Chapter 5: Thunderstruck


It had been a bad plan from the beginning, Alec knew this. Max had known it as well and he could already hear the 'I told you so's' and feel the subsequent smacks upside the head.

It just seemed he couldn't end a week without Max trying to beat his brains out of his head with her bare hands.

Of course actually getting the two-hour long lecture and the being physically abused by the woman that he loved (not that he would ever tell her that because he had some sense of self-preservation and uttering the 'l' word to Max was just asking for her to bludgeon him to death with blunt objects) were all dependent on getting out of the tiny cell that smelled like urine and had no windows and a door that looked like it's made of lead.

It was a damn good thing that he wasn't claustrophobic or anything.

He wondered how long it would take before Max and the others would mount a rescue and he hoped they got there before White and his guys figured out that there was a transgenic being held in city lock-up.

He was pacing the room, ten steps down, pivot at the wall, ten steps back, pivot and back again. He's bored and tempted to try and punch the wall.

Maybe he'd get lucky and the whole building would collapse.

The door opening stopped his thirtieth pivot and he scowled at a plain-clothed officer, who was looking very put out and overworked, from what he could tell by his messy hair and five o' clock shadow. He wore a tan trench coat and a nice suit though his tie was eschew. He didn't look like any of the other cops that had come in to talk with him earlier or had tackled him as soon as he stepped up to the front desk to ask about Dean Winchester.

"We're so very sorry to have detained you sir," Alec jumped, startled at the deep gravelly voice and blinked at him. He took great pains to mask his confusion. "We have confused you for someone else. You are not Alec McDowell."

Alec didn't hesitant. "Nope. I'm not that guy. I just have that kind of face." 'The face that though handsome as hell shares a resemcle to a killer and a missing man.'

The officer nodded solemnly.

"You are not the man they are looking for." the officer continued, standing slightly stiff and awkward, as if this was the first time on his own. "You can move along." He tilt his head to side, looking very much like a bird, Alec thought to himself when he spoke again, "Follow me."

He then proceeded to walk back out of the room. Alec, confused as hell but being a oppuntunist, quickly followed after the strange man, stopping only for a second to see that he was already half way down the hall, forcing Alec to run to catch up.

"So, just like that huh?" Alec asked when he caught up with the officer.

"Yes." the officer replied, never sparing Alec a glance as they made a turn left.

Alec frowned slightly, not used to being ignored so completely. Also he was pretty sure that the officer was leading him away from the front of the police department. He had broken out of this jail once before when he was mistaken for his serial killer twin brother Ben not even a year ago. Apparently his face had a history of bad written all over it. It made him want to learn more about this Dean guy.

The cops hadn't even gotten around to taking his fingerprints or his blood or anything after arresting him and throwing him in the cell. He was sure that he was a dead man once White showed up but for some reason he being let out. Not only that, he was sure now that he's being led out the back as the halls had become darker as they entered the more abandoned parts of the department.

"It would be wise for you to remain with the rest of your people," the officer spoke as he led him deeper into the dark halls, "for the time being. The storms are coming in and you don't want to be caught in the middle of them." Confusing Alec even more, because he didn't have a clue what the man was talking about. Before he could ask the man continued, "No one should be caught in them. These storms are going to throw this city into chaos. There isn't much we can do to stop them. So be prepared. Salt and iron will be useful. So will holy water from Our Lady of the Sacred Hearts. But will only protect you from one of the storms. The others I'm afraid, those resources will be harder to obtain-"

"What are we talking about here?" Alec interrupted as his gut tighten up. He had a really bad feeling coming up and he didn't know why. But he trusted his gut; it saved him and his unit from time to time.

This man has to be a hired killer. Maybe from White's group or maybe Maticore finally sent in one of its own creations to put him down. For bringing too much attention to its secret program.

It was the only explanation he could think of as he quickly went through the clues he gathered so far. This man, though slight and didn't look like much, made the hair on the back of his neck twitch uncomfortably; he didn't stumble in the dark, in fact he seemed to see perfectly fine as he stepped over debris that would have tripped up Ordinaries, and that voice of his was unnatural. This man was going to kill him here and now.

"Ah. We are here." Alec got ready to swing his fist when the orange street lights from outside temporarily blinded him from being in the dark so long. He regained his sight quickly and he saw that the man was walking down the alley, away from him. Alec, cursing his cat DNA and need for answers, chased after him.

"Wait!" Alec ran towards the man he was certain was NOT an officer of the law and stopped in front of him, forcing him to stop as well. "Wait, wait. Hold on. You-you're not here to kill me?" The man squinted at him, unsure or confused, Alec was certain and he wondered how he could learn to read this man so quickly when he answered. "Why would I kill you?"

"But-you-" Alec frowned and demanded. "Why? Who are you? I don't know you but I'm pretty sure you know who I am."

The man was unfazed. "I got you out. That is all I can tell you right now. If I had not, you would have most certainly been taken away, tortured and then killed. Here, I was told to give this to you if once I got you out and you followed demanding answers." Alec held out his hand unsure and was surprised when it turned out to be a folded piece of paper.

"What is this?"

"Answers. For you, for your people and for your family." He hesitated towards the end before nodded firmly. "Events are unfolding as we speak, events that have been in motion since the very beginning. Recent actions have stalled them for a time but now, everything is as close to what it needs to be to continue."

The sounds of tires squealing at the far end of the alley, caught Alec's attention as two white vans sped by, skidding to a stop in front of the police department. White and his men had finally shown up. "That cannot happen. You are important. Dean said so."

"How do you know Dean-!?" Alec turned back to the man only to see that he was gone. Alec searched the alley, bewildered but the man was gone, as if he disappeared into thin air. He groaned, grabbing his head in frustration. The first clue to Dean's whereabouts and he let it slip though his fingers!

No. Not entirely, he looked down at the paper folded in his hand and opened it as he took off down the alley and away from White. He felt his heart jump into his throat when he read the message on the paper.

888-942-5555 - DW

The command center was a flurry of activity when he finally made it back an hour later. Max's voice raising as she gave orders over voices that were trying to drown her out. Alec wondered what the hell he'd missed and stood next to Zack, waiting for her to take a breath.

It took him longer than usual as the police discovered his escape as he made it pass the first checkpoint back to Terminal City and put out a citywide alert for him. Lucky for him, for all of them that could pass for human, they had made sure that there were hidden safe houses and stashes around Seattle to help them along the way if they found themselves outside the walls. He used some of these spots when it got too hot to be on the street. He didn't stay long though. He needed to get back. He had something to show the rest of them.

So far nobody had noticed him and he was feeling slightly put out. He had news, he had a piece of paper in his hand that held a phone number and Dean Winchesters initials and every one was ignoring him.

"What's going on?" he finally asked, leaning closer to Zack to make sure he was heard. To his credit Zack didn't jump, and his voice was loud enough that everyone heard him.

Max's eyes widened and then she was flying across the room, Alec lifted his arms to ward off the expected blow and instead was quite confused when Max hugged him, tightly, his mouth dropping open slightly at her reaction.

She's hugging him. In front of witnesses and everything.

Zack was smirking and Joshua was patting him on the back, Sam was helping John into a chair and Jessica was grinning from ear to ear. They were all struck with relief that he had made it back safetly. It would have been a lot of trouble if they had to break him out of jail only to lose him when the rest of the Tragenetics went to ground. He would have gone with them, they were sure and any clue he had to Dean, any ties he had, would have been lost.

"How the hell did you get out of there? All our contacts said you were in a secure room and we were just getting ready to go bust you out. Max was ordering every one else to ground, because of retaliation." Mole demanded gruffly, his shot-gun resting on his shoulder. His cigar looked to be chewed on, a sign that he had been worried. Alec felt warm.

"Well then it's a good thing that Dean had a strange buddy of his break me out and give me a way to get some answers," and now it was Alec's turn to smirk as jaws dropped and confusion reigned.

"Dean?" Sam's voice was quiet but it carried over the noise and Alec nodded slowly. Jessica pressed a hand to her mouth and John was covering his eyes with his hand.

"I have a phone number," Alec held out his hand and Sam plucked the paper from it with shaking hands. Then fell to his knees.


In a bar near the outskirts of Seattle, business is booming as most of the locals have decided to find a place to drink as far away from the central hub of freaks as they could. As it was, the owner of the bar, encourage his patron's activities by throwing bonfires with logs tied to form X's which always pleased the rowdier crowds. It kept his bar full of patrons who gathered here to share their hatred and to buy beer, becoming more enthused the drunker they got. They didn't even noticed that their beer would soon be watered down enough to be counted as more water than beer.

Right now, the weather was too stormy to light the already set up logs but he had faith that he would soon. Maybe he could get word out and add a dummy to that X of his. The crowds would really like that. He was quite proud of his idea. But that feeling soon faded as he turned to yell at a new bartender, a young twenty something who worked for practically nothing because he had nowhere else to go. He got a place to sleep, a rundown camper that leaked and food to eat, if you could call the leftover slop from the kitchen food.

The owner was so distracted that he didn't even notice when the lights in the bar flickered, once, twice before fluttering wildly. The patrons started getting louder, drunk already and ready for some action that the rain ruined. They needed to be let loose. Too bad they would be trapped inside their own bodies as a nightmare beyond they could imagine descended on the bar.

The doors burst open as a cloud blacker than black and sparking with violet lighting, swarmed through the door and forced its way into many of the patrons mouths. Screams erupted as newly demonic possessed bodies stood up and grabbed the nearest body that hadn't been possessed to have some nice bloody fun.

After all, it had been a really, really long time since they've had a bloodbath.

On the bar, a dark-haired woman, short of stature but not to be messed with relaxed with beer in hand. "Have some fun fellas. Just not too much fun, that comes tomorrow." Her eyes turned black as blood splattered near her, giggling at the mayhem in front of her.

A flutter of wings awoke the man on the bed, though technically he wasn't sleeping. He hadn't slept in a very long time. His body didn't need it. He just liked to pretend he did, in an effort to keep from falling too far. He even got a motel room with two beds, paid for with money he hustled at a pool game, for himself and his current roommate though said roommate was throughly confused on the process of sleep and hasn't touched the bed once. Oh well, his loss. He pushed himself up, scratching his head and yawned, going through the motions as the dark-haired man watched questioningly.

"You're staring again."

"You didn't mind before." the man replied.

"I don't. Its just-" Green eyes shifted up to meet blue. "So, did you free him?"


"And-did you use the lines I told you to use?" An arch of the brow.

"Yes." There was a pause. "Though I don't understand why I had to use the lines from Star Wars. He didn't respond at all. It could be because I edited them. Calling him a droid would have seemed strange."

"Ahhh." The man on the bed let out a disappointed sigh. He couldn't understand the youth of today. "Oh well, he spent most of his life locked up. He'll become awesome pretty soon. At least you got him the message. I'll expect to hear from him soon." He stood up and stretched his muscles, paying special attention to the ones hidden on his back. He caught the other man staring again, though his eyes were bright with a light that was all together, not human. He give an extra stretch, teasing the other man before speaking. "Cas, did you-" he halted as an old pain hit him.

This pain would never fade, no matter how much he told himself that it no longer mattered. It was over with, done with, nothing could have been done, what happened, happened, if it wasn't him it could have been them. (it wasn't his fault.) (it wasn't theirs.)

"Dean." A hand touched his shoulder, bringing him back. Understanding eyes stared into his and he let out a shaky sigh, bringing his head to rest against Cas. No one knew how much he had gone through as much as Cas. No one knows how much Cas has gone through as much as Dean.

Poor Jimmy.

"Yeah." Dean pulled back, clearing his throat and looking anywhere but at Cas who stepped back to give Dean space.

"No. To answer, the question you are sure to ask. I did not see your family. I did fly over and they seemed to be healthy, though a bit agitated. I assumed it was because of Alec." Cas paused thoughtfully. "He looks very much like you. A much younger and more devil-may-care you...perhaps something like you when you were a teenager-" He stopped when he heard a thump and saw that Dean put his fist through the wall. A brick wall.

"Shut up Cas." Dean growled as he pulled his hand out, brushing the stone and plaster up his uninjuried hand. "He's nothing like how I was. Hell, he's not supposed to exist. None of them are. Fucking humans. Fucking doctors." Dean stomped across the room to grab a worn leather coat and put it on. It wasn't his, nothing he wore was his but he had to make do.

"Come on. Let's get out of here." Dean said, pulling open the door. Cas followed him, shutting the door quietly as the flutter of wings could be heard faintly over the pouring rain.

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