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A/N: Sorry if the characters don't seem like themselves...I tried...well, actually that's a lie...but whatever. I decided that this story takes place a little bit after Sasuke leaves. This story had been sitting my notebook for a long time...and I decided yesterday that I would quit being lazy and type it up. If you read the bold words they will make a short sentence (The whole bold words forming a sentence is not my idea at all. I merely just borrowed that idea from the story 'He Knows' by Ravensbleeding -- the story is in my favs if you wanna read it -- it's a good story!).

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Under the Same Sky


Outside of one of Orochimaru's many lairs, a young raven-haired boy wearing a blue shirt and white shorts could be seen. The onyx-eyed boy was looking to the sky with clear sadness written in his eyes. As he gazed up at the sky, he couldn't help but wonder how it was possible for the sky to be slightly light blue when it was nighttime. And he couldn't help but stare at the many twinkling stars above. The cerulean color around him reminded him of those eyes—the eyes belonging to the person who was determined to save him, the eyes of his best friend, the eyes of his most precious person in Konoha. Sasuke closed his eyes for a minute. In just that one minute he remembered every moment from his past life—the life he had thrown away for revenge. A breeze of warm air encircled Sasuke, and he opened his eyes. A few tears slid down from his eyes as he whispered, "Usuratonkachi, bring me home. Make me come back, Naruto."


Back at Konoha, on top of the Hokage Mountain sat a blonde haired boy. His eyes were locked on the sky above. The sky had a slight ominous look to it but Naruto didn't notice that. The depth and shades of dark blue filled his eyes. Just barely though, the bruised sky showed a few blinking stars. A sudden sadness came over him as he thought of his best friend. Tears streamed down his cheeks as he whispered, "Sasuke…" Cold air wrapped itself around him causing Naruto to feel slightly reassured. Somehow the feeling of the cold was able to make it seem like Sasuke was there just for one second. Naruto closed his eyes and let the wind comfort him. Naruto spoke quietly, "I know Sasuke; I promise I'll bring you home. I know that you want to come back and I'm not giving up until you do, dattebayo."

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