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"And that is how a cockring works! But let me first show you the practice that goes along with the theory. But you do understand one thing that the name cockring implies? That it is simply an attribute and that it goes along with something else, something I'll also be showing you." Severus' voice was very similar to the one he used in Potions class but Harry didn't mind in the slightest, in fact he was shivering in anticipation.

Some would say that he would be shivering from the cold and drafty dungeon air because he was mostly naked but Harry was sure that it was from anticipation that Severus was finally going to touch him and put that cock inside of him. Harry hadn't even seen it, let alone…

He shook his head firmly and blushed when he caught the look Severus send him. It was a look that made his toes curl and his cock harden. Severus had been sending him that look more often ever since he caught Harry playing with himself. Merlin, it was a favorite fantasy of Harry that he wanked to often, though not often enough because all he wanted, all he craved was to have Severus' long fingers on him. And finally it was going to happen.

After days of practical information, especially the morning after Severus had caught him, Harry had finally been summoned to Severus' office for his ultimate lesson. Slowly Harry breathed out as the dark eyes rose up to meet his green ones. Harry swallowed thickly at his newfound lover. Who could have guessed that he would learn this many things at Severus, half that consisted of things that he didn't even need to take all his clothes off for?

Harry barely had time to read the book he had been given without growing hard or diving underneath the covers to touch himself. How he had managed to turn in all his papers on time was beyond him. He had been so distracted by the very informative book which had some very interesting and moving pictures. Harry wasn't even sure people could do many of those things but he was keen to try them out. But first thing first…

At the feeling of Severus' long fingers against his cheeks he resurfaced and looked up at the dark eyes. He smiled faintly and Severus cocked a brow as he asked. "Those thoughts that you are having must be really interesting if you are zoning out on me. Should I put a bucket in your lap so that it can catch the drool?"

Harry flushed as he grinned and said. "I'm just imaging what is going to happen next."

"Would you rather fantasize about it instead of finding out?" Severus purred voice rich and deep. The older wizard lowered his mouth and suckled on Harry's neck.

Harry's hand tangled in the dark hair as he whispered. "I've been fantasizing about if for so long that I wonder if it can do it justice…"

Immediately Severus drew back as he stared at Harry and asked. "You fear it will not live up to your expectations? That I will not live up to them?"

Harry immediately shook his head as he said. "No, of course not. I know you will but I fear that I have been rather romanticizing it. I'm currently imaging floating candles and long sweet lovemaking while actually, you would not do romantic…"

"Oh, I can be very romantic if I'm persuaded." Severus' voice was like molten chocolate and Harry would have melted into a puddle of goo if it was possible. No, instead he gathered up all his courage as he said, not daring to look Severus in the eye.

"I know…but I would rather that you be rough and do it right here and now. I want to see if you can be so in control when you make passionate love to me. I want to make you lose control…just to see if I can." Severus' breath caught in his throat as he sputtered for a moment.

"You want your first time to be on a desk?" The Professor finally asked.

"You caught me masturbating in the loo, so why would this place surprise you?" Harry dared to glance up.

"You are completely sure that you want me to be first for you?"

"I thought that was what all these lessons were about…"

"These lessons were to prepare you for being a lover eventually…I had not dared to hope that I would be the one…" Severus cleared his throat and then smiled, a feral smile that made Harry's skin crawl. He swallowed thickly and then nodded as Severus said. "So you really want to put those lessons to use?"

Despite himself Harry grinned and nodded, he couldn't wait. He immediately leaned forward to take Severus' face in his hands as he pressed a gentle kiss against the thin lips and said. "Why would I want it to be anybody else but you? You taught me so well after all. I'm keen to put these lessons to use."

Severus' lips quickened into a smile as he replied. "Saucy minx."

The older wizard then leaned forward to kiss Harry upon the lips and Harry opened his mouth, allowing the wicked tongue entrance. Their mouths moved against each other, never in a hurry but in a rhythm that only they understood. Harry could feel the heat between them building.

He scooted forward on the desk and wrapped his legs around Severus' waist, wishing for once that the older wizard would shed those robes. But eventually he will be naked. Unless he will insist on wearing those robes when he makes love to you…just imagine him crawling on top of you with those robes covering you, you won't see a thing...

Harry had to pull away to hide a giggle. He dared to look up at Severus' face as the older wizard's eyes narrowed in anger and he bit out.

"And what do you find so funny, Mr., Potter?"

There were pink spots in the high cheekbones and Harry realized he had made a mistake. By giggling at his own thoughts Severus had assumed that Harry was laughing at him and he had taken it to be the insult he had thought it to be. Harry reached out to take a big hand in his own but Severus pulled it away, out of reach as he continued to glower down at Harry.

The minutes stretched out between them and Severus grew tenser with each passing one as Harry studied the pale face of his Professor. He studied the dark eyes that seemed to flash with rage but Harry knew that there was something else in there as well. He once more tried to reach for Severus' hand but the older man refused to allow Harry to take it and finally Harry sighed and bowed his head before he said.

"I wasn't laughing at you…"

"Oh really? Then what did you find so amusing about me kissing you that you had to giggle?" Severus' voice dooped with disbelieve.

"Well, alright, it was partly about you." Severus stiffened but before the Professor could open his mouth to no doubt shout at Harry and to end things once and for all between them Harry pressed on. "I was just thinking about your robes and that I've never seen you without them. That led me to thinking about what we are going to do and if you are going to shed them then…then I was thinking about how weird and funny it would look if you didn't and I would be covered by your robes, unable to see anything…"

Harry knew he was rambling but he couldn't stop. He just couldn't. He wanted to prolong the moment before Severus would announce that he had enough of Harry. It would come, it always did but instead a potion stained finger was laid against his lips and Harry fell silent. His eyes shot up towards Severus' dark ones as the older wizard said. "I have every intention of disrobing at the right moment. This is not a moment of your choosing but rather when I deem it to be necessary. I'm the teacher in this situation and you will obey my guidance at every moment."

Harry shivered as the heated gaze mapped out his chest, before long elegant fingers stroked down and touched his nipples, tweaking them. He was sure that he was going to be a completely mess by the end of it but it didn't matter. He withered when Severus kissed his neck, licking and sucking at the skin. He keened when Severus suddenly pushed himself away and said, stepping out of Harry's reach. Harry's breathing caught in his throat when Severus' hands moved down the row of buttons that held his robes together.

Harry was sure that there must be a spell to get the buttons undone so quickly and so neatly. Though any of Harry's thoughts about spells was erased as the robes were carelessly tossed aside. He could only focus on the white shirt that appeared underneath as he wondered if that was coming off as well. Merlin, he hoped so.

It didn't take long till he was rewarded as well as Severus unbuttoned the white shirt, though slower then he had unbuttoned the robe. Harry was almost drooling with anticipation and as he glanced up at the dark eyes, he knew from the smirk that twisted the thin lips that Severus knew what he was doing to Harry by prolonging the moment.

But even Severus couldn't unbutton even more slowly as the shirt fell open, revealing a pale chest with sparsely dark hair. Harry's eyes widened as Severus drew the shirt away to reveal dark, flat nipples and a trail of dark hair that ran down from the flat stomach into the dark belted trousers. He wanted to lick that chest, caress it with his hands and play with the dark nipples to see if Severus was as sensitive as Harry was. Or at least like the book said that it was an arousing zone for some people.

He looked back up at Severus to see the older wizard giving him a feral glare. Harry gulped. The hunger in the dark eyes was so very arousing that he nearly came right there and then.

The next moment Severus murmured a spell as he pointed his wand at the cockring and Harry could feel the weight settle over his cock and balls, halting off his climax. He mewled and shifted on the desk, his cock rubbing against his trousers. Immediately Severus stepped closer and pulled his head back, kissing Harry hungrily.

Harry reached out and felt the cool skin against his fingertips as he could hear Severus' breathing hitch in his throat as one of Harry's fingers brushed a nipple. Harry's hands continued their exploration of his lover's chest as his tongue explored the warmth of Severus' mouth. Harry scooted forward until his bare chest was touching the warm skin of Severus' chest and immediately he was being warmed. It felt awesome.

It made his skin prickle, especially when Severus pulled away to stare down at him as he soothed a finger down Harry's cheek and down his neck as he tilted Harry's chin away. Harry allowed his neck to be exposed as Severus dove in to lick at the exposed skin. Harry moaned as Severus' mouth once more closed around the spot he had marked earlier, honestly with all that sucking upon his neck how was he going to hide those spot?

Though, why would he want to hide them? He liked spending time with Severus and Severus obviously thought he did well in his lessons. He could finally say that he had a lover of his own, a lover who completed him and who liked him for who he was….

A lover who was also his teacher and who had years of experience that Harry didn't. A lover who was twenty years older than him. Harry had checked up on the fact to see if it was possible for a student/teacher relationship to survive and it seemed that it was not frowned upon. Unless one used sexual favors to get better grades, Harry would need to put out a lot to get his grades up.

Harry's prick throbbed in time with his heartbeat inside his jeans and he tried to wiggle out of them, imagining hands pushing them away and freeing his cock. He moaned and then Severus' hands were upon him, undoing his zipper with maddening slowness and pulling his jeans down his hips. Harry leaned back on the desk as he slowly lifted his hips so Severus could pull his jeans away. He kicked his shoes off, not caring where they landed right now. They could clean later; he wasn't in the mood to be careful now. All he wanted was to be fucked thoroughly by Severus.

The older wizard glanced up as he pulled Harry's jeans away, the heat in his eyes making Harry grin. He lowered his eyes. It was one thing to being told that Severus desired it but it was another thing to actually see it. His cock was tenting his jeans and he was sure that it was going to be what Severus was going to remove next but instead the older wizard rose as his hands came down to cover his own belt.

Harry could feel his eyes grow wide as saucers. He could feel his face flush as his mouth opened when Severus undid his belt and allowed the ends to fall to the sides as he undid his zipper and button. It was one of the most arousing things Harry had ever seen, he was sure of that. Unless…actually, no, it was the second most arousing thing he had ever seen because the next moment Harry Potter discovered that Severus Snape did not wear any underwear underneath his trousers.

The dark pubic hair that came into view as Severus lowered his dark trousers over his hips was making Harry's breathing speed up. He glanced up towards the gleaming dark eyes as he wondered if that was simply the state Severus preferred or that it was simply because of this moment? It was definitely something he would like to find out on a later date but before he could help himself he blurted out.

"I always thought that you taught us to wear protective clothing at all times. Please don't tell me that not wearing any underwear as a Potions Master is accepted…"

Severus smirked right at him as he rested his hands on the trousers that were resting on his hips, not leaving much to the imagination but much to Harry's annoyance, hid the most important thing. The Potions Master purred in such a voice that it made Harry even harder. "Well, going commando has its benefits. It is proven scientifically that going without one's underwear makes one feel more natural and that certain seem to be doing the best job for a Potions Master when they are in their element and feel at their best. It benefits the potions they create the best…"

Severus leaned forward and purred in Harry's ear, making the younger male shiver. "Some would go about creating potions naked if they could get away with it. But alas, too many side effects that can damage someone physic."

Merlin, if not for that damn cockring I would have come right there and then…and I haven't even seen anything yet.

Harry swallowed to try and show some resembles of the control he wasn't feeling as he said. "But we aren't going to brew potions now are we?"

"Have I finished managed to get you interested in potions?"

"If I knew that you were going to walk about your lab naked all day, then hell yeah." Harry knew without a doubt he would be a potions genius if only Severus taught the potions class without robes on…

"Well, I think, brat, that we must celebrate this victory another time. We have business to attend to."

"Yep, I like business, especially this business." Harry actually licked his lips when he noticed that Severus' hands had moved his trousers down a little bit. He watched as they slid down inch by inch, displaying a flat belly with the dark pubic hair that made Harry nearly moan. If he had actually hesitated if he was gay or not in that moment he knew. No girl had ever held his attention the way Severus did and Harry's heart was hammering in his chest, he wanted to see his lover's cock and he wanted to taste it…

Finally Severus stopped teasing and slid his trousers past his cock, making it jut out as he stepped out of his trousers with an easy grace. Harry realized he was staring a moment later when Severus softly cleared his throat. The green eyes shot up to meet the dark ones and Harry blushed. He glanced back down at the erect cock that seemed just so big…

He now realized what they said about big noses and a big cock was true. He had never seen another cock before, except for the boys in his dormitory in the showers but Harry never stared then. He wanted to run his fingers down the thick shaft and lick the red head that glistered with precome. He wanted to fondle the heavy balls….

"Perhaps it is time that you undress yourself fully and we can get down to business. I think that you may need to come down from the desk so I can prepare you…no, shift to the edge instead and wrap your legs around my waist when I have prepared you…I would very much like to see your face if that is agreeable."

The dark eyes were watching him as Harry said. "Won't it hurt more if I…The book said that if I lay down I should lay down on my stomach for the first time…"

"But you will be sitting on the edge of the desk, unless you wish to retire to the bedroom." Severus' voice was gentle but immediately Harry shook his head as he said with a grin.

"What I want is for you to get over here before I finish removing my boxers so that you can prepare me and then fuck me senselessly." He could feel the heat in his cheeks because he had never been this forward but Severus merely shook his head as he laughed softly and said.

"You really are cheeky, Mr. Potter. Very well then, remove your boxers while I shall Summon the lubricant. You better hope that that cockring holds so I can thoroughly prepare you."

Harry was known to move fast when he wanted something, such as catching the snitch when it meant victory for Gryffindor but at this moment, he moved faster than he had ever in his life, including when he dodged the killing curse when he last fought Voldemort and killed him. He tossed his boxers aside and immediately scooted forward as he watched a colorless tube appear in Severus' outstretched hand. The teacher stepped in between Harry's spread legs and leaned in to kiss him.

A cold finger brushed the muscles around his hole and Harry tensed despite the instructions he remembered from Severus. He tried not to flinch but as Severus' finger brushed his hole again and then pushed in, Harry bit his lip as he broke away from his lover's mouth to bury his face against the shoulder in front of him. The pain was sharp but Severus didn't press in further. He had been stretched before by the vibrator they had used but this was different. This time the pain didn't last as long as it had the other time but soon Severus began to move and added another finger.

Harry glanced up as he pulled Severus' head down, touched by the concern he saw in the dark eyes as he kissed Severus long and hard as Severus prepared him. Harry's cock swelled even more, though it was nearly impossible when Severus finished preparing him. Finally he pulled his fingers away as the Potions Master broke the kiss to stare into Harry's eyes. "Are you absolutely sure? There is no going back after this."

Oddly touched Harry nodded as he kissed Severus lightly upon the lips and said. "I want to have the ring and the cock…"

He blushed when he realized what he had said but it seemed to be all the affirmation Severus needed as he smirked and said. "Getting ahead of ourselves, are we? We shall see about that ring in a couple of years, shall we?"

Harry's heart warmed and he nodded as Severus released him to attend to his own cock. Harry watched mesmerized as Severus lubricated his cock with quick movements. The dark eyes slid shut in pleasure before they snapped open and Severus growled. "Wrap your legs around my waist. I'll support you."

Harry did as Severus requested, leaning as much on Severus as on the desk. The head of Severus' cock breached the guardian muscle and Harry moaned softly. He was distracted by gentle lips nibbling on his own and he lost himself in the kiss as Severus pulled his cock back out and slipped back in. It was a few moments before they found the correct rhythm but in the end the only things that existed for Harry were: the delicious brush of Severus' cock against his prostate, the man's lips on his own and the cockring that made it unable for him to come.

Severus' movements became more urgent and their kiss became even deeper. Harry could feel his lover tensing underneath his fingertips and then suddenly Severus pulled away to whisper a spell Harry didn't catch. The moment the pressure from the cockring disappeared Harry's orgasm was upon him with such a rush that he threw back his head and screamed as he spend himself against Severus' stomach. He was sure he would black out because there were a lot of spots dancing in front of his eyes.

Harry wasn't sure it was the screaming of Severus' name or the fact that he couldn't help but clench his muscles but Severus followed him a moment later, emptying himself in Harry. The Potions Master swayed as he stepped forward and Harry sat back down on the desk. Severus slipped his softened cock out and then put a hand in between Harry's spread legs to support him. Harry moved a so he made some room and then took one slender hand in his own and tugged.

Severus looked up, the curtain of hair framing his face with cheeks rosy from their lovemaking and his eyes shining with a healthy glow. He couldn't have looked lovelier to Harry if he had said those words. Severus sat down next to him, wrapping an arm around his waist to pull the Gryffindor towards him as Harry melted against Severus' side.

They sat in silence for a while before Harry asked. "So, is this the end of lessons?"

Immediately Severus tensed as he pushed Harry away roughly and snarled. "Are you that desperate to get rid of me now that you had what you wanted?"

The dark eyes gleamed and Harry was taken aback before he shook his head and said, trying to keep his limbs from shaking. "No, but normally…" He chose his words with care. "When one has mastered the lessons, the teacher decided that the lessons end. I was merely enquiring to see if we will be continuing because as you know, teaching me as long as you have, that I require a lot of practice until I'm perfect and even then I'm prone to error."

"Well when you put it like that, I suppose I'm duty bound to submit myself as the test subject so that you can practice your skills upon me. It would not be right to submit other people to your techniques until they are up to the best standard possible. And as the books have shown us it is not suitable for one to practice this upon one's own. No, it is better if we retire to my rooms where we can rest and then we shall have another lesson this afternoon. Yes, we have many things that we needed to cover before you can be experienced enough to be released, if ever that day comes."

Harry smirked as he accepted the hand Severus held out to him and as he followed his Potions Master to his newfound home, he somehow knew that Severus would ensure that the day to release Harry was never going to come because despite the snarky demeanor Severus displayed, underneath beat a human heart and Harry knew that once inside that heart, Severus would never release him and Harry would not have it any other way.

The end.

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