Chapter 6: Between Two Points

Jessica sat at the table in her and Sam's room, cleaning their guns to clear her mind. She found out in the earlier years of hunting that cleaning their weapons helped her think through the problems that arose from the case of the week. The smell of gun oil and the clink and snap of pulling apart and then putting back together guns relaxed her better than yoga or meditation ever did.

If she was ever frustrated, she had a pair of heavy weight gloves in the trunk of the Impala and Sam as her fighting dummy. He turned out to be a nice punching bag as he never wanted to hit back so she felt it fair that she would avoid hitting his face in exchange.

The reason she was cleaning guns at ass o' clock in the night or morning is because of all the chaos that happened earlier thanks to Dean's much younger doppelgänger and Transgenic golden boy, Alec. When he first from Terminal City, the Winchesters were rounded up as suspects and hauled off to HQ where Max had to step up and explain that Alec went off on his own to discover more about who he is.

"He could have come to us." Sam said, his breathing ragged as he was bullied around because of his size. Really, there are very few Transgenic as big and tall as him, Mole and Joshua being the only two she saw that came close. "We can answer any he has."

"Right." Mole was and still is suspicious of any humans who came to Terminal City. A lifetime of being ordered around like he was nothing but a weapon and then being discarded without a second thought can do that to a guy. "I'm sure you have his best interests in mind. Barging in here at all hours of the night, showing all these photos and whatnot but let me tell ya something—He ain't your brother."

"I know that!" Sam snapped. He stopped, took a deep breath before speaking, his jaw flexing from frustration. "I know, he's not Dean. He may look like him, sometimes the way he acts remind me of Dean but my brother is gone. I just-I just want to know what happened to him. I need to know."

Max remained on the side of their conversation, a frown on her face and her arms crossed. She sighed then and dropped her arms, catching the men's attention."

"We won't have any answers for you." She said, catching Sam's eyes. "Believe me, I've spent most of my life looking for answers, searching for anything about Manticore after I escaped in '09 while looking for my siblings." Mole snorted at this, earning a heated glare from Max. It was well known throughout Terminal City that the unit that escaped had considered each other family. It was also the reason that all their clones had been taken away to PsyOps for evaluation and the other squads reassigned. Manticore kept a very close eye on the remaining soldiers to prevent any other bonds from forming in the ranks. If anything was discovered, any hint, then the whole unit was brought together to witness the discipline and at worst the execution of those involved.

Manticore made damn sure that each soldier knew that they had to stand apart or suffer the consequences. No soldier after the shake-up would sacrifice themselves for the other unless out the mission and even then, it was up to the mission success percentage. Cold, clinical and a vase improvement in the eyes of the upper level officers who oversaw the whole process.

"What you brought us," she pointed to the table where the rest of the files of the other donors and missing people sat in a neat little pile. "That is the most information I've seen of Manticore besides intel we've received from our own people. And even that isn't very much. We have procedures, mission orders, rankings, inside workings from a few former PsyOps that have stepped up to speak but that's it. Anyone who has more info has already gone to ground and they definitely won't show up here now."

It was then, a young soldier named Dalton came racing into HQ saying that one of their sources, a bike messenger from Jam Pony had spotted Alec going into the police station and being tackled to the floor before being led away in handcuffs.

Jessica never seen so many things happen at once. It was a blur here and a blur there as calls were made and plans ordered to be put into play when Max shouted for calm while others shouted even louder to run. The Winchesters stood to the side, out of the way at it was best for everyone. They had no place here and the only tie they had to this place was secured in a jail cell halfway across town. If things did go south and everyone decided to go to ground without Alec then they would make sure to be the ones to break Alec out. They had to make sure that he was safe.

At least that was the plan.

Alec made it so much easier when he showed up an hour later, looking as if he had been taking a midnight stroll instead of being jailed. The room released a collective sigh at his appearance and it was then that Jess noticed something amazing. From the stories that Sam had told her about Dean and from what she gleaned from other Hunters they've run into who knew Dean, she found that he had something special that made him the center of attention. No matter the situation, Dean managed to pull all eyes to him and be the main focus easily. It was a natural skill, Sam said, and very useful when he needed to use his charm and charisma to soothe witnesses and law enforcement or to use the cockiness and confidence to attack monsters and ghosts.

Alec has that same draw. She watched as all eyes focused on him as he explained what happened to him at the police station and then gave Sam the piece of paper that would lead them to Dean. Jess felt her heart pound painfully in her chest as Sam fell to his knees. She could feel the weight of the years again on her shoulders and knew that her boys were feeling the same thing. After all this time, they could find Dean. But they didn't get this far by chasing every carrot that was dangled in front of them.

"Who gave this to you?" Sam asked, his hands shaking but his voice strong.

Alec frowned then, confused at the sudden change in Sam's demeanor. "I don't know who he was. I thought he was a cop at first but it turned out that he wasn't. He actually led me out the back and just in time because White showed up."

"White was there?" Max asked. She looked over at Joshua in concern. He stood stiff, his body tensing as it always did at the mention of the man who killed Anne, his blind friend.

"Yeah. Showed up just as we reached the alley." Alec said with a nod, running his fingers through his damp hair. "I was lucky that the guy showed up when he did or else I'll be on a slab somewhere." Alec smiled then, to try to ease the tension but it was working. It seemed to make it worst when he added, "Man, let me tell you though, that guy made my skin crawl. There was something about him that seemed…I dunno, unnatural."

"What do you mean? What did he look like?"

"He looked like a regular guy. Slight build, about my height, blue eyes, dark hair and the deepest voice I've ever heard from a guy who looked like a tax accountant." Alec replied. "He kept staring at me. I mean, I know I'm a good looking guy but he was speaking crazy. Said something about storms coming in and causing chaos and that we needed to prepare ourselves with salt and iron. It was really weird. But he gave me the number before disappearing."

John stood up then and walked out of HQ. Jess followed after him as she heard Sam tell Alec that he was glad that he was back. She lost the rest of what he said as she chased John up the stairs to their rooms.

"John?" she called. He didn't reply so she hurried up the stairs pass him and stopped in front of him. "John what is it? What happened?"

"We need to prepare. We need to be ready." John said trying to get her pass her but Jess kept him from moving forward. "There's a church not a few blocks far from here. It should have holy water. I saw some water tanks on the top of the buildings here. Hopefully they got them water ready so I can say a blessing. I have rock salt in the back of the truck that we can use to block off—I don't know someplace safe for everyone."

He pushed pass Jess as she dropped her arms in confusion. He wasn't making any sense and she was afraid of someone overhearing him. They were uneasy around them as it was so to hear him speak about holy water and rock salt would be cause for alarm.

"They have guns here so that's a plus but I don't have enough bullets for them. But if we can grab Alec before they get here then—"He turned around but his words died on his lips at the worried look on Jessica's face.

"You're scaring me, John." She said softly. It was true, John had this wild look in his eyes. One she saw once before when Sam went Dark Side a few years ago and they had to track him down to get him to stop the killings that spread coast to coast. It was a hard year for all of them but John especially. He had lost one son and he wasn't ready to lose another.

"Jess. You're a Hunter. I made you one and you've surpassed everything I've ever thought about you, about what you can and are willing to do for this family." John grabbed her hands and kissed her knuckles. "Don't give up of them. No matter what. You're the glue keeping Sam together and I need you to be there to help Dean when we get him back."

"You're so sure that we can get him back." Jess stated.

"He's alive." John smiled. "He's alive Jess." He dropped her hands and Jess watched him enter his room, mulling over what he said. Not long after Sam joined her on the stairs and announced that Max called it a night for everyone. More sentries will be posted in case of an attack but it was doubtful that White would attack them after missing out on his chance to grab Alec.

"What's wrong Jess?" Sam asked his wife from the bed, his boots off. He was tired, she could see it on his face but he wouldn't sleep when it was clear that she had something on her mind. Jess finished putting the final gun back together with a snap and sighed, leaning back in her chair.

"John thinks something is going to happen. Maybe it was what Alec said about that man who gave him the number for Dean." Jess walked over to the bed, laying down next to Sam as he held his arms open for her. She sighed happily as she relaxed on his chest. "When are you going to call him?"

Sam shook his head. "Tomorrow. Maybe. I want to call him, really I do but I'm-I just don't want to be disappointed. This isn't the first time we thought we were close to Dean only to find out that he was nowhere near involved."

Jess nodded, closing her eyes, sleeping coming quickly. "We'll try tomorrow. But right now, I think we should get some sleep. Enjoy this calm before the storms. I hear that there are two of them coming in pretty soon. A third will be coming in not long after."

"Hmm." Sam hummed tiredly, closing his eyes. "Sounds like it's going to be bad. Think that they will let us stay?" They being Max, Alec and the rest of the citizens of Terminal City.

"Maybe. We still need Alec and it turns out, he needs us too." Jess sighed quietly. "We'll figure this out. We always do."

Sam agreed but he didn't think Jess heard him as she already fell asleep. He followed soon after.

This would be the quietest night they would have a long time after. Because tomorrow the storms would reach the city and like Castiel had told Alec, chaos followed.

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