Stolen innocense

Chapter 1-New teacher.


Another day at Forks High School, everything seemed to be pretty much the same, it was raining as usual and Angela and I were sitting at our usual table for lunch eating in a comfortable silence, well, at least between us it was silent. In the rest of the cafeteria however nobody wanted to shut up. And the worst of all was that they were all are talking about the very same subject that had been inserted into practically all the conversations during the past month: The new teacher.

Mrs. Connelly, our old English teacher had to leave town for personal reasons and this guy Mr. Cullen would be taking up her place. The poor man had no idea what he had gotten himself into.

"He is absolutely gorgeous!" Shouted the "it girl" of school, Tanya Denali, she was pretty much just like any other popular girl around the world. Besides her there was Jessica Stanley and Lauren Mallory. All of them stupid, shallow and adored by the male population.

They had spent the entire lunch break discussing about how he was totally staring at their breasts and were now moving the subjects of the talking into his physical attributions.

"Seriously, how can they make such a big deal about this?" I asked Angela, she laughed sarcastically "I guess nothing else fits in those little brains." we giggled a little at her answer.

I loved my best friend; she was the only one that actually understood me, Jacob did as well, but he is a boy so…

"Hey! Did you know they are opening a new library at Port Angels? We could go this weekend!" Angie asked animatedly after some time. I smiled, it had been a while since our last hang out in there and I could really use I visit to the library. Both of love books, just one of the things we have in common.

"Sure thing! We could call Jake but I don't think he would have much fun in there." I responded. She nodded in agreement and then thought for a little while.

"You think it would be alright if I asked Ben to come as well?"She asked nervously, blushing a little bit, my smile widened, Angela had been in love with Ben since middle school and he clearly felt the same, but both of them were too shy to admit it to one another.

I was happy to see she was finally creating guts to ask him out. But at the same time I felt a little jealous of her. I had never had a boyfriend before, in fact I hadn't yet given my first kiss!

"Of course you can you didn't even have to ask!" I told her sincerely. Before I knew she had practically knocked me off my chair with a bone breaking hug." Thank you Bella! Thank you so much!" She said happily.

I chuckled soundly, silly, silly Angela. We were still hugging when the annoying sound of the school bell rang. People of course started running not to lose their classes.

"Bye Angie, see you in gym" I told her and headed to my next class: English, time to meet the brand new teacher.