A baby's cry in dark dungeon caverns was something unusual. Dark elf babies were quiet, as if they knew since they were born that silence is one of a dark elf's friends.
But there was a baby crying. No one knew where, as every sound was echoing all over the caverns, no one knew whose baby it was, as all the mothers claimed their babies are with them, safe and sound, no one knew how it was possible. And as the sound was horrible, the elves agreed that they had to find the baby and silence it. They went in pairs to every recess, every corridor, every cavern in the dungeon.
'Man, I hate such a job' Sarha the Blood Fury complained. Her mate, Khersh the Grim Raider hugged her considerably.
'I know what you mean' he said with sympathy.
'Yeah, sword-waving? All right! Killing? All right! Scaring people? All right! But not looking for a whiny baby' Sarha said, waving her glowy swords. Khersh laugher.
'I feel bad without my Liz' he said. 'Almost like naked.'
Liz had to stay in her stable, as a baby could not be seen from a lizard's back. Suddenly Sarha waggled her ear.
'It's closer' she said. She put her swords back to the scabbards and went on, choosing directions by ear. Finally they found the crying baby.
'A girl' Khersh stated after a quick look on the appropriate place. 'A wood elf baby girl. So we got to get rids of this problem, right?'
He took his dagger out of his pocket.
'Wait! We were told only to find the baby, nothing about killing...' Sarha protested.
'It's a wood elf! Look at her skin, dark elves have paler and a bit greyinsh...'
'Wodd elf? WOOD ELF?! Have you ever seen a BLACK-HAIRED WOOD ELF?!'
A deep silence fell as they both realised what Sarha really said.