "Relax, Harry."

Harry did his best and he closed his eyes. His whole back was rigid but then a large, warm hand came to lie down upon his back as Snape instructed. "Just breathe in and out…"

Suddenly Snape pushed in and Harry breathed out harshly. This felt totally different then before and Snape added a second finger before he crooked them and brushing something inside Harry that turned his legs to jelly. Harry's breathing left him in a gasp and he had to catch himself on the toilet seat before he would surely fall to the floor.

"What was that?" He asked, his voice shaking.

"That was your prostate, Harry. I doubt that you would have found it on your own on your first time." Snape's voice was still calm but Harry could almost hear the smug expression in the deep voice as the Professor continued to stretch Harry.

Harry's legs were shaking and his cock was already spilling pre come but Harry didn't even think of touching himself. He wasn't sure how long he was going to last and he must have made a sound because Snape snarled. "Don't you dare come before I get this toy inside of you!"

"Yes, sir…" Harry managed to pant. He tried to keep the orgasm away even when he had no idea how to do such a thing.

He bit his lip but he startled badly when Snape pulled his fingers away. He mewled as he turned around and demanded. "What are you doing?"

Snape raised an eyebrow and then said, holding up the toy. "I can't fit both in there, Harry. So which one will it be? The fingers or the toy?"

Harry stared between the long elegant fingers and the toy in the other hand. He really had no idea what he was going to pick. Snape noticed his hesitation and he walked closer as he pulled Harry close and said. "How about I offer you a trade? This up your arse and my fingers on your cock."

Harry smiled. He could live with that. He reached up and looked into the dark eyes before he turned around again. He assumed the same position that he had done earlier and braced himself. He could feel the cold tip of the vibrator push against his entrance and for a terribly long moment the burning took over but then his muscles gave way and the toy was inside of him.

Harry could feel it pushing in deeper and suddenly it was in and vibrating pleasantly. He thought he was going to die from pleasure. It pushed against his prostate, sending shivers up and down his spine as he closed his eyes and opened his mouth.

He hardly realized he was turned around carefully and long fingers wrapped around his cock as they kept the same rhythm that the toy was keeping. Soon Harry was bucking into those sinful fingers, moving his hips in time with the strokes of his cock.

It seemed to go on forever but the pressure inside Harry was building. It was because of Snape that he was suddenly propelled over the edge as the Potions Master whispered. "Come for me, Harry. Spill that delicious seed…"

His muscles clenched in the delightful spasms as Harry came. He moaned softly as a hand wrapped itself around his shoulders to support him as Harry staggered. He leaned against the firm chest close by and breathed a sigh of relief as a hand stroked his hair while the other arm held him up.

Magic tingled his arse and cock but Harry had rarely if never felt so relaxed. He yawned as his arse clenched around the unfamiliar object still buried within him but Snape moved his wand once and the toy dropped to the floor as Harry felt another cleaning charm sweep in areas he was too tired and too relaxed to contemplate right now.

"I do believe that this first lesson was a success. The next lesson will be of course on how to add a cockring to this mix and eventually, a cock." Surprised at the murmured deep voice that rumbled through the chest he was leaning against, Harry looked up.

"What do you mean…Severus?" He tasted the unfamiliar name on his tongue but he smiled when he noticed how the dark eyes widened and something in Snape's face seemed to soften. The Potions Master tipped Harry's head back as he purred his breathing warm on Harry's face so the younger wizard could smell the mint on Snape's breath.

"I mean, Mr. Potter that I think you would benefit greatly from more of these lessons at my hands. I think you can use the experience only I can offer you."

Harry could feel a smile overtake his face as he said before he pushed his lips against his newfound tutor. "Well and I can't think of anybody else I want to share this with."

And as Snape kissed him, Harry relived in the knowledge that sometimes an unexpected experience wasn't a bad thing at all.

The end

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