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Show Us Your Dark Side Contest

Title:Who Are You?

Penname:Baruka Athena

Summary:-Darksper- I felt his eyes burn on my body as I walked through the crowded cafeteria, disturbingly beautiful eyes, liquid gold with hints of red. I had never seen eyes of that color before and I was immediately intrigued. Rated M for language and lemon.

Disclaimer:Sadly, I don't own anything…

Chapter 1 - The cowboy


I felt his eyes burn on my body as I walked through the crowded cafeteria, disturbingly beautiful eyes, liquid gold with hints of red. I had never seen eyes of that color before and I was immediately intrigued. As I joined the line at the food counter, I casually overlooked the lunch area. Oh, he was definitely still looking at me. Our eyes connected for a millisecond and a jolt of electricity coursed through my body which made me shiver in delight. I turned round facing the lunch lady and wondered who that boy was. Or rather who that man was, he looked so out of place in a high school cafeteria.

He was wearing a black shirt, jeans and cowboy boots, which would have looked foolish on all the guys in school, but were fuck hot on him. Oh yes, I had been checking him out in my fourth period Spanish class. He was sitting right in front of me and I hadn't seen his face until he stood up and turned when the bell rang. Our eyes had connected and he was giving me the once over, thoroughly eye-fucking me. I couldn't say I minded, the guy was gorgeous. His messy blond hair framed his face perfectly and his eyes burned with an intensity I had never seen before. He was tall and lean, but clearly muscular and I found myself imagining his strong arms holding me up against a wall and his full lips crashing on mine. I shook myself from my fantasy and was about to introduce myself, being the new girl in school could come in handy sometimes, when he just took off. He walked out without saying a word to me and left me standing there like a complete idiot.

I took my lunch tray and walked towards an empty table as far away from him as possible. His eyes followed me around again and his looks shot right to my core. Fuck, how could it be that he had this effect on me simply by looking at me?

I started eating my pizza and kept casting sidelong glances at him, finding out he never took his eyes off me. He never even touched the food in front of him and I was starting to get a little uncomfortable. But not as uncomfortable as I was going to get. A guy from my biology class had joined me at my table and was trying to chat me up. He was cute, but his whining reminded me too much of my ex I left in Phoenix. Edward freakin' Cullen the third. Why I had stayed with him for so long, I didn't know. He was a controlling, whiny bastard that treated me like a doormat. Glad I got rid of that fucker.

Now my good mood was officially gone because of this douche bag Mike Newton, who obviously thought he was the man of the school. I would have told him to piss off a long time ago, if I hadn't noticed what his presence was doing to my golden eyed cowboy at the other end of the room. His expression had become brooding and his hands were balled to fists. That had to mean I was getting to him as well. So I kept chatting with Mikey-boy, just to annoy him. When the bell for fifth period rang I saw him rush off in the corner of my eye and I told Mike bluntly he was wasting my time. Didn't make a friend there.

The day wore on without further sight of that beautiful stranger. Classes were annoying, as always and I knew already how much this year was going to suck. Suddenly the decision to move to Forks, Washington, to get as far away as possible from my ex-boyfriend sounded ridiculous to me. Although that was not the reason I had told my mother, I had said I wanted to spend some time with my father. Any excuse would have been fine with her, she actually wanted to be alone with her new boy-toy.

After my last class, I had to make a quick visit to the secretary to sort out my new locker and then this day would finally be over. I longed to go home and draw a hot bath. Much to my annoyance it took the lady at the desk ages to find my locker and combination and by the time I was ready to go home, the school was deserted. Walking through the empty halls gave me the creeps. I had this feeling there were eyes lurking in the dark corners. Girl, get a grip, I scolded myself. You're not six anymore, there's nothing hiding in the dark. Oh, how I was wrong…

I was dragged into an empty classroom and a strong, cold hand was covering my mouth so I couldn't scream. My attacker pressed me up against a wall and held me immobilized by pressing his hard body into me. I was frantically trying to get away, kicking, scratching and biting, all to no avail. Blood was rushing in my ears and a red veil shrouded my vision. Suddenly he grabbed my chin and forced me to look at him. When I recognized his red and golden eyes, all my rage and fear was instantly replaced with lust. It came crashing over me in waves, stronger than any emotion I had ever felt before.

"If I release you know, do you promise not to scream?" he asked in a deep, velvety voice that sent shivers down my spine.

I nodded and he slowly removed his hand from my mouth, but still kept his body pressed to mine. The amount of desire that was flooding me now, made it hard for me to stand and I trembled a little. It seemed like he was waiting for me to make the first move, but I'm not one to give in easily. I stared into his eyes that were, by some strange effect of the light, getting darker and darker by the second. It took them a minute to turn pitch black and now his eyes were looking straight into my soul.

Fuck me, I thought and I dove in head first, not able to contain myself any longer. The moment my lips touched his, he attacked my mouth with every bit as much passion as I felt burning inside of me. Our tongues tangled together and I moaned in his mouth at his sweet taste. His hands raked over me and my desire increased to the point where my legs were giving out from under me. Without breaking our kiss, he lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist. His hard cock was pressed into my center and I twisted my hips so I rubbed myself against him.

His hands found there way to my breasts and he was massaging them feverishly. He must have been frustrated by the amount of fabric that was covering them, because he walked me over to the teacher's desk, sat me down and tore my shirt and my bra from me in one quick movement. This should have made me angry and violated, but it was motherfucking hot and I felt myself getting wet for this man. He inhaled deeply and fixed his eyes on mine. He leaned closer to me and whispered in my ear: "Not yet, darling."

He moved his kisses to my exposed chest and I leaned back on my elbows on the desk fisting my hands in his hair. He sucked and nibbled on my nipples and my need for him to go lower and remove my pants was growing exponentially. I moved my hands down his chest, and lower, trying to unbutton his pants. As soon as he realized what I was doing, he grabbed my hands and held them above my head, pinning them do the desk with one hand.

"Don't be impatient," he said in a whisper. Then he commanded: "Keep your hands right there until I say you can let go." The authority in his voice was so clear, I didn't even think about disobeying.

I was lying fully stretched across the desk now, arms stilled above my head, lower legs dangling off on the other side. He was standing next to me, piercing me with his strange eyes, roaming my body with his hands. Each time his fingers passed my exposed breasts, I arched my back to press myself into his hands. He chuckled at my eagerness, but didn't reprimand me.

"Close your eyes," he ordered and for a moment I could imagine him in an army uniform. I complied willingly and shudders of anticipation were racing through my body. He started kissing me again and trailed his kisses from my mouth over my neck to my collarbone. By the time he reached my nipple, I was aching for him so hard, my hands lifted from the desk. Immediately his attention to my nipple stopped and he slammed my hands back down, growling: "I told you to keep your hands right there. If you move again, I will have to tie you up."

Again, that should've scared me, but somewhere deep inside I wanted him to tie me up. But the tone of his voice kept me from going against his wishes. He waited for me to stay still and started sucking on my nipple again. His tongue felt cold, but I thought it was because I was on fire. Suddenly he stopped.

"Don't move," he told me and I stopped squirming under his touch.

Suddenly I felt a sharp pain right above my left nipple and I gasped. He shushed me and covered the painful area with his mouth and started sucking. The coldness of his mouth soothed the sting immediately and I was getting curious about what he was doing. I peeped through my eyelashes to find out what was going on. When I saw him, my eyes popped open. He was sucking on my breast and one drop of blood was slowly rolling to the side.

He caught me staring and jerked his head back, lips covered in my blood. The sight of him was so hot, I wanted to attack his mouth. But I remembered his command not to move my hands and stayed motionless. He looked angry at me that I had opened my eyes and that turned me on even more. Fuck, what was he doing to me? I guess he realized how aroused I was, because he moved his mouth closer to mine and I licked my lips.

"I like you, Isabella," he whispered. "I think I'll let you live." The words had barely left his lips when he disappeared. One moment he was bending over me, the next he was gone, leaving me hot, wet and extremely frustrated. I grabbed my ripped clothes and tried to dress again. Luckily I had left my coat in my car so I could cover myself when I got home. That night was spent in the hope of seeing him again. And if I did, I would make sure things ended differently.

I had been in Forks one week and I hadn't seen my cowboy – as I now called him – again. My body ached for him and I had to relieve my tension manually every night, which wasn't nearly satisfying enough. The need to feel his hands on my body again was slowly killing me and by the end of the week I was frantic. I was beginning to think I was hallucinating when I saw him in a flash at the other end of the hallway. Since my classes were done for the day, I rushed after him, wanting him to finish what he had started. When I reached the place where I last saw him, I caught a glimpse of him walking onto the parking lot. Damn it, why wouldn't he just stay in one place? I ran to the doors as fast as I could, opened them and casually strolled outside, meanwhile scanning the entire lot. He wasn't hard to find as he stood leaning against a shiny black Corvette. He immediately saw me and nodded for me to come over.

"Get in," he said, stepping into the car himself, leaving me a choice. Either I would get in the car with him, not knowing where he'd take me or I would stay in the parking lot and this could be the last chance I had for talking to him. Of one thing I was certain. He was no student in this high school. So I wasn't giving up on my one chance and I got in. He sped off before I could speak or even buckle up. We drove in silence for about half an hour when he turned in what looked like an empty service road. As we pulled up to a huge mansion after a couple of minutes, I realized it was a driveway. He motioned for me to get out, grabbed my hand and led me into the house. It was empty, but well kept. I could have marveled about the design and decorating, but I only had eyes for him. All thoughts I had about confronting him with his sudden disappearance and the questions I had were erased from my mind. The only thing I wanted was for him to fuck me senseless.

He led me into the kitchen and started fixing me a drink.

"What's your name?" I asked him as he handed me a gin tonic.


"Why have you brought me here, Jasper?" I asked, boldened by his response, sipping from my drink.

"To give you what you want."

"And what do I want?"

Instead of answering he moved closer to me. He picked me up and put me on the kitchen counter. He gently parted my legs and went to stand between them. He took my gin tonic from me and put it next to me on the counter.

"Me," he whispered and I flung myself at him. That single word had turned me on more than any of his actions did. We kissed feverishly and I wanted to take control. To my surprise he let me take of his shirt and unbuckle his belt. But that's where it stopped. Just like before he ripped my blouse from me and his hands moved up my thighs, underneath my skirt to rip off my panties as well. He pushed me back against the cabinets and started sucking on my neck while he pushed two of his fingers in my wet folds. I groaned loudly when he began rubbing my clit. I grabbed his cock through his pants and he growled, but let me. I snaked my hands inside his boxers and took his big dick in my hand, slowly moving it.

"I want you inside me," I groaned, but at that instant he pulled out his fingers and put his hand over my mouth.

"From now on you only speak when I tell you to speak," he growled and waited for me to nod.

He released me and took his cock in his own hand. He looked deep into my eyes and thrust forcefully into me. I moaned, but didn't speak and he didn't stop his thrusts. His dick was doing wonders inside me and I felt my orgasm fast approaching. His grunts had turned into growls and I felt he was nearing the edge as well.

"Who are you?" he growled into my ears and I moaned "Isabella."

Again he asked "Who are you?"


"Who are you," he asked a third time and as my orgasm made my body shudder, I screamed:

"I'm yours!"

After that the world went dark…

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