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Chapter 3: Sound of Silence

The rickety old screen door opened, creaking on its springs before slamming shut as Sam exited Bobby's house, letting out a loud sigh in the night air. It had been a really long day. The drive itself had been long and tiresome, him alone with his thoughts and Dean's cassette tapes playing quietly and sometimes not so quietly as they drove farther away from the last place Dean had been seen.

But his Dad was right. There were no more clues in that town and whoever had snatched Dean had been pretty through in cleaning up after themselves. Best thing to do now was to regroup and come up with a new kind of plan.

Bobby, Sam knew, would help them. And it would be a good place to keep Dean's car until he swung by to pick it up again. At least, he rubbed the tense muscles at the back of his neck, John and Bobby hadn't shot each other full of holes yet...again.

Wasn't for a lack of trying on Bobby's part. He came out of the house brandishing a loaded shotgun, with real buckshot and not rock salt with the meanest face Sam had ever seen. Lucky for John, years of hunting had given him quick reflexes and he ducked as Bobby fired a shot at him.

"Goddamn it Robert Singer!" John cursed as he ducked another shot.

"I damn you a fool for coming back here John Winchester!" Bobby yelled, coming down from the porch and took aim. John took this as sign to run, forcing Bobby to run after him, leaving behind two very confused and worried college students.

Sam held back Jess, shaking his head and told her that this was something the two old men needed to get out of their system. He took her to the porch where they met up with old Rumsfeld, Bobby's guard dog. Jess petted and cooed over him before John and Bobby came stumbling back to the house, looking worst for wear but alive.

Jess looked up at Sam who shrugged and followed the men inside the house where they got down to explaining to Bobby why they've come. That was over three hours ago. Jess was in the kitchen, cooking up a little bit of something. Bobby offered to help since it was his kitchen but she shooed him out, telling him that since he was going to let them stay for a bit that cooking dinner was the least she could do to repay him.

And besides, she told him, didn't he have phone calls to make?

Bobby was doing that right now, looking through his little black book and putting the word out about Dean's disappearance. Also to put out a little warning.

Before they had left Jericho, they stopped for a bite to eat and ask around about Dean. A waitress at the diner had told them that she had seen Dean the morning before he disappeared. They had flirted and talked and made plans to meet up after her shift. He left after his meal and what she had assumed were his friends left right after he did.

But he didn't show up like he said he would.

She was a bit sore about it but passed it off as his loss. When Sam questioned her about his friends, he found out that three men in suits had been eating at a booth not far from Dean, though not really eating because all they ordered was coffee and refills. She could swear that one of the men had called the older gentlemen 'Colonel'.

Dean had been wearing a suit that morning, probably pretending to be FBI or something before the cops got suspicious. The theory bouncing between them was that Dean had caught someone's attention and got grabbed.

John was in the house right now calling up old military contacts, pulling in favors from people still in the military or who had contacts inside. He had firmly decided that whoever grabbed Dean couldn't have been the military he served in. No, this was something more, something sinister.

Giving out a fair warning to other Hunters to be on alert was the least they could do. Maybe one of them could bring back a bit of news they could use.

"Sam?" He turned to see Jess come out to the porch and he held her in his arms as the toll of the last few days fell on his shoulder, heavy and almost too much to bear. But he wasn't alone in this. Jess was there to support him. His Dad was suffering the same as he was. Bobby was there helping out. "We'll find him. I know we will."

Sam pressed his lips against the top of Jess' head before he pulled back to look her in the eyes. "I love you you know that?"

Jess smiled and leaned up to kiss him. "And I love you too. Come on, dinner is ready."

"I'll be a minute." Sam said.

"You sure?" Jess asked, stepping towards the door with her hands still holding his.

"Yeah. I just-like the silence out here." Sam said with a small smile. "Just a minute."

Jess let got of his hands and walked back into the house, leaving Sam alone with his thoughts. He took a deep breathe, held it for awhile before he let it out in a long sigh. True to his word, a minute later, he walked into the house to join the others for dinner.

The next morning, they continued to put out word about Dean and his kidnapping before they ran dry of all the contacts John and Bobby had. Now it was a matter of waiting for feedback.

Sam used this time to introduce Jess to the basics of hunting with help from Bobby. John remained in Bobby's library, going through clues and Dean's journal, looking for the final moments. Sam had combed through the journal already but John wanted, no needed, to see for himself what they already knew.

Dean was hunting a White Lady and he finished the hunt. Anything that happened after that, was a mystery.

By sunset, Jess learned the basics of gun control and targeting, drawing devil's traps and identifying sigils of different religions that proved useful in hunting various monsters and creatures and ghosts. Sam was going through the motions and testing out his reflexes in preparations for hunting down Dean.

By sunset, John had found a new hunt up north that he came to the duo and said that needed to be checked out. Sam of course, saw this as giving up on Dean.

"We just learned that Dean had been kidnapped and now you want to go on a hunt?" Sam yelled at John. "Are you that heartless?"

"Sam!" Jess said shocked.

"Listen, I understand that you're upset-"

"Yeah. Damn right I'm upset!" Sam agreed.

"But we have run out of options to find Dean. I've gone through all the contacts I know. Bobby has too. There's nothing for us to do right now expect wait." John said to Sam. "Now I refuse to sit and wait for the phone to ring when we can be out there doing what I raised you to do. Hunt down monsters."

"We should be out there, looking for Dean!" Sam protested.

"And where would you like to start?" John asked. "Give me a destination. Give me a direction. Tell me, where in the entire North American continent could we start looking? Do you know? Can you give me a clue that I missed where we can start? Tell me, what do you have exactly that I don't know!"

"Hey!" Bobby slammed his book down on the table, startling everyone. "If you boys want to fight, take it outside!"

Sam and John turned away from each other, giving the other a few minutes to calm down before John spoke, his voice softer but just as firm. "Sam. I won't give up on Dean. He's my son, just like you."

"But I can't wait around doing nothing. If anything, hunting will keep my mind off of Dean and what he could be going through. I can't do anything to help him. Hunting is something I can do. I'm leaving in the morning. I hope you and Jess can join me." John walked outside.

The next morning, Bobby's house was quiet as outside, John's truck drove out with three passengers.

He was being dragged, feet sliding across the cold concrete of the floor as the guards pulling him, walked down the long gray hallway. Identical doors with locks on the outside and numbered from X-3 100-125 slipped into his groggy vision before fading.

The next time he gained a sense of self, he was thrown into a cell, landing with a groan and a pain in his left arm. He hissed in pain as he pushed himself up with his right arm, making sure to keep pressure off the left.

It wasn't broken, bruised definitely, his punishment for fighting while on the table. But he didn't regret it. He was sure the doctor that was working on him would think twice about coming at him with latex gloves looking to take samples. He grinned before grimacing as he pushed himself up to a sitting position.

A whimper from the far corner drew his attention and he went stiff.

The other figure, a man he noticed, was crouched, dressed in white scrubs just like himself, his head shaved and wore a bright red medical bracelet on his wrist. The same that he wore on his. So that must mean, that the guy was another test subject just like him. Like the others...

Poor bastard.

He could hear the other man praying, "Please God, help me. Please God, take me home."

He repeated this prayer over and over, almost chanting before he was interrupted. "Hey man, can you cut it out for a second?"

He flinched.

"Look, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare ya. It's just-my head is ringing. I can do with some peace and quiet before I'm taken back to the table."

It was quiet for a long while before the other man spoke, his voice soft and wavering in fear. "Why-why are they doing this?"

"Because they're sick as fuck assholes."

"I need to get home. My-my wife will be worried. I have to get back to her, we've only just been married." The man looked up from his hands, his bright blue eyes wide with tears.

"What's your name?"

"Jimmy. My name is Jimmy Novak."

"Hello Jimmy. My name is Dean Winchester." Dean offered Jimmy a confident smile. "I want to tell you something all right?" Jimmy nodded. "I got a family too. And let me tell you, once they find out that I'm missing, they'll come for me. And they won't stop until they find me. Okay? So stay with me. We'll get out of here."

Jimmy gave Dean a small smile, wiping away his tears and helped Dean to one of the cots the place had kindly supplied. Dean laid back on the cot with a sigh, his body aching from all the tests he's been through. He closed his eyes and turned away from Jimmy who took the other cot and let his true face show.

No one was going to come for him. John was too busy hunting down monsters and ghosts to notice that he was gone and Sammy was away at college living his normal life. And even if they did, they wouldn't drop everything to come after him, especially if they found his journal that warned them to stay away. Which was probably sitting back in the vent he hid it in before he was grabbed, collecting dust.

But he couldn't let that Jimmy guy know that.

So he closed his eyes and fell into a fitful sleep that was broken three hours later as more guards came in and grabbed both him and Jimmy for more experiments.

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