I've always believed it impossible to miss a person's smell, especially not after having seen this person a few hours before. However the lack of Bella's sweet fragrance filling my nostrils was sending me to the verge of insanity. Love can definitely strip a man of all his reason.

I started to consider paying her a visit by the phone rang. I huffed in annoyance, not feeling like talking at all "Who is this?" I questioned dryly. "Is it a way to treat your sister? '' a pixie like voice spat, it was supposed to sound angry but I could hear the tinge of laugher in it.

"Hi Alice'' I answered, my irritation was instantly gone at the sound of the so familiar voice of my baby sister.

"Hey Edward, guess where I am right now?" she teased, "In Jail?" I teased back; she threw me a sarcastic laugh "Very funny Eddie." I narrowed my eyes, why did I ever let that stupid blonde…what was her name again…Tanya? Yeah I think that's right…Why did I ever let Tanya call me like that in front of her?

"So if not in prison where are you then?" I asked casually, trying not to let her know how much the nickname annoyed me.

"Seattle's airport, with Jazz, just waiting for my sweet brother to come in his magic car and take us safely to his enchanted castle!'' I blinked ; she didn't tell me she was coming today, did she? Seeing my silence as a bad sign she continued talking "I'm sorry for not telling you before hand, it was sort of a last hour decision, Jasper was able to finish everything up way sooner then we expected and so we decided to make a surprise. I'm sorry if it will…" I didn't let her finish "It's perfectly alright, I was just surprised but in a very good way." She sighed in relief and I promised to be there in less then an hour.

Easier said then done though, it took precisely one hour and forty five minutes to get to the damn airport. But after finally being able to hug my little sister I figured all that time stuck on the traffic was definitely worth it.

On the ride back home, which was just as long as the previous one, I told them that Bella and I were together, of course I didn't tell the truth about how it happened, but it was only because I knew they would never forgive me and would do everything in their power to take her away from me. I felt like killing myself when Jasper congratulated me, saying she was a great girl and I deserved to be with her.

I knew pretty damn well I didn't and probably never would deserve to be with Bella, she was just too good for anyone to actually deserve being in her company. I couldn't afford to be without her though. I would rather die then to spend the rest of my life away from her.

Once we got home, I helped Jasper take the luggage upstairs, Alice wasn't allowed to lift a finger, and we were both raised to be gentlemen and would never allow a lady to do such hard work.

I wasn't surprised to find out later that while we did it Alice had already phoned mom and dad to inform them of my new girlfriend, I didn't say fiancé in respect for my Bella's wishes, and we would only get married when she fully accepts me. Esme asked to speak to me and congratulated me repeatedly, saying how happy she was to see her family finally complete and asking endless questions about my Bella.

She wasn't a bit worried about Bella being my student; as a matter of fact she found it incredibly romantic. We arranged for her to come to Forks in a week and were saying our goodbyes when I suddenly remembered the interesting talk I had with Renee.

"Mom, do you remember a woman named Renee?" I asked casually. She seemed very surprised with my question "Why, I do, she was a big friend of mine. I love her like my own sister, it's shame I haven't seen her in years" She said, or more like whispered the last part.

I longed to hug her after hearing that sad voice, my mother was one of the most incredible women in the world, she had a heart of gold and deserved only happiness "Well, I believe you've just reencountered her, that's Bella's mother. She asked about you today and seemed to miss you just as much." I told her, hoping it would cheer her up.

We remained in silence for quite a few seconds until she blurted something out, her voice indicated she was crying, only I believed it was tears of happiness "Edward, I'll be there in two days at the most!" she hang up leaving me with my mouth half open, I was about to tell her of the small detail that Bella's parents didn't knew we were romantically involved, but I guessed it could wait until she arrived.

A couple of minutes later Alice appeared all dressed up "So dear brother, me and Jazz are going to a small dine here in town, it is getting surprisingly famous and we want to see if the food is really that good, you in?" she offered.

"Sorry Allie, I've got thousands of tests to correct and am already tired as hell, I will have to pass this time." I lied, in fact I had other plans, which included visiting my Bella, I had to give her keys back and also test my copies, hopefully her parents wouldn't be home, I would hate having to wait for them to sleep in order to see my angel. I was looking forward to the day she would finally move in with me, right after the graduation party I planned on giving to the students, I was after all the only person in Forks with money enough to throw out something decent, something my Bella deserved. I had it all figured out.

In the company building there would be a small comfy flat; located inside my own office where Bella could stay during the time I had to work. She wanted to become an author so it would be perfect. We would never have to be apart.

After Alice and Jasper left I took my car and left to Bella's house. To my joy and also to my despair the house was completely empty, no parents but also no Bella. Sighing deeply I used my keys to open the door; they worked just as fine as the originals. Good.

I went upstairs to Bella's bedroom in order to return her keys. Stopping by the stairs to analyze the pictures which decorated the walls, they were mostly of my angel in different ages I wanted those pictures to myself, it would be also a way to reduce the effects of her absence. Taking them however would an incredibly stupid move of my part, the last thing I wanted was to warn them, they could change the lock or something and that wouldn't be nice. I could however steal a few pictures from the family album, they must have one somewhere.

Leaving the keys inside her school bag I returned to the first floor in order to look for an album. I didn't have to look around much though, there were four of them placed on the shelves by the TV.

I took my time admiring every one of the pictures, well, at least all the ones with my Bella on it, I was smiling all the time as I got to see my angel through out her life, she had been the cutest little girl ever, a gorgeous young lady and now a breath taking woman.

I chose the ones I liked the best and placed the carefully in my wallet, I was ready to leave when I notice a smaller album hidden right in the corner, it seemed incredibly old, similar to ones Esme kept in the attic. I opened it carefully sort of expecting it to rip in two if I wasn't gentle enough.

I definitely wasn't prepared for what I saw…

There were two beautiful young women sitting in the stairs of an old house, they seemed genuinely happy and were hugging each other, they were visibly close friends.

One of the women seemed incredibly familiar, she had long caramel hair which moldered her heart shaped face; her eyes were emerald green, Esme's eyes, MY eyes. The other one had an astonishing resemblance with my angel, her mother Renee.

Esme had indeed reencountered her long lost sister.


Even though I found out Edward had spread lies to his whole family about us being madly in love and apart from me finding out that my "in laws'' would be coming over in less then a week with the objective of meeting me, I had had a fun night.

Alice and Jasper were really nice people and I've always enjoyed spending time with my parents. However their closeness was proving to be way more dangerous then I had originally expected.

Charlie had invited Jasper to watch the game with him and Billy on Sunday and said it would a pleasure to have Edward over as well. Also I had a hard time making up excuses to escape having a sleep over with Alice at his house.

If all the Cullens happened to be this charming and if Renee was actually friends with Edward's mom, then I would end up marrying that psychopath before graduation and worst of it all was that the thought of it didn't disgust me as much as it used to Could it be that I falling for a psychopath?

As I finished brushing my teeth I was already fighting to keep my eyes open. I wasn't sleepy at all when we left the dine, but as soon as those thoughts started to fill my mind all my energy was drained from me.

I didn't even bother to turn on the lights I order to undress once I reached the bedroom, I simply took my shirt of and threw it on the floor repeating the same action in my bra.

I was only awakened by this zombie state when I heard his velvet voice "I must say love, you are even more gorgeous then I imagined." I gasped losing my balance and tripping in my own feet, I was an inch from the ground when he caught me straitening me up.

I was only then I remembered the fact my chest was bare and completely exposed to him. I prepared myself for screaming but he covered my mouth with his hand. I tried move away from him but had me paralyzed with the arm he was using to muffle my screams. "Calm down love, its okay, it's just me." I felt the tears threatening to come as he used his free hand to massage my breast. The pleasure was undeniable but the fear of being violated by him overpowered it.

I began to sob quietly and he stopped his assault in order to scoop me in his arms and sit on the bed with me on his lap. He rocked us back and forth while rubbing my back in a soothing manner "Shh beautiful everything will be fine I didn't mean to scare you honey, you know I would never do anything you don't want me to."

He gently laid me on the bed adjusting my head to the pillow; I immediately covered my chest with my arms and looked at him expectantly. I didn't believe him one bit, if wouldn't force me on anything then why on earth was he in my room? I wanted to scream for help but there was something, some invisible force stopping me from doing so.

As he walked through the room I silently prayed he would just leave, but of course it didn't happen. Instead he opened my wardrobe in search for something, hopefully, to cover me up. He showed me one of my faded shirts and some shorts "You like sleeping in those right?" He asked casually, I nodded and thanked him as I grabbed the shirt and putted it on as quickly as I could manage.

He offered me the shorts and turned around "I'm not looking" He said simply, I had my doubts "Promise?" I asked, he just nodded. I sighed; he wouldn't allow me to change on the bathroom so I would just have to trust him.

I changed quickly and was happy to see he didn't peek "You can look now." I said. He turned around and smiled at me "Go to sleep beautiful, I promise you I'll just hold you, nothing else." I looked on his eyes they seemed sincere, there was just so much…love on them it was just impossible not to feel something back.

Without saying a word I laid back down beside him and pulled the blanket over without thinking, without a tinge of sense in my mind I gave him a peck on the lips.

Yeah, I Isabella Mary Swan kissed Edward Cullen on the lips.

He seemed just as surprised as I was and we stayed like that starring at each other until a breathtaking smile illuminated his face, I swear to God I had never seen a more beautiful thing then that.

I blushed profusely as I finally took in the whole situation; I had kissed him and was now wondering how beautiful his smile was.

It was as if sometimes I would just forget the whole crazy teacher thing, during some moments the psychopath would turn into an angel in my head, and that angel, my angel…was the man I loved.

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