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Percy had seriously considered quitting the Ministry forever.

The Ministry, which had been the source of his estrangement with his family and that he'd completely lost faith in over the years.

Audrey had told him of the place she used to work, an Archive for old magical history and documents. Percy had always loved history and deciphering ancient languages; working at the Archive seemed like something he'd enjoy for the rest of his life. And there would be no more politics involved, no more long trails of parchment full of laws and regulations, no more reports to write and terrible, useless rules to enforce.

Percy had written out his resignation, and all that was needed was his signature.

But in the end, Percy had taken that resignation, folded it into eight identical squares, carefully tore it along the lines and placed the pieces in the fire.

He reported directly to the Ministry, asking what they needed him to do.

Because now that Kingsley Shacklebolt was Minister and the corruption built into the system was being slowly undone, maybe Percy would finally be able to do what he had truly joined the Ministry to do: help people.

Percy had been in charge of the construction the Memorial to Peace, which took the place of the Magic is Might statue in the Atrium. He made sure that every name he had collected of the fallen heroes was engraved onto it, and every name that families and friends had brought to him.

There were the names of wizards and witches of every blood status on the memorial, as well as the names of deceased house-elves, goblins, centaurs and any other creature which had given its life for equality and freedom.

Percy and Audrey moved into a flat together in muggle London soon after the end of the war. Audrey had long ago decided to make her move to Britain permanent. She had started working part time at a Magical Creature Reserve at that point, but commuting wasn't really a problem for wizards and witches.

Percy had been nervous about living totally among muggles, but he quickly got over it and grew to love his neighbors, even though he had to put a memory charm on one of them after the man had come over and accidently caught sight of Audrey's latest charge, a newly hatched Common Welsh Green with a broken wing.

Audrey's first dinner at the Burrow was what Percy called a complete disaster. It had started innocently enough, with all the Weasleys, their respective significant others, and some Order members gathering to eat some of Molly's best cooking and swap stories.

But as soon as dinner was over, Harry had suggested that they go outside in the neighboring fields and play a game of Quidditch by moonlight. Audrey, ecstatic about the idea because apparently she had played Chaser for the team at her school, had dragged Percy out with them, ignoring his complaints that he couldn't even ride a broomstick.

Quite a bit happened between then and the next day, but dawn found them wandering around in some swamp—who knew there was a swamp near Ottery St. Catchpole?—trying to track down their runaway Snitch before a muggle came across it.

But despite all this, Audrey steadfastly maintained that it was one of the greatest nights of her life.

Because in truth, Audrey fit into the Weasley family like she had been there all along.

She'd cook with Molly (although she really wasn't very good at it), explain all sorts of muggle things to Arthur, be the big sister Ginny always wanted, and hung around and joked with boys.

Sometimes Percy worried that they'd like her more than him, and that they'd forget about him. But it was a stupid concern, of course, because Audrey acted as a bridge between him and the rest of the family when he couldn't quite reach them by himself.

All and all, the Weasleys had never been closer.

They found Ayden's body a few months after the fall of Voldemort.

He had been in a cell in Azkaban, dead by the Avada Kedavra killing curse. It was estimated he had died a week after they had first lost him on Christmas day.

Percy had organized the funeral service himself, making sure that all friends and distant family from America were present, and held Audrey throughout as she cried in his shoulder.

When Percy finally got the courage up to propose to Audrey, they had been snowed in at a muggle train station just outside of Switzerland.

Percy had been planning the moment carefully for almost three months, putting countless hours and thought into it, laboring over every tiny detail until he thought his head was going to explode, so of course nothing went as it was supposed to.

At least the ring had survived. Percy had designed it himself, nothing too flashy because Audrey didn't like that, and nothing generic because she was too special for that. He had eventually decided on a golden band, with a diamond set into it and—this was the best part—a golden dragon with small jewel insets curling around it.

She'd told him a while back that she'd always wanted to see Switzerland, so as a surprise Percy had taken an extra long holiday and taken her on a big trip.

They'd taken the train, because Percy knew Audrey loved doing so. He hadn't anticipated that while waiting to catch the one for the second leg of their journey, so much snow would fall that they wouldn't be able to go anywhere. And they were in a packed muggle train station, so they couldn't use magic to leave or pass the time.

So they had waited in the station for hours and hours and hours and as time passed Percy had counted off the all events he had planned, events that they were missing because of the stupid blizzard. House –drawn carriage ride, walk through the forest, tour of the chocolate factory….

Eventually the snow had stopped falling and the clouds passed on, revealing the sky, choked with stars, and the shining full moon. A lunar eclipse was going on, and everyone gathered around the huge glass window to watch as it slowly turned red.

Right there, watching Audrey as she watched the eclipse he had decided that enough was enough and he had gotten down on one knee, pulled out the ring and asked, heart in his throat.

Audrey had said yes—of course, yes, you idiot—and they'd kissed.

Everyone in the station cheered.

George was best man at Percy's wedding.

Percy had never really had any good male friends, and he would have requested that Lynn do it regardless of her gender, but she had already agreed to be Audrey's maid of honor.

George had been shocked when Percy had first asked him, as they had never gotten along very well, but he had quickly recovered from his surprise and said yes, asking if this meant he got to throw Percy a Bachelor Party.

Percy had said yes, as long as there was no firewhiskey involved.

George had made no promises.

It was a night that all the Weasley brothers and Harry would remember with fondness and groans.

Audrey had been over a month early in giving birth to Molly. Percy had been away in China on business and hadn't even gotten his mum's message that his wife was in labor until an hour after she had sent it.

Percy was pretty sure he broke the International Statute of Secrecy about six times in getting home, but it had been worth it because he'd made it in more than enough time to see his first daughter born. It had been the greatest moment of his life to date.

He had, with Audrey's permission, named the gurgling little baby after her paternal grandmother because the first Molly Weasley had always believed in him and loved him.

And when Audrey had gotten pregnant the second time, he'd absolutely refused to leave her side as soon as she'd hit month six, because there was no way in hell he was going to miss anything of his child's birth for work again.

Teddy Lupin had basically been adopted by the Weasley family after the death of his parents, so most of the Weasley family eagerly awaited the reading of Teddy's first letter home from Hogwarts. They'd all cheered as he wrote he was in Gryffindor, and that he'd already made friends from the Express.

They'd all certainly been surprised when he had told them he wasn't the only Metamorphmagus at Hogwarts; there was another boy in Hufflepuff named Simon who was, too.

No one quite understood why Percy started laughing.

Although he had trouble admitting it to anyone, Percy had never had a prouder moment in his life than when he stood, amongst the billowing steam and chaos of Platform 9 and 3/4s with his arm around Audrey, watching as Molly and Lucy waved excitedly at him from the Express as it chugged away into the distance.

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